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Sales Data Show Wii U Captured Six Percent Of Console Market On Black Friday

console_market_share_data_black_friday_2014The Wii U captured about six percent of the console market on Black Friday, November 28th. According to data collected by InfoScout, Nintendo’s system placed just above PlayStation 3 but below Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both Xbox platforms dominated the console market, owning 62 percent of the market share. InfoScout’s data was accumulated from purchases made at major retailers carrying electronics, including Walmart, Target, Best Buy and GameStop.

250 thoughts on “Sales Data Show Wii U Captured Six Percent Of Console Market On Black Friday”

    1. Umm let’s see here…..on one hand the Xbox One had two price cuts and the Xbox 360 only cost $99 and the PS4 had GTA V and another game bundled

        1. No, The Wii U has alot of bundles, you’ve got the Standard Nintendo Land Bundle, the Super Mario 3D World Bundle, The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD Bundle, The Mario Kart 8 Bundle, A ZombiU Bundle, a Skylanders Swap Force Bundle, a Wii U Party Bundle, A New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U Bundle, and a Bundle where you Get New Super Mario Bros. U, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Nintendo Land, and Smash Bros U exclusively at Best Buy.

      1. The Xbox One had ONE price drop idiot. The first drop in price was just selling the console without the Kinect. There are still the $500 bundles with the Kinect. There has been one and only one price drop and that has been thus recent $50 holiday special. Quit acting like you know everything and look at the facts.

  1. you mean they sold 6% of the total consoles sold on that day? … this is terrible news … this isn’t an increase of 6% of the console market.

    1. What these people or not saying is that the way this firm gathered it’s report was by consumers volunteering to report their receipts through a mobile app.

      1. I was actually following Wii U console sales. I knew they were bad weeks before seeing this. Ps4 and Xbox One were selling half a million a week, and the Wii U was selling 80k. I think the Wii U jumped up to 100k last week, but the Ps4 jumped up to 800k. I don’t even think the Wii U will beat last year sales…. Sadfully. Nintendo should have marketed the Wii U more. All I see on T.V. is Playstation and Xbox ads. Even on youtube. Nintendo is just flat out awful at advertisement…

      2. Nintendo has self-destructed and for that reason alone another home console should not happen, but if it does, it will be a disaster as nobody trusts Nintendo anymore.

        1. The entire gameing industry would be on life support without Nintendo. I hope you know what it is you wish for.

          And you really think people trusts Microsoft? Trust has nothing to do with it.. If a Company (any company) sales something the people desire, the people will buy it.. simple as that…Ironically Nintendo is the most trustworthy Gaming Company there is..

          1. What would we miss without Nintendo? Mario, Zelda, Pokemon. That’s pretty much it overall, and I really doubt anything would be affected. It’ll be like Sega

            1. Three more than if the others went under, as third parties would simply rip their few good IP’s away and leave the rest to rot, then stop making the others when they fail to sell as much as CoD.

            2. It’s not just the games you would miss out on. It’s the innovation. Most of you are too young to understand this, but without Nintendo you would not have alot of things we see in gaming today. Nintendo is the only innovator, without them gaming will be a crash course. Microsoft and Sony innovate ONLY after Nintendo took the first plunge, and proven a success…

          2. “The entire gameing industry would be on life support without Nintendo. I hope you know what it is you wish for.”

            Thats great, but this was over 30 years ago. Now adays they pretty much ruined it by introducing it to casuals.

            1. The “casuals” that bought 101 million Wiis, the “casuals” that nearly anihilated the hardcore cancer from the world, the “casuals” that maintained the existence of the console gamimg market for one more generation!

              Hardcores are the real ruin to the market, they just couldn’t stick with the PC or PS360, they obsessively wanted the Wii to be hardcore too, The Wii were building its your own market and hardcores were pissed off because the less hardware and low-res graphics console was selling miles better than their precious high-end and ultra powerful machines.

          3. Nintendo is almost irrelevant now, so i’m not sure what information you form your opinion from but I think it’s time to click refresh or something.

            1. Not irrelevant why? Cause it did bad this one gen? Omg they did bad this gen they are irrelevant omg! Even though they have money than the other comapanies and have the most iconic games in gaming and are the only company to try diff things and are inovative they are irrelevant. Be like everyone else please Nintendo so we can have 3 of the exact same systems on the market. Please I don’t want any other options I want movie games with big cinimatic cut scenes and awesome graphics and mature content please oh please who cares about fun I don’t want to look lame and play to have fun I want to be hardcore and play hardcore games.

              1. Nintendo doesn’t innovate for shit lol. All of their ideas are taken from others. They used to have the “most”iconic games, you guys are stuck in the past. Not sure what that dribble was all about after you said that, I think I lost IQ points reading it. Nintendo has gone casual now therefore they have become near irrelevant. Casuals and kids are the “real” sheep and the only customers they can attempt to capture. It is this reason Nintendo’s “tech” is way behind the curve. Casuals don’t give a shit about specs. They only care about games with little difficulty and colorful cartoons on the screen so they can say “awww, that’s cute, look at me, i can jump”. Casuals are a plague.

                1. Exactly. Tropical Freeze was the easiest game I ever played. And stay away from Bayonetta 2, it’s way too colorful and unrealistic. Only high schoolers play that shit. Really now, when will Nintendo start getting serious? But I guess bald, roided out space marines, aliens, and zombies are too highbrow for the likes of them. They’ll never get it, always stuck in high school or below. They’ll never make a Lord of the Rings game that has mature murder. Bet theres would have reading & ooh, “fantasy” violence. Grow up lil’ n, maybe someday you’ll have those M rated games and understand how badass it is to run over a hooker, or mutilate Lara Croft. Oh, but it ain’t as simple as that, but you casuals will never learn those button layouts or collect enough hard to reach stuff to even get that far.

                  And don’t even get me started on casual crap like X, Devil’s Third, and Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem. Just more games that hold your hand, and fill their baby worlds with sunshine and lollipops. Graphics Whores! Fuck Nintendo and their fun. Fun is for idiots. I’d rather bust my ass in the ordeal that is CoD than coast through Super Luigi U.

                  And Nintendo games are so full of glitches and cutscenes it ain’t even funny anymore. Not only do those damn crooks charge $60 for broken shit and movies that I could watch for less on Netflix or Redbox, but they try to suck even more sheep in with things like Origin & U Play. The audacity. And they vomit how many Zelda and Smash Bros. games every year? I could press one button in those games and beat it. Those sheep are desparate.

                  But I got my power. I spent a small fortune to see those raindrops and man nips. Ooh, and that Batmobile could smoke every Mario Kart out there. But sheep will never get that hardcore feeling, never pop a boner staring at so much detail and photorealism it’s like looking out the window. We’ll survive without the masses. We don’t need all those noobs and wannabes buying our games. The less our beloved shit sells, the more we know how hardcore we are. Sheep are too dumb to cemprehend the difficulty and rituals we endure. I’m putting on my gaming gloves, turning on my 2 TVs, and gonna play PS4 on one, and Xbox One on the other.

                  1. Oh, and a little hint for all those sheep who think they’re hardcore or can make it someday

                    Leveling up and regenerating health is CHEATING!!!!

                  2. I think someone forgot to take his meds…lol you’re fucking nuts. I know that you know it though, so no, I don’t feel bad for pointing it out.

                    You mentioned 4 games that are good out of the 100+ games on the console and 2 of ’em are not even released yet and another not even made by Nintendo…

                    Even in your sarcastic retarded language, your attempt at defending casuals and kiddy games failed horribly, you verified and confirmed everything i mentioned AND you made a fool out of yourself while giving Nintendo fanboys a bad rep. Congratulations, you sir are now the village idiot.

                    If you honestly think that TF is a difficult game…just lol.

                    1. How much was satirical? How much was simply silly? Am I friend or foe? Who does more harm than good: you or me? Or are these questions just rhetorical?

                      Oh, don’t bother trying to sift through the madness to find my methods…that rabbit hole is a labrynth. N’est–ce pas?

                      You now admit there are hardcore games on Wii U? Ones that Nintendo are welcoming by either developing or publishing? Now, where is your list of elitist 8th gen non-Nintendo games that carry the player beyond the mainstream and into hardcore territory on the other consoles? Could it be possible to safely cross the aisle whenever one pleases all nonparisan like? When does a hobby limit one’s joy? Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

                      “Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”–C. S. Lewis

                    2. Looks into crystal ball….

                      I see you..

                      you are reading some poetry at a starbucks…

                      …one of the rubber bands in your pony-tail is broken…

                      you look down at your paper..

                      you then look up at the sky and…you say…


                      Those games are casual-core and not hard-core.

                      The list would take to long to type right now.

                      1. Crystal ball? Damn, you’re hardcore retro, but you should consider upgrading to a satellite, even a Palantír, then you’d have seen I don’t frequent any coffee shops and theres only one band–intact, no less–in my ponytail.

                        And as a poet, I’ve looked up at the sky and inferred far deeper meanings than simply ‘blue’, unless it’s in the context of depression. I ain’t a Neanderthal or in pre-school, after all. Now that you mention it, though, I did think there were a pair of eyes looking down at the world. I too used to live behind the clouds.

                        Anyway, I was unaware that hardcore gameplay was still being made this gen, aside from the likes of Cloudberry Kingdom (also on the Wii U). I thought hardcore largely died with 4th gen and the likes of Ghosts ‘n Goblins. Then again, I do recall Steel Battalion and its controller in the 6th gen. I just didn’t think über complexity and difficulty were that lucrative anymore, not enough to lose count anyway. Especially when the industry has been so institutionalized. Sadly, the only hardcore elements I see in gaming nowadays is in the audiovisual department, which is mostly the pride of hardcore developers than it is of hardcore gamers. And of course, it’s all a shiny lure for graphics whores, which has become quite lucrative this gen, at the expense of gameplay, harcore or otherwise.

              2. Nintendo doesn’t need the goddamn hardcores to get back something that they never lost in the first place. I can easily say to you that Wii U’s bad sells is because Nintendo focused the console on the hardcores with something that not correspond to their wishes, Nintendo didn’t needed to shift its target audience, they were very well profitting in its brand new audience the generated with the Wii.

                Wii was like a modern NES, Wii U should be like a modern SNES, sadly it failed in this goal.

              3. Nintendo doesn’t need the goddamn hardcores to get back something that they never lost in the first place. I can easily say to you that Wii U’s bad sells is because Nintendo focused the console on the hardcores with something that not correspond to their wishes, Nintendo didn’t needed to shift its target audience, they were very well profitting in its brand new audience the generated with the Wii.

                Wii was like a modern NES, Wii U should be like a modern SNES, sadly it failed in this goal.

              4. So then why do you pay attention to them and troll on a nintendo websites?
                Wii u has lots of great games and the reviews for them prove it.
                I’m willing to bet you haven’t played any of them which means talk out of your ass.
                The main reason wii u isn’t selling well is because the market is now saturated with jack asses like you.
                People like you who think only extreme violence and other gruesome acts make great game.
                You think this is mature and that everything else is kiddie and childish. Yet, here you are acting like a mature adult on what you would call a kiddie website. Bravo! Way to show us how childish we are. You’re the reason why there is less variety in gaming these days cause everything has to be fps or morbid. Nothing can look fantasy like or cartoony cause gamers like you have kill things that look realistic.
                Now let me tell you something you whiny piece of shit troll.
                The REAL hardcore games don’t play games just because of graphics or age rating. REAL gamers play all types of games cause they are passionate about gaming and having fun.
                Now go ahead like a good puppet sheep and reply with your bs. Go ahead and dance for me you little sheep puppet.

              1. lol I can say the same thing about Moses, the founder of Sony, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin, Ford, George Washington, King Charlemagne, Julius Caesar, Spartacus, Abraham Lincoln, Attila the Hun, Oda Nobonaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Cao Cao, Tokugawa Ieyasu, etc etc. The fact is: THEY are the ones that did what they did. Therefore the honor goes to them whether their critics & haters of today like it or not.

          4. No, that’s just you and a bunch of haters that haven’t given the system a chance.
            There are PLENTY who still remember how good Nintendo’s consoles turn out to be due to the titles they get in the long run, and for that reason Nintendo still hasn’t lost trust to the level that you’re claiming they have.

            1. The Wii line of consoles see shit. I remember when Nintendo actually made good hardware ALONG with good software

          5. Speak for yourself meathead. You’re acting as if Nintendo commited a heartless callous crime and nobody that isn’t a call of duty will buy Nintendo consoles or games ever again. The problem that made them fail this time is simply the bundles they choose to go with. That’s all. Nintendo hasn’t failed or gone under. Not by a long shot.

        2. Like they always seem to do?

          N64’s mistakes corrected for GameCube. Oops, some new problems and some old ones remain despite fixes.

          GameCube’s mistakes corrected for Wii. Oops again, despite its initial success.

          Wii mistakes corrected for Wii U, launch sales better than PS3 and 360’s respective launches. Oopsie, still can’t get it right.

          Welcome to Nintendo’s curse, or damned if they do and damned if they don’t. The 3D era of console gaming was never as good to them as they have been to it.

          N64 was twice as powerful but used carts. Controller was the only 1 during the early part of the 5th gen to feature any thumbstick & rumble, yet it looked weird. They should have had 2 thumbsticks from the start since Sony added 2 after the fact. They should’ve had internal rumble from the start since Sony added that after the fact.

          GCN was 2nd in power, easier to dev for (even PS2 was comparatively harder than N64), used discs, & reduced load times for a disc-based console. But their capacity was too small, 2-disc games a no-no (now, 4 or 5 for PS1 games the previous gen were fine). & no DVD function? In a console? Pah! Why not sell the Q @ a huge loss for the consumer? But that lack didn’t stop Xbox from coming in 2nd sales-wise, & the kit must’ve sold well. & GCN had a handle, the entire thing was too portable & just too small because advanced tech needs to be big. & the controller again looked weird yet had 2 sticks & was ergonomic & traditional. So childish. Eternal Darkness, Killer7, every main Resident Evil up to that point (plus exclusives), Dead to Rights, MGS remake…fucking babies.

          Wii used regular-sized discs but still no DVD function (officially). What, no licensing fee to Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic? Pah! Stupid profits. & no HD? In an era where many consumers still did not have HD TVs? Stupid. The TV I gamed on w/ GCN & Wii even lacked RCA plugs. Good ol’ RF. Good ol’ Magnavox. Only after it died (a decade or more of service), did I get an HD TV. Wii’s controller was also über weird, or too much like a remote. Motion controls were very intuitive for several genres & the movements usually required subtlety, but it made things too easy for the player, easier than a mouse, yet too hard for devs, costing time & money & a possible revolution. Wii Sports, FPSes, Twilight Princess, NiGHTS, Heatseeker, Tenchu, House of the Dead, RE Chronicles, Sin & Punishment, Okami…what control-scheme abominations. & the Wiimote destroyed TVs & apparently meant flailing like a maniac. Not every game benifitted, but the Classic Controller was a $cam anyway. Mad World, Guilty Gear, No More Heroes, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Muramasa, Castle of Shikigami III, Xenoblade, The Last Story, Sakura Wars, Fire Emblem, DKC Returns, A Boy & His Blob, Onechanbara, Klonoa…fucking casuals.

          Wii U outputs in HD, but unless the æsthetics are photorealistic, who really cares? Reverse compatibility? Out w/ the old, in w/ the new; unless Sony streams old games, so what if it’s @ an additional cost & connections are unreliable, better than near-perfect emulation. Free online? Still? An improved online infastructure than Wii? & the eShop’s better than Wii Shop Channel? So? & Wii U uses PowerPC, the console standard since @ least the 6th gen, yet now 3rd parties can’t optimize for PowerPC, they even struggle w/ x86. Efficiency be damned. & screw head starts & selling more @ launch than PS360 for their launches: Ninty should’ve waited for the competition to reveal their hand before abandoning Wii. & the Gamepad? Just another scam, or Ninty trying to be different. Hel, $350 plus a pack-in title’s just too much. Now, $400 & maybe a pack-in game, & promises of multiplats… Why didn’t Nintendo release a costly beast & took a loss for the customer? I mean, who really cares if they have no other electronic sectors to rely upon? Who cares about new ways to play? Just update the graphics & gain as many multiplats as possible. They might’ve turned a profit in 6 or 7 years had they done what the others did.

          There were other factors to be sure, but after Super NES, only Wii caught fire (which apparently was a magnet for “filthy casuals & nothing more”), & Wii U’s launch numbers were better than their last gen competition but still not good enough for 3rd parties to respect. & Nintendo NEEDS to advertise now, but @ launch, they were doing okay.

          Seems like Nintendo is the guinea pig. & if the current industry trend continues, Nintendo will either shed their identity & become something else in the industry, bow out of the industry, die, or continue to pick a bouquet of oopsie dasies for the masses who probably never really cared to begin w/ & simply found what they wanted all along elsewhere.

          1. “An improved online infastructure than Wii”
            But complete shit compared to the rest

            ” the eShop’s better than Wii Shop Channel?”
            Again, it’s nothing compared to PS Store and XBL

            “Ninty trying to be different”
            Tell me, what have they done with the gamepad that justifies all that development time on it?

            “Wii U uses PowerPC, the console standard since @ least the 6th gen, yet now 3rd parties can’t optimize for PowerPC”
            They have to optimize for the gamepad…………..

            “Why didn’t Nintendo release a costly beast & took a loss for the customer?”
            PS4 is selling at a profit

            “Who cares about new ways to play? Just update the graphics & gain as many multiplats as possible.”
            And what’s wrong with that? You mean you can’t innovate without the hardware?? If Wii Sports is the result of the Wii’s “innovation”, I can’t really say I’ll want innovation

            “Wii U’s launch numbers were better than their last gen competition but still not good enough for 3rd parties to respect”
            You do realize third parties invested on Wii U? Truth be told, NOTHING SOLD.

            “but @ launch, they were doing okay”
            No, they weren’t. Not at all.

            You’re simply amplifying the point. Why can’t Nintendo do EVERYTHING right ALL AT ONCE? Won’t it be good for them and generate better sales? All these mistakes are clear signs of ignorance and carelessness

            Btw, GCN was 1st in power

            1. Dude you really made your own point collapse on itself. If they don’t even implement the gamepad why do they need to optimize the games for it?

              A valid argument would be something like “due to the differences in PowerPC and x86 architectures it is not as easy to port games”

              A little FYI, the gamepad only needs to send button input and has a separate “processor” for managing video feedback from the console. All it takes are a few lines of code to start the video feed and handle button input. The real challenge is finding an unique way to utilize the gamepad’s nicks and nacks.

              I personally love using the gamepad in LoTZ Wind waker for the item navigation and maps! I don’t know how I lived during the GameCube era without it. I don’t see the gamepad as a necessity its more of a really good opt-in .

            2. –But complete shit compared to the rest–

              Please elaborate. I am able to download games & DLC, & play Mario Kart 8 online w/ little to no hiccups. I’m sure X & Devil’s Third’s online components will work just as fine. Plus, it’s all free. What more do I need? How do the twins justify their online fees?

              –Again, it’s nothing compared to PS Store and XBL–

              Well, I can easily navigate the eShops, especially w/ 3DS’ touchscreen & Wii U’s Gamepad. I easily pay & download. What more would I need?

              –Tell me, what have they done with the gamepad that justifies all that development time on it?–

              True, they haven’t been as revolutionary w/ it as w/ the Wiimote. But, it does ease inventory management, map checking, eShop/Netflix/web browsing, & search inputting. ZombiU still seems to utilize it the most. Nintendo Land is still a demo. Wii Sports Club Golf has a neat virtual ball feature. Maybe Wonderful 101’s use is awkward. Amiibos should’ve come sooner. Project Guard & Star Fox might finally showcase the Gamepad’s usefulness. But it seems most love Off-TV play [I couldn’t care less], & inventory/map management. Guess sometimes the small things make a big difference.

              –They have to optimize for the gamepad…………..–

              Not really. I mean, Nintendo themselves proved by example that 3rd parties didn’t have to w/, like Tropical Freeze. & updates to include the Pro Controller have been applied to many games’ single-player options. I’d gladly play a new Prince of Persia game w/ just the Pro Controller. But Red Steel 3 would require the Wiimote, still no Gamepad necessary. Guilty Gear Xrd on Wii U wouldn’t have to use a 2nd screen either & I’d buy; just dev for the Gamepad’s physical controls & the Pro Controller. Same would go for Metal Gear Rising or Yaiba (I only used the Pro Controller for Razor’s Edge). Many different options. Long as a game plays & looks well, & is advertised, people will buy. Just like Wii: Wiimotes worked rather well for some games, but other games called for the Classic Controller. Gamepad when the idea works; Pro Controller, or Wiimote, or GCN when the traditional approach works best. Of course, that’s a great responsibility on the dev’s part, to consider the Gamepad ratherjust take the easy way.

              –PS4 is selling at a profit–

              & Sony has other electronics divisions. They have, or had, computer divisions, TV divisions, a versatile disc format (Blu-ray isn’t just for games), & movie studios. While profits from those helped offset their console losses in the past, they also granted them knowledge & a pipeline regarding hardware components. But Nintendo has none of that & is soley about gaming. Their hardware pushes ways to play forward, & their software is gameplay driven. For them to go all out would be a much greater strain; bothe hardware & software would require more work & time. & why? Just because that’s what the consumer thinks they want? Surely it puts pressure on the industry. Nintendo is way older; they have much wisdom, albeit that’s a double-edged sword & they still make mistakes. But yeah, they should’ve know that the West tends to be flashy, arrogant, & power-hungry. Microsoft did lead the charge, who changed console gaming into a budget PC race.

              –And what’s wrong with that? You mean you can’t innovate without the hardware?? If Wii Sports is the result of the Wii’s “innovation”, I can’t really say I’ll want innovation–

              Well, Wii Sports’ hook was mimicking real-world actions, albeit more subtly. But there’s room for innovation in software, but when a physical controller can enhance innovation, it’s so much better. It takes the same appeal of traditional gaming & adds a more intuitive connection.

              –You do realize third parties invested on Wii U? Truth be told, NOTHING SOLD.–

              I disagree. They gimped games. They ported more 7th gen games than uniquely 8th gen games. Some titles were cheaper on the 7th gen twins simply because they’d been out for months. An entire trilogy of a franchise on the twins cost half of the 3rd game in that trilogy on Wii U, w/ out any ports of the previous games; overpriced, no context from the previous stories or brand building, & the 3rd game was the least liked. Then there are franchises that were exclusive to Wii, but totally absent when Wii U launched. & genres that I always looked for from 3rd parties on all my consoles seem dead now, even on PS4 & X1.

              3rd parties treated Wii U like a triplet, & poorly @ that. They tried to push multiplats, which would’ve been fine had they actually fit the Nintendo demographic & released simultaneously w/ their kin. Yet if I was into those games, I’d have already gotten a platform last gen that had it, or even in the 6th gen, or waited for the 8th gen twins. Wasn’t interested then, not interested now unless they’re what’s now become niche. Rather have those games that 3rd parties used to make that fit a Nintendo console, whether exclusive or multiplat. I think the changes in Japanese 3rd parties (creators leaving, genres shelved or ruined, etc.), really hurt Nintendo, because they seem to exemplify JPN sensibilities. I rarely bought Western games, anyway.

              Capcom is Crapcom. Real Resident Evils were shot in the head as Capcom shot themselves in the foot. Viewtiful Joe; in the vault for good. Tatsunoko vs. licensing fees up the wazoo. Billy Hatcher stuck in his egg. Street Fighter uninspired & never for U.

              Square-Enix is Squeamish about turn-based RPG on consoles & turn-based Strategy RPGs on all platforms. Final Fantasy is final, turned into something else. Crystals were borne but shattered. Bushido Blade committed seppuku. Eve was devoured by parasites. Lara Croft neither raids nor explores tombs anymore, just fires her guns & dies horrible deaths. Fear Effect is afraid.

              Namco is Damnco: where are the Tales games for Nintendo consoles now? Well, Dawn of the New World was annoying, though. A Ridge Racer on N64, GCN, GBA, DS, & 3DS but not a new 1 for Wii U? Soul CalibUr is rusty.

              Konami is Fauxnami. Metroidvania? Miss you IGA. They still haven’t put Symphony of the Night on the eShop. Metal Gear Solid needs to move to Holywood. Silent Hill is buried under a quiet mound.

              SEGA? Sonic now has arthritis bit still manages to dash…hopes. NiGHTS seems to be taking a dirt nap. Skies of Arcadia has fallen. Virtua Fighter is beaten. Virtua Cop is a flop. Another Crazy Taxi would be crazy. Billy Hatcher is stuck in his egg. Has the World gone Mad? Got Jack & shit, & Jack came & went. The Conduit conducts nothing.

              Blah-blah-blah. Ubisoft was probably the biggest Western publisher I bought games from, but they changed, too. N64: Buck Bumble. GCN: Batman Vengeance & the PoP Trilogy. Wii: Red Steel, RS 2, Rayman Raving Rabbids (a broken promise), No More Heroes, NMH 2, & Tenchu [yeah, some were JPN games they merely published].

              Only 3rd party offerings I bought for Wii U were Rayman Legends, ZombiU, Ninja Gaiden 3 [published by Nintendo but eventually a multiplat], Sonic Lost World [ew!], Child of Light, & the original Bayonetta [well, free via B 2]. Indies filled in the gaps between the few 1st party games I bought [New SMB/Luigi U (per bundle), Tropical Freeze, MK 8, Wind Waker HD (per MK 8 promo), & Bayonetta 2]. Dead genres, shelved franchises, Japanese sensibilities increasingly rare… Luckily Indies have kept hope alive & my Wii U on. Oh, & I can fall back on my 3DS.

              –No, they weren’t. Not at all.–

              To sell better than Xbox 360’s launch #s & be the 1st of the 8th gen consoles? Yes, yes it was. Now compared to PS3 launch #s, that wouldn’t say much. However, Wii U is bouncing back a lot sooner than PS3 did.

              –You’re simply amplifying the point. Why can’t Nintendo do EVERYTHING right ALL AT ONCE? Won’t it be good for them and generate better sales? All these mistakes are clear signs of ignorance and carelessness–

              Well if Nintendo could just use their other sectors, vast knowledge of the now dominant West, & create a multimedia box w/ x86 architecture after the competition has revealed their hands so as to not just trump them by a generous margin as was done in the past, but w/ overkill then… Wait. Where’s Nintendo in that scenario? If they bail on the industry, follow Microsofts wake of destruction, they’d be no better than MS or Sony; it’s obvious the twin market is fed up w/ Ninendo IP. Who’d carry on w/ the natural evolution of games if they bowed to Western barbarism?

              –Btw, GCN was 1st in power–

              Really? Maybe it was 3rd party parity. Or, according to Wikipedia, History of video games (sixth generation), Bits & system power

              —It is not easy to compare the relative “power” of the different systems. Having a larger CPU word size does not necessarily make one console more powerful than another. Likewise the operating frequency (clock rate) of a system’s CPU is not an accurate measure either.

              The Microsoft Xbox uses a 32-bit (general purpose) CISC x86 architecture CPU, with an instruction set equal to that of the Coppermine core Mobile Celeron, though it has less cache memory (128 kB) than the PC equivalent. It has 64 MB RAM (shared) and runs at 733 MHz. Its NV2A GPU, which is very similar to the GeForce 4 Series Ti4000 for desktop computers, makes it the only console in its time with traditional vertex and pixel shaders. Many of sixth generation’s late PC ports, for example Far Cry Instincts, Doom 3 and Half-Life 2, which were meant to be released for all consoles managed to make it only to the Xbox due to its similarity to the PC the originals were built on.

              The Nintendo GameCube’s IBM Gekko PowerPC CPU runs at 485 MHz, while its “Flipper” graphics processor is comparable to the ATI Radeon 7200, and it has 43 MB of non-unified memory (24 MB of 1T-SRAM, 3 MB embedded 1T-SRAM, and 16 MB DRAM). The GameCube supports Dolby Pro Logic II.—

              Make of that what you will. Sounds kinda familiar. Yet, 1st or 2nd in graphics power, the GCN & Xbox were trounced by the “weaker” PS2 in terms of units sold. Nintendo was the only company that made a profit on each console sold from the get-go, while it took Sony several years to sell PS2s @ a profit, & the Xbox brand has never made much if @ all (further bolstering the theory that MS wants to kill consoles; nice, Wii U is the last). Now? Apparently über power & raw tech specs matter. Hopefully, Nintendo will succeed w/ out stooping so low. As long as their games are fun, I’ll be fine. Hel, I might quit this obession w/ gaming anyway. Save my more of my money, read, write, live, love.

        3. If Sony would’ve stop trying to be like Microsoft they wouldn’t be on the verge of being bankrupt and having to exit the home console business

      1. Yeah, same here. I was honestly expecting Nintendo to jump out and announce some badass deals, but they never did. I was surprised; they could’ve really made a decent comeback if they took that opportunity to have some cool Black Friday bundle or something. But nope. Nothing new. What a missed opportunity.

    1. You know what they say, the masses are asses.

      I have no problem with Sony or Microsoft, I owned a Wii and a PS3 at the same time, and I’m glad new games are still coming out for PS3 (Alien: Isolation, Evil Within) but its sad that more people are not Wii U owners because it really is a solid system with a solid library of games.

    2. Xbox probably got that high because they had all those special bundles. And people couldn’t resist them. Nintendo should’ve made a special Smash Bros Wii U bundle. :P

    3. This is what sucks about a human. They have this instinct to follow each other, and this can lead to death in extreme cases. Also, Nintendo is slowly crumbling (heavy emphasis on crumbling). Actually Sony and MSFT is too.

      1. Actually Sony and Microsoft are having record breaking years.. Niether is crumbling at the moment. And neither is Nintendo…. Nintendo just made some poor decisions this console generation.

    4. I guess it’s not too surprising. You can’t turn on the TV anymore without seeing at least one Xbox One-related commercial. By comparison, I haven’t seen the Smash Bros commercial very much.

      1. I haven’t seen the Smash Bros. Wii U at all here in Europe, not once. And it is true, Xbox One and PS4 ads are on all the time. It’s non stop.

        Nintendo are a shambles when it comes to advertising. I think they’ve given up on the Wii U. They’ll hope to turn a small profit and have the odd major title here and there. It’s pathetic on their part, they should be doing more. But these problems started long before the Wii U even came out.

        1. I have not seen the Smash Bros. commercial either. Not one time. Not on t.v. or the internet. (unless I intentionally looked it up). Where is Nintendo putting all thier adverts?

          1. This has been the case for some time… now they save money in that respect, but the sales aren’t reflecting that there is no need for advertising, there obviously is.

            Bad marketing is what killed the Wii U above all else and it is interesting that it persists

      2. Actually here in america smash bros commercials are being shown a lot and not just on cartoon fucking network

    5. Well, it is no surprise that Xbox One sold well. They had a bunch of good deals on bundles and stuff. Wii U is definitely the best console out at this moment, but the thing is, most normal people don’t see the Wii U as a worthy purchase. Normal people want streaming machines, assassin’s creed, Call of Duty, mountain dew, doritos, 360 no scopes, NFL football, etc. Wii U only offers FUN, and INNOVATIVE games for friends and family. Most people just want to play the same game with “amazing graphics” and watch shitty movies and shit.

      1. The evolution of the console (most). Watch ninth-gen sony and microsoft claim that the console can be a smart home device XD

        1. It’s not the best console out there. You’re right, the average person isn’t gonna spend $300 just to play Mario games, with no third party support and a shitty online service. If Nintendo isn’t gonna compete with the big boys, they should stick to doing handhelds*

      2. “Wii U only offers FUN, and INNOVATIVE games”
        Then explain
        Far Cry 4
        Rayman Legends
        LittleBigPlanet 3
        Sunset Overdrive
        inFamous: Second Son
        Forza Horizon 2
        Alien: Isolation
        Dragon Age: Inquisition
        Wolfenstein: The New Order
        Killer Instinct
        Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
        The Pinball Arcade
        LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
        The Wolf Among Us

    6. Not really surprised. There were few, if any, good Wii U deals to speak of. Amiibos aren’t exactly flying off the shelf, either…

    7. And of course Nintendo fails at it’s marketing. They could have sold a lot with a Mk8 and smash bundle that’s $250

    8. I can’t even come up with a good enough word to fully describe my deep disgust towards this topic. All I have to ask is, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS?!?!?!

      1. Lets face it, Smash wasnt even able to save the wiiu nor did mk8 which boost sales momentarily. WiiU is DEAD!!! Nintendo fucked up and i hope they can learn from it…

      2. It’s either a $300 console with good 1st party exclusives with barely any 3rd party games and being underpowered or a console that was $330 that was bundle with a game, 500gb, and getting high ended 3rd party games that will not show on the wii u. Which will you pick?

        1. 1st party games on xbone and ps4 looks much appealing to a consumer(thanks to their marketing team) than Nintendo’s own IPs, Nintendo seriously need to market their shit more..

          1. The thing is, majority of Nintendo’s exclusives are catered towards children. That’s cute and all, but the average age of a gamer is 20-30. Nintendo is catering to a currently niche market, and 20-30 year olds, when looking at Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, Pikmin, will look at it like looking at a Disney film. Compared to… better alternatives, Wii U won’t seem like a compelling purchase, contrary to what most people say here

            1. No mature adult that I’ve ever met is going to consider another gamer immature for playing Smash or Mario Kart.
              Their quality is high enough that the rating doesn’t even matter; titles like those are catered to mature gamers.


            1. You are clearly an uninformed consumer. If you think the PS4, or Xbox one for that matter , are the most powerful things in the market then you have another thing coming. Low mid range gaming PCs kick their asses year round. We’re no longer in the 90’s nor early 2000’s

      4. When somebody wants nintendo they buy a 3ds. Okay it doesnt have the same games but it does have the FUN factor that we all love from nintendo. You can have that super fun factor by less money.

        1. Yeah, that makes sense… and you can still watch something retarded on TV while your kid plays nintendo in the corner and then you hijack their 3DS after they go to sleep :)

    9. Wii Fail U XD. Yayaya, “we got d best gamez!!!” Well that ain’t fucking helping Nintendo. Start actually BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS instead

          1. Actually, I personally dont feel it does. It didnt in last generations of consoles, and it wont going foward. Been around much?

              1. Well that’s true, but history sure does. lack of third party support and being near last in every generation hasn’t stopped them.

    10. Only an idiot would say xbox or ps had better deals. Wiiu is the cheapest one. When you or ps or xbox all you do is make the next gen console but still put out brand new games on the last gen.

      1. Halo 5, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, The Order, Let It Die, Scalebound, Quantum Break are on last gen? Don’t make me laugh

    11. Guys, there are reasons why people don’t want Wii U. It’s not because the masses want COD and FIFA, it’s because of the games that aren’t on Wii U, and looking toward the future, with Witcher, Metal Gear V, etc, none of these games are on Wii U. Yes, we get that Wii U has amazing games, but it needs to be complemented with the big hitters, which it is clearly missing.

    12. You forgot to mention that these “numbers” were submitted via a smartphone app to “turn receipts from everyday grocery shopping into cash – no matter where you shop or what you buy!” – RecieptHog. That’s why the Xbox numbers look so good, all the people buying it are using their grocery money! Check the income graph:

      If you have a sliver of intelligence, I wouldn’t read anything into these numbers at all.

      1. Sing along!
        If you’re butthurt and you know it squeeze your ass!
        If you’re butthurt and you know it fuck off!
        If you’re butthurt and you know it and you really want to show it if you’re butthurt and you know it damage control!

        There, feel better? The ass cheeks are calming already :D

    13. It’s not really Nintendo’s fault that the Wii U isn’t selling very good. Sure, their lousy marketing and lack of advertising caused it initially. But the real reason is because of all third-party companies ditching the Wii U. THEY caused it.

      1. You know why third parties are ditching Wii U?
        1. The games that they released for it sold like complete shit
        2. The hardware is a pain in the ass to develop for
        3. More complications = more resources and time wasted (they could have used the time to develop other games)
        4. Nintendo isn’t even trying to get third parties on the system

        So don’t go crying about third parties, because that’s ultimately Nintendo’s doing. Third parties aren’t earning crap from Wii U, so why bother developing for a failing system?

        1. 1. Games that were already on other consoles months in advance or were gimped. And the few that did sell good were called failures because they didn’t sell millions & millions to a small install base. *cough*UbishitwithZombiU*cough*

          2. Yes because it’s not like the consoles from previous generations used some of the hardware built into the Wii U & it’s not like they can’t just ignore the Gamepad & use the Wii U Pro Controller instead. Or ignore the screen on the Gamepad altogether.

          3. Too cheap & lazy to actually make an effort anymore as they’ve gotten use to using the same thing over & over again.

          4. I’ll give you that one.

              1. Both of which are on the Wii U. :^)

                And to be fair, those are for a specific game, whereas amiibo is compatible with many of Wii U games and is required for unlocking certain things.

    14. The thing that annoys me the most is that, all of the reasons that most people give for why the Xbone or PS4 is better than Wii U is all things I myself don’t give a rat’s ass about. Like online features, voice chat, points system, Blu-Ray, DVD Player, friend lists etc. None of that crap even sounds like video game things. I for one am thankful that Nintendo sticks to their own thing.

      If there’s ever a game that I want really bad that’s only on the Xbone or PS4, then I’ll consider buying one of them. But I doubt that will ever happen. Because for me, nothing is as good as Nintendo’s IP’s.

      1. Yeah, YOU. No one cares about what you think, you never even played a non-Nintendo console, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. LOL @ blissful ignorance

        1. I played on a PS3 for 5 years, it almost made me lose interest in gaming as a whole. As The Collector said, most people care about trivial stuff some of us don’t even care. I understand the PS4 is selling well because of good marketing and because it’s catering to the casuals that like really basic games with no depth like The Last of Us, Uncharted, and Killzone. And for that reason I have a Wii U, Nintendo knows gameplay triumphs over everything else, but people nowadays can’t be bothered with a challenge, they just want to press 2 buttons and feel like badasses. Oh well, at least I’m not the one missing out on good games.

          1. How are The Last of Us, Uncharted, and Killzone games with no depth?? They have content that lasts for well over 20 hours

            1. When I say they lack depth I mean that their gameplay is extremely basic, easy and braindead, with no thought or skill involved.

              1. For TLOU, you have to manage food, ammo, and notice the specific type of enemy approaching

                Uncharted, among the handguns, shotguns and automatic weapons you also get to wield a tranquilizer gun, a pistol that fires shotgun shells and a minigun. You can perform takedowns that drag enemies behind cover, so you don’t get shot up. You can drag them off platforms or maybe even run up a box and plant boot under their chin. Uncharted 2 is much more than mindless blood-shed.

                Killzone…. is a shooter.

                1. Going to be completely honest with you, Uncharted’s over the shoulder allowed you to kill basically anyone without the need to cover because you were doing both things at once. Uncharted 2’s final boss is also one of the easiest in any game. TLOU you could disregard enemies and just bypass them a lot of times.

          2. PS4 caters to casuals with games like CoD just as Nintendo does with Mario.

            And I can’t believe you used “challenge” as an argument. Most Wii U games take no skill whatsoever.

            1. I beg to differ, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Super Smash Bros require more skill/are more challenging than pretty much any game on the PS4 as of now. I remember completing Uncharted on crushing and Killzone on the hardest difficulty without breaking a sweat.

              1. Sorry, but Pikmin 3 was a complete pushover. Do you KNOW how easy it is to kill a Snagret in the game compared to Pikmin 1? And beady (hairy? I forgot) long legs is so much easier to kill with Rock Pikmin, which don’t even get crushed

                1. I do know story mode is beyond easy, getting Platinum on mission mode on every mission though, if you tell me that’s easy I don’t know what to say.

                    1. Teach me master…

                      On serious note I do find it difficult, finding the correct path, multi tasking, while using the right pikmin for each situation and separating them wisely. But never played Pikmin 2, so I’m not able to tell which one was harder.

                  1. Nintendo games have become easier. It’s one of the gripes I have with Nintendo at the moment. They still have difficult games though. The end worlds in Super Mario 3d World were hard. Don’t care what anybody says. Try getting all green stars and stamps.. I did.. It took me a long time to do it. But honestly i’m still pissed about A Link Between Worlds. That was the easiest Zelda game ever made. Nintendo didn’t even recommend the original Zelda to younger kids becouse of it’s difficulty. And now the last one they made was ridiculously easy. They have even said that they are “making Majoras Mask 3ds easier”. I shit you not… I’m praying the new Zelda U doesn’t follow suit with ALBW…. That would be disasterous.

                    1. No, They never said they were making Majora’s Mask 3d Easier here’s what Aonuma said, “We didn’t make the game easier,” said Aonuma. “There aren’t any extra hints thrown at you when you’re not sure what to do.”

      2. It’s something called the GAMING COMMUNITY. Having a connected world where friends, no matter how far they are from each other, can play online together just like in the old days. Nintendo sticking to their own thing only shows how outdated they are, while other gamers around the world can form new friendships and enjoy a celebrative community

        1. I have absolutely no interest playing with a bunch of strange weirdos from around the world that I don’t even know. Multi-player games are only fun when there’s someone else in the same room playing. Why do people have fun playing with someone they can’t see?

                1. Is calling me a loner supposed to be an insult? Because I proudly and honestly admit that I AM a loner. Except when I play games with my niece and/or brother.

                2. If you think he’s ignorant, then @ least try educating him. Detail why it’s fulfilling to play w/ strangers. Otherwise, criticizing someone but stopping short of illumination seems insincere or ignorant in & of itself.

                  But this sounds like a matter of personal taste, so ignorance is invalid, ‘delusional’ subjective. Perhaps that is why you stopped short: there was never any validity to your claims.

                  Personally, I enjoy playing against human opponents every now & then, but my feelings of triumph soon fade because our connections are ultimately superficial. It gets to the point where I might as well be playing against the AI. Sure, the human element can inject spontaneity into the experience, but that isn’t always enough to enjoy the experience.

      3. I love how you state your opinion without being a total asshole towards Sony & Microsoft yet people still attack you.

        1. *Xbox One outsells the Wii U* Collector says: “This just goes to show how many complete boneheads there are in the world”. I’ll give him credit though. At least he admits he is biased towards Nintendo. Unlike some people here that constantly like to bash the other consoles and then get mad when people accuse them of being a fanboy.

          1. Some of us have to agree since Microsoft is practically trying to kill the console market. All the features they tried to put on the Xbox One like no second hand games practically screams it. So yes. I also think people are foolishly supporting Microsoft.

    15. This is good news, so Nintendo can learn from their mistakes for the billion time…Nintendo gotta add free online gaming on their Wii u box…Nintendo gotta start to build their fan base again because they destroyed their fan base with the shitty Wii console in 2006-2011 five years of forcing their ugly controller on gamers with no 3rd party support like always.

      1. One thing I gotta agree is that as much as the Wii was a commercial success, it really destroyed the fanbase Nintendo had created over the years forcing the use of the abomination called Wiimote and going for the cheap route.

          1. Most of the games forced the use of the Wiimote which I completely dislike and for that reason never played otherwise good games like Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Metroid Other M, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, etc.

        1. Yeah, that’s one thing Nintendo did that I’m NOT a fan of. Wii remote gameplay. Ugh! It nearly ruined every game. Aside from the games where it worked great for (Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Skyward Sword etc.).

    16. Why is there so many Xbox and Playstation fanboys on a Nintendo site? More than 2/3 of the people commenting need to be bitch slapped.

      1. There’s something important that you have to realize dude. Just because we disagree on things Nintendo does, doesn’t make us Xbox or Playstation fanboys. I’m betting that those 2/3 people are some of the most loyal Nintendo fans around. Nintendo deserves to be called out when they screw up. And you know why you can’t decide if they’re Xbox or Playstation fanboys? Because not everyone has to make an allegiance to one specific side. We can appreciate all consoles, but I honestly don’t think you can

        1. I agree that my opinions have always been one-sided. I’ve always been incredibly loyal to Nintendo. Ever since the NES. I’ve never been able to understand how anyone could choose/buy a non-Nintendo console and actually claim it’s better. Even with Nintendo’s mistakes, I’ve never stopped feeling that they were the best company there is. Nintendo is the only reason I’m still a gamer after all these years.

        2. We’d be much more apt to believe that statement, if so many of the proposed “solutions” to Nintendo’s “problems” weren’t virtual suicide.
          Like dropping out of their own consoles to go third party, or giving up on creating new interface methods like the Game Pad, which offers everything a standard controller does, plus more.

          It’s hard to believe that most of these imbeciles are “loyal Nintendo fans” when their criticisms come in the form of trying to claim that the best way to make Nintendo a success is to drive them out of everything that is allowing their games to gain the long-term sales they so often get.

          1. “giving up on creating new interface methods like the Game Pad, which offers everything a standard controller does, plus more”
            And what has Nintendo done to utilize the Gamepad? Nothing. It’s a complete waste of resources that could’ve been spent actually making a good console. So tell me, things like making better hardware, getting third party support, having a better online infrastructure, unified accounts, region-free games, etc are “virtual suicide”?

            Yeah, SM3DW, MK8 are sure seeing long term sales, aren’t they?

            1. Off-TV Play, better inventory management, seamless multiplayer, and quite a few other things, dumb-ass.
              It’s not a waste of resources; it’s an opportunity to do more with those games.

              The Wii U HAS HAD third party support.
              Guess what?
              Third parties FUCKED UP THEIR OWN PORTS.
              It’s not Nintendo’s fault that they didn’t make new games that would have ATTRACTED PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF THEIR USUAL SHOOTER-LOVING GRAPHICS WHORES to appeal to the new user base of a whole new console.
              They took the wrong approach and they’ve paid for it.

              And yeah, SM3DW and MK8 ARE going to be seeing those long-term sales.
              SM3DW, to my knowledge, is already over a M and still growing.
              Both will CONTINUE to get sales throughout the lifetime of the system.
              We haven’t even reached the point of “long-term” and they’re already all still doing well.

              Take your seat back under your bridge.
              I’m done with you.

    17. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      At least our empire sells something there unlike the Xbots that cannot even sell 0.5% at all…

    18. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t winning black friday a race to who wants to lose the most money on?
      I mean.. Consoles are not high profit hard ware as it is. Selling 800 000 at a loss of 30 dollars a console is not great business.

    19. Wii u has better games that’s what matters just like the n64 and gamecube did fuck the mass market nintendo only needs to sell to its fans

    20. If Nintendo can eek out 25-30 million sold Wii U’s they will be fine. But they gotta pick it up. They gotta start advertising alot more. I still have faith in Nintendo. Never rule them out.. Survival is in thier DNA…

      But after the Wii U, just get away from the Wii brand altogether…Thier biggest mistake over everything else was naming thier console the Wii U… I love it, has some of the best games ever, but it honestly has the worst name in the history of console names…

      1. As much as I want to believe that, the best the Wii U can achieve is GCN sales.

        I do agree with the Wii brand. They need to ditch it, change it, fire the marketing department and get a new team in to sell the next platform

        1. Yea, I’m being optimistic when I say 30 mil. I wouldn’t be suprised if it was closer to 18 – 23 mil.

          But the reason I say 30 mil is becouse they still have a new Zelda, another 3d Mario, a new Star Fox, a new Metroid, a new Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Xenoblade, etc. etc…. We havent even seen half of what Nintendo has to offer this gen yet. You can never rule Nintendo out.. They make thier best games when thier back is against the wall..

        1. Hardly surprising that, considering America is the single biggest gaming market. Yet with that support the Wii U is behind PS4 & XBone in lifetime sales.

          And when the weekly UK numbers are announced so many Americans give the Brits a hard time on this site, not realising that it’s hardly any different on their side. Yeah the Americans are ignorant, stupid and dumb.

    21. this is data from only 1 research firm! data gathered from 180 000 receipts! congratulations the ps4 and xb1 barely sold anything! even tho wii u sold less it’s fun to see how assholish people can get when it should not even matter!

        1. Various stores across the nation does not equal millions of people. I’ve seen people use this defense a few times in this article and I laugh at it. Can you give me the actual number of people that let some random guy from some random company look at their receipt?

    22. People say it’s not worth it to buy next-gen console, these people are wrong. I have had a blast with the PS4. So far i have played destiny, evil within, cod aw, tomb raider, ground zeroes, last of us, killzone sf, madden 15, alien isolation, resogun, dead nation, outlast, thief, battlefield, don’t starve, and fez (not in any particular order). There are many titles I haven’t had the chance to check out like diablo 3 and second son for example. You can’t really say next-gen is light on games. Plus Bloodborne is around the corner and Dark Souls 2 was announced with all DLC for next-gen. I haven’t even had the chance to 100% one game yet because they keep coming out so fast. Why doesn’t everyone stop complaining and more time earning those platinum trophies! ok im done.

    23. Nothing wrong with the Ps4. Just most of the recent games have been lackluster. AC was broke and rehashed. CoD was the same as it always is. Halo still doesn’t have a functioning multiplayer. Destiny did not live up to the hype and was very mediocre. Watch Dogs was way over hyped and again didn’t live up to the hype. Farcry 4 is really Farcry 3.5…

      But there are good games too. Arkham Knight will be good, like you said BloodBourne.. Dragon Age was good….

      It’s just the broken, glitch filled games and the bullshit lies that pisses me off about most third party games recently…

        1. You know what? Now I’m so wishing for the fucking market to crash again and this time, if Nintendo stays under and out, they better go and stay out in the blaze of glory and don’t even attempt to revive the market again. I wanna see if these fuckers still think they can survive without Nintendo’s morals, amazing games and innovations by continuing serving repetitive scam art garbage for long.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              We need real crashing, like it did back in the Ancient Age when the Atarians were annihilated for all eternity…

              I want to see the same thing happen for the Xbots, Electrons and Ubisians…

          1. Without Nintendo we still have Naugty Dog, Bioware, Rockstar, Telltale Games, Valve, Bethesa, SCE Japan… The list goes on. I think the gaming industry can live without Nintendo and continue to innovate

            1. Innovate what exactly? The same fucking genre every 11 months with minorly cosmetic updates? Seriously, the market will crumble hard if Nintendo drops out. Believe me, it’ll be a video game apocalypse.

              1. Have you seen games like Alien Isolation? Everybody’s Gone Into The Rapture? Stanley Parable? Wolf Among Us? Oculus Rift? The Division? Even Watch Dogs? Gameplay twists like in Shadow of Mordor? The industry is doing fine without Nintendo, not like they’ve been innovative these past few years anyway…

                1. And none of those wouldnt have happened if it wasnt for Nintendo birthing new gameplay interactions, games and competitions bringing in even more. The Oculus Rift, where you think they got that from? :/

                  If Nintendo goes, so will any drive for innovation and fun games. The gaming market will become nothing more than a shallow ass, Hollywood based rated R popularity contest to no end with short lived “fun” in your type of mind. It wont be any better than the mobile game market…guaranteed.

                  You think the market will be fine without Nintendo? Even Sony CEO said they must succeed to keep the market alive and thriving with new things to change gameplay WHICH Nintendo was the only company who had the balls to break gaming traditions a number of times like the DS/Wii did.

                  Nintendo being out of the gaming market will be like starting a timer on a nuclear bomb. The market..will..die without them.

              2. I know, right? Grand Theft Auto V, Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, Alien Isolation, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, Dying Light, The Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, Metal Gear Solid V, Kindom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV, etc. They’re all bad games. But with the Wii U, you can play truly innovative games like Super Mario 3D World. They added a brand new cat suit which allows you to climb up walls and pounce on enemies. Can you believe it? A cat suit? Now THAT’S innovation.

                  1. I have a REAL Wii U goddamit! Do I need to take a picture of it for you?! When I get my Wii U fixed, do you need me to get on Wii U Chat or some shit and hold Mario Kart 8 in my hands for confirmation?! Did I just give you some random dude’s Nintendo Network ID so you could have imaginary conversations with me? Was it all just an illusion when I turned on my Wii U and saw you playing Netflix? Did I really tell the Nintendo customer service guy to set up a repair for a console I didn’t even have? Was it all just in my head when I played 3D World for over 60 hours? I must’ve lied when I said I loved those Captain Toad levels. Especially the first one. You know? The one where you have to blow on the fucking Gamepad? I must’ve just watched the whole game on YouTube, even all the star locations and the final boss just for entertainment, right? I even posted imaginary screenshots of the game on Miiverse too?

                      1. Look up my NNID or stop claiming that I don’t have one. It’s annoying. The proof is right there. You just won’t look at the fucking thing. -_-

                                    1. Which is true. You turn on more sides than a double agent in his entire career. lol I get Nintendo goofed up in some places but I’m not the one to just talk BS because the person next to me does just to get in with the crowd without a purpose.

                                      1. I’m not a hypocrite though. I have a sort of love/hate relationship with my Wii U. Sometimes it gets on my nerves and other times like when I’m playing Mario Kart 8 it makes me really happy. It has its flaws but I don’t purely hate it. And I will definitely talk about all the good things about it if I want to. But I won’t just say only positive things about it. That’s not the way I am. I’ll criticise whatever I think is wrong with it or could be improved. If you haven’t noticed by now, the only times I usually criticise it is when people talk bad about the other consoles to try and make the Wii U look better. And that happens a lot here because of all the fanboys. I enjoy coming here and keeping these fanboys in check. Lol. The normal Nintendo fans, (aka, the people talking about Wii U games and not bashing the other consoles all the time) are completely fine with me. I love to see all the positivity between some people here that always talk about the games. Like how sometimes some people talk about their favorite 2015 games like Zelda, Splatoon, MGSV, Witcher 3, etc. It puts a smile on my face. Until of course, some fanboy comes along and tries to talk trash about some of the games they’re talking about. >_>

                                1. Don’t be such a retarded troll, the cat suit is not the innovation, funny how Super Mario 3D world has better ratings than all of those games you mentioned. The beautiful HD graphics, the amazing level design none of those games have, the cat suit is just a new suit, is the level, the gameplay, and the quality overall that make it a great game, it has a better metascore than all those crappy unfinished games you mention. It’s sad to see you jump in the let’s troll Nintendo bandwagon in this website.

                                  1. My point was to show that there are good games out there that aren’t made by Nintendo. I enjoyed 3D World. I was just joking around. What does the score have to do with anything? I played it already and I think it’s awesome. Just because a game gets a better score does not automatically mean it’s better. Guess what? CoD usually gets 9’s from IGN. But does that mean it’s better than every other game with lower scores on the site? DKCTF got a 6/10 from Gamespot. But to some people it’s probably their favorite Wii U game. And really? Crappy unfinished games? I bet you haven’t even played most of those games. You fanboys make me sick. You don’t even deserve to call yourself a Nintendo fan. I like most of the Nintendo games about to release next year but that doesn’t mean every other game not on the system is going to be bad. I bet if Devil’s Third or Bayonetta 2 was on PS4, you’d be calling it trash. You don’t deserve the title of troll either. You’re just another stupid Nintendo fanboy. *facepalm*

                                2. You do realise without Ocarina of Time and Mario 64 most of those games wouldn’t exist? Nintendo is always the first to innovate new gameplay mechanics. They are even attempting it as we speak, with less success.. Young people today just don’t know thier gaming history. It’s such a shame..

                                  1. What are you going on about? My point was to show that Nintendo is not the only one that can create good games. A game doesn’t always need “innovation” to be good. That term is so overused. Honestly. I don’t really care about innovation as long as the game that I play is good. I really, really enjoyed Super Mario 3D World and its one my favorite Wii U games of all time. It’s even better than Galaxy in my opinion. I enjoy Nintendo’s games, but the nonsense of everyone saying only Nintendo can make the best games has got to stop. I have played Nintendo games before that I did not like. They are NOT perfect. They have their flaws just like everyone else does. I cannot believe that some people actually say they will quit gaming if Nintendo died. That’s unbelievable. You do not deserve to call yourself a gamer if you give up just because one of your favorite companies isn’t there anymore. There are tons of amazing games out there available to play that many people have probably never gotten to get around to. And by giving up gaming, you will NEVER get to enjoy them. I like Nintendo just as much as the next guy, but are you serious? If they died, I would probably go buy a gaming PC or spend my time on the other consoles. I might even go back and start collecting older consoles that I didn’t get to play on before. As a gamer, I am willing to try all sorts of games and consoles/systems. I’m not restricting myself to just one specific company or system to play on. If one of my favorite game companies died, I’d adapt and move on. It’s just that simple.

                            1. If you hate Nintendo so much. why the fuck are you here? You don’t have a life or something? The gaming industry wouldn’t be alive without Nintendo. Nintendo is the original, Nintendo is the most innovative one, and still are, pretty graphics and gore and dude/bro shooters aren’t innovation, that is just catering to insecure immature teen males. Your trolling and hate for Nintendo, even if it’s just for your own amusement is exhausting to read, it’s just so much pathetic in each post.

                            2. You act like the gaming market is rock solid or something. Every single developer you just mentioned could go out of business with one major failure. One bombed triple A game and they are done. Only companies like E.A. and Ubisoft can afford bombed games, and even they can only afford so many. The Gaming market is fragile. Without Nintendo we would absolutely see the biggest gaming crash of our time..

                              Also every single developer you mentioned uses mechanics from Nintendo games. Even if they don’t realise it..

                    1. All in all That is some pretty sad shit
                      And its all because of ads
                      in a way they are like the kirby vaccuum
                      when they sell its all profit
                      and its all word of mouth when they do

                    2. For everyone who doesn’t know it’s a app where people pos a snap shot of their receipt. I have never heard of the app so I am sure that a lot of others don’t have the app either.

                    3. It sold that bad? Even with Smash Bros? Sorry, I’m a big Nintendo fan who also have a Wii U, but I think Wii U is done… only in sales obviously.

                    4. The only reason this happened is because microshit sold there console at a major loss with the games bundled in. Had nintendo said lets sell the Wii U @ $150 or $200 they would have out sold Xbone by a mile. But theres the big diferance. Nintendo isnt desperate to move consoles because they lied at share holder meetings and they also didnt give there fans the epic middle finger at e3 like micoshit. If anyone has lost thrust of the consumers its microsoft

                      1. “Nintendo isnt desperate to move consoles because they lied at share holder meetings”
                        Fanboy logic at it’s finest

                      1. True that, but I’ll NEVER lay my hands on another Xbox console because of their bullshit policy of paying a month of Xbox Live just for online multiplayer. I was going to get a PS4, until I’ve heard that they are doing the same thing (For the love of God, Sony doesn’t need to resort to this). If the former is the case then I’ll just stick to my PlayStation 3 for a long time.

                        1. You do realize what you get for PS Plus?

                          Free games every month
                          Online Multiplayer on PS4
                          Discounts of up to 75% on the PS Store
                          3GB of online game save storage

                          Also, it works across PS4, PS3 and Vita

                          1. Vita is dead, don’t even mention it. The PS4 is selling ’cause it’s being sold as the “cool” console to have, not because it has 10/10 games like Bayonetta or 92 metascore games like Smash Bros. But again, you are just a no-life troll in this website, trying to laugh by making Nintendo fans mad here…

                          2. LMAO!

                            You dont get free games! I keep hearing people say, “PSN gives you free games” …..Bullshit, you pay a monthly charge for those games…

                          3. In that case, I’d rather not pay ten bucks a month just to play online multiplayer on the PS4. But who am I kidding, I’m just in it for the single player and local multiplayer experience (Online is something I do once in a while if it involves a paid membership).

                    5. Pingback: The Wii U Sold 4,000 Units In Less Than 17 minutes On eBay During Black Friday | My Nintendo News

                    6. Well, these piss poor sales is exactly what Nintendo deserves. They launched a system with no plan behind it and make terrible company decisions that they should not make. They need to drop their family friendly image and start getting serious about gaming.

                    7. One of the worst mistakes Nintendo made with the WiiU is the stupid name. I still don’t understand what the U is. Its not distinguishable enough for a new Nintendo console and the confusion between Wii U and Wii still exists to this day. I believe a different name would have set it apart from the Wii and made it more noticeable as a new Nintendo console. Just thinking about the name annoys me still..

                    8. This makes me so happy. Now I don’t have to read all the “wii u is saved!” Bull shit. You guys have been delusional from the start. “Smash bros is gonna save the wii u!!”
                      I love nintendo, I’ve played every smash and I enjoy this smash…amount of time me and my family have played it? About 2 hours. The masses won’t even buy it if they’re not in love with nintendo.

                    9. It is a probability that Nintendo will make some sort of fusion of its handheld and home console next gen after seeing how well the Wii U sells.

                    10. Why does the Wii U suck? Nintendo doesn’t not know how to fucking advertise their games… Oh well, their loss. Time to go 3rd party (hopefully)

                    11. LOL. Nope, no third party If Nintendo stops hardware they stop software. They have already mentioned this.

                      And everybody should calm down really. Nintendo is on track to match Gamecube numbers. It’s not a vailant success by any stretch of the imagination, but Nintendo will profit from it. Nintendo is already half way down with thier next gen console..

                    12. It’s a shame that Nintendo keeps falling behind nowadays, but they only have themselves to blame. If they would have dropped the price of their console bundle another $50 or so, it would have sold a lot better! In most stores, it only cost about $40 more or so to get the XBOX bundle, which is worth getting because it comes with an actual dvd/blu ray player too, something Nintendo has yet to figure out! Even XBOX 360 sold better than the Wii U did, and that’s a previous gen system! As many amazing games Nintendo has on the Wii U, I think they really just need to just drop out of the console industry and just be a third party developer for the PC, Microsoft, and Sony. I think they would be more profitable that way because more people will buy their games if they were released on other platforms besides just Nintendo consoles. And this is all coming from a big Nintendo fan too. Pretty sad…

                      1. More profitable if Ninty went 3rd party, huh? Like SEGA? Who were reduced to a merger & are battling it out in the same money pit as the rest of the 3rd parties? While SEGA had its own set of problems, Nintendo would share much of the same fate.

                        They’d lose control over their software. Hardware is & always was their foundation. Oh, they might influence Sony &/or MS’ consoles, but to what degree? & while Sony & MS have relinquished much of their own control to 3rd parties (they don’t exactly have enough of their own IP to stand on themselves), it’s decades of iconic characters that keep Nintendo strong.

                        But they’d have to pay licensing fees to the console companies to publish their games. That’s less profit from their own games & no more licensing fees coming in from 3rd parties, however few now.

                        They’d have to downsize. Less studios & less games, so they could focus on their essentials w/ out their hardware anchor. SEGA couldn’t risk funding Bayonetta 2. But who took that risk? Who ensured it was a quality endeavor? Who funded the ENHANCED port of the original & released it as essentially a free bonus? & this was a niche game to begin w/. Who did all that & will still survive if they won’t turn a profit on Bayonetta 2? An autonomous, hardware-making Nintendo. & how many of SEGA’s franchises have been mothballed? Sure, I’d love a new Wave Race or Sin & Punishment or Space Firebird, but that sure as Hel won’t happen if they go 3rd party.

                        Moneyhats… You think having Nintendo games on 1, “low-end”, comparatively affordable platform is so bad? Imagine if you had to buy 2 expensive consoles that are otherwise basically the same, just to play Ninty games if your faves are divvied up like meat. & Ninty’s gonna need that money. Zelda a *barfs in mouth* Sony exclusive. Metroid Prime an MS *jumps off a cliff* Goodbye cruel wooooooooooor– *splat* ……………………………………………………………………. …………..

                        & do you want a 3D Mario game of the same quality as modern Sonic games? Oh yes, their quality would rot away. You can sure bet their variety would. & as reluctant or slow as they are now w/ new IP? See, having their own console not only bestows an intimate knowledge of its capabilities, but time, time to ensure quality & proper vision; more than most can afford. Just look @ some of their past collaborations (not Triforce; SEGA & Namco were still good then & hadn’t even merged w/ Sammy Holdings & Bandai, respectively, yet). Some of those games fall short of Ninty’s caliber. Imagine if all their games after going 3rd party, which wouldn’t be many, suffered the same fate if not worse.

                        Nintendo is a business to be sure. & they are imperfect, not everything they create can be gold. Yet when it’s pearls… Anyway, lesser of 3 evils. They still put quality @ the fore (more so than the other 2), & treat the industry as a fun, almost fully interactive medium. Yeah, I wish there were more games like Eternal Darkness, Sin & Punishment, Bayonetta, & Devil’s 3rd, especially when they fit Ninty so well, capturing that magic even while dripping w/ gore, & emphasizing gameplay even while parading around w/ over-the-top style or pondering on a deep, sophisticated narrative. Nintendo believes in what makes this medium great. Shame the masses & a certain green monster are derailing it. A certain other company prolly should’ve stood up to this menace, but alas, Ninty fights pretty much alone. *cue Godsmack’s “I Stand Alone”*

                        If Nintendo going 3rd party was a serious option, I’d rather see them move into another business. Or commit corporate seppuku, paying off any debts, donating some of their wealth to charity, & reserving enough coin to ensure their IPs are locked away for the next 125 yrs. But hey, what’s integrity worth?

                    13. why cant we all just appreciate games for what they are? I am a big Nintendo fan but I also like sony games and the occasional Microsoft games. we have to accept that not only Nintendo makes good games but they are still up there with there innovative game developing. you could say COD is a game like any other shooter but it is easy to play so why stop making an easy game that most people like. I agree that wii u is a bad name but you have to admit seeing Mario in HD gives you a good feeling down your spine.

                    14. This is the fault of our media and gamers who care about specs over games. I own a PS4 and a Wii U and I love them both but there is absolutely nothing besides remakes for the PS4. The Wii U is king right now in terms of software. But this gen people are obsessed with specs over substance. Sad.

                      Oh and fuck Xboner.

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