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Skateboarding Arcade Game OlliOlli Is Coming To Wii U & 3DS For Early 2015

Curve Digital together with Roll7 are set to bring skateboarding arcade title OlliOlli to the Wii U and 3DS next year. Due to arrive in early 2015, the smooth trick combo game was announced for several platforms with a teaser video, which you can see above. Originally, OlliOlli was exclusive to the PlayStation Vita back in January, but was ported to the PC in July, garnering much success. Given fans “asked nicely”, OlliOlli will make its debut on the Wii U, 3DS and Xbox One.

14 thoughts on “Skateboarding Arcade Game OlliOlli Is Coming To Wii U & 3DS For Early 2015”

  1. Im tired of games coming to wii u being a headline like thats a big deal, why cant games just b made for all 3 ps4 xb1 and wii u? Why is nintendo making things so freakin difficult for developers and consumers dangit

    1. Its not Nintendo’s fault if developers don’t want to develop for them. It’s the developers who either don’t want to learn to develop for Nintendo’s consoles or simply don’t want to bring their games due to fear of low sales and other factors. Nintendo usually does its best to help indies, so no, its the developers not Nintendo.

  2. OMG. But this shit? Umm…NO! It’s a fucking mobile game (freemium I bet) that should stay on mobile and it’s funny that this trailer is trying to say “Oh it’s a big deal. It’s great and it’s coming to Nintendo! Please buy it because *we care*”

    Oh please STFU before I barf.

    1. You just don’t get it, do you. There is nothing wrong with having MORE games on a system. I would rather be bombarded with all assortments of games while viewing the eshop, opposed to just seeing 1 or 2 new games. Even if there is mobile game ports or crappy games like that Flappy Bird knockoff- sometimes mobile games and crappy games can be fun. They are popular with kids and teenagers, and at this point, the Wii U kind of needs to appeal to more people. The best way to appeal to more people is to have a bunch of games to play.
      Quit acting so spoiled, TheStrangaBlog. The Wii U is NOT winning the console “war”, and these independent developers are using their hard earned money and time to port the game. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, my friend.

      1. You accepting this sorry ass excuse for a console game is just funny. This is gonna be another one of those “overpriced mobile game console ports like Angry Birds” scenario. I so bet you this will be on mobile or already is, FOR FREE and on top of that, it’s a runner copy/paste game. Not worth whatever money this mobile game on consoles charge.

        1. First off, it’s not a mobile game. It’s a Vita/PC/consoles game.

          Second off, there is nothing wrong with mobile devices. I have Mega Man 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics on my phone. They play great. Even games designed for mobile can be fun- it depends on your taste in gaming. Kids these days enjoy plying different games than you.

          And apparently this game got pretty good reviews. So there’s that.

          1. It’s mobile wise game as another copycat runner by tapping a single button command to jump, slide and maybe start a power up sequence. It’s nothing much. I’m still waiting for Oddworld remake to come.

  3. This is what Wii Poo gets? A skateberding game? You faggots like to sakeboard? Man, I tell ya — you Wii U bitches are so disperate for games. Just sell your shitty console to ebay and buy a decent Windows 8 PC and play counterstrike, you fucking flaming faggots. Damn it — it makes me mad that you fuckers are excited about this trash game.

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