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Wii U Life-To-Date Sales Have Now Surpassed 2 Million In Japan

The Wii U has hit two million sales today following Media Create’s latest sales data for Japan. Since Nintendo’s home console launched in the Japanese market two years ago, the system has sold 2,009,513 units in its life-to-date. This week’s software and hardware charts in the region, which you can see here, confirmed the Wii U sold an extra 12k units, enabling it to top the milestone marker.

Back in October, Nintendo published its second quarterly financial report. The company stated that Wii U sales had reached a total of 7.29 million sales worldwide between its launch in 2012 up until September 30, 2014. With Japan hitting two million before the holiday season ends, it’s a great sign the Wii U is pushing forward with momentum.

195 thoughts on “Wii U Life-To-Date Sales Have Now Surpassed 2 Million In Japan”

        1. 2 million in one primary country verses how many? 2-3, 4 others? Do the math. If one country/continent sold 2 million while theres US, UK, maybe Germany, I’m sure the US did just as adequate or better than Japan and especially UK where everyone hates Nintendo there.

            1. Laughable, poor blinded zealots, they can’t question themselves, like how Japan is small comparing to a CONTINENT. -_-

              1. I think you’re kinda proving his point. Why should we care that it’s doing well in one small area of the world when we should be looking at the worldwide sales?

        1. It’s already started, guys. If the Wii U ever surpasses PS4 sales worldwide by some chance, you’ll be seeing a lot of people like this crying about how the Wii U had a head start so it doesn’t count. >.< As Dom Toretto said in The Fast & the Furious movie, winning's winning.

        1. If I would’ve said Xbox DOne, you may call it an excuse. lol PSVita isn’t considered a console anymore. It’s now more of an accessory for the PS4 to mimic Wii U like PSMove tried to copycat Wii’s Motion Controllers.

        1. The PS4 is not outselling the Wii U in Japan in total sales you fucking moron. The PS4 has yet to even crack a million sales over there. Get your facts right asswipe LOL

            1. Umm I believe the Wii U sold over a million in it’s first year in Japan whereas the PS4 has yet to reach that number in it’s first year. Nice try but your point failed

              1. Well the PS4 hasn’t reached it’s first year in Japan my fault but it won’t reach a million by February anyway

                1. Wii U reached a million in its first November to June in Japan. It did it about a month or so faster than the PS3. The time period for the PS4 to sell its first million in Japan has been longer.

              2. Love how you started your “point” with “Umm I believe”. How’s talking out your own ass working out.

          1. PS4 came out in Japan in February 2014. It hasn’t even been a year. I would hope that the Wii U which has been out for two years in Japan is doing better. Would be pretty sad otherwise.

    1. Actually for Japan, that isn’t too horrible. If the system keeps this pace, it will sell 6 million units in japan over it’s lifetime. If it sells 10 million in the U.S., and 8-9 million in Europe, well then technically it will have reached Gamecube numbers. Thats enough hardware that Nintendo could make a nice profit off of software sales..

      Remember, Nintendo doesn’t have to sell 80 million consoles to make a profit.. Hell, if they sold 30 million Wii U’s lifetime, they would stand to make a hefty profit. Sony or Microsoft cannot accomplish success with such low console numbers. This is the reason I believe Nintendo will outlast thier competitors… At least one of them anyways..

    2. Yet, you are so impressed by every Wii U and 3DS news that you are here 24/7 like the loser troll you are. Having fun with your troll comments, which I bet is the only thing that makes you smile every day…

      1. Logic really can’t get into your head, can it? Always using the troll card when it’s clear it’s been refuted, that’s what I call a loser

      1. Thanks for your apparent fact since it seems to trump someone’s opinion. OH right! It’s not a fact but another opinion! Thanks for playing!

      1. I probably would not put Wii in front of Wii U. Wii U is far better than that console imo. I really hated how most of the games make you use motion control. And some even force you to use the Nunchuk too. Even though the Gamepad may not be a completely normal controller, it’s way better than the Wii Remote. And as for the Wii U itself, I just think it’s nicely designed and HD on a Nintendo console is great. Wii U might get its gems though in the future as well. I would probably say Super Mario 3D World (even though some of you might disagree) is already one of them. It’s the best Mario I’ve ever played to date. Galaxy is my second favorite though.

      2. Please. What a silly opinion of consoles you have.

        What made the 64 so great? The games. It’s never about the console. A great game can jump console generations. Take Ocarina of Time for example.

        The Wii U has some of the greatest games ever created by Nintendo. These games can jump generations. It doesn’t matter about what console they were released on…

        1. Yeah, it’s the games. The Nintendo 64 itself isn’t really anything special. If all N64 games were on the Wii U, it would basically be obsolete…

          1. the n64 isn’t anything really special except for the fact that it did four player multiplayer 4 controller slots introduced the rumble pack the memory card spawned the first person shooter genre for multiplayer

            1. And it also had carts that were very expensive to make and buy. I remember 64 carts brand new being 70-80 dollars. Sometimes they were 60, but it was rare to find a first party title for that cheap.. The controller was pretty awful too in my opinion.. I wont even bring up the memory cards that constantly erased your data..

              Don’t get me wrong, i loved my 64. One of my most played consoles growing up. But mostly becouse of the games. In terms of just the console without the games, I wouldn’t put the 64 in my top five..

              1. Actually most of the time there were $59.99 or $49.99 for the games on the N64. Occasionally you would something above, but more than not they would come down about 6 months later in price.

                Games have been around those prices since the NES and Master system days except often you could find games that were $39.99.

                1. I guess I remember things differently than you then. Becouse I clearly remember games being $69.99. I remember becouse I had to save my money I was getting from yard work to buy my games. I do believe the prices dropped back down to $59.99 eventually though…

        1. Who’s Sasori? and i’ve been visiting this blog since last month, also my name is Shuhei and Yoshito is because right now i’m living in Latin America and my friends call me by Yoshito because i’m a yoshi fan, basically is a diminutive of yoshi, so the jokes on you.

          1. do not argue with him or her, it’s not worth your time (and his/her time).
            as i see things, they are a group of people making fun of sasori. most of the comments were not written the same way as the others.
            His hypocrisy caught the attention of some trolls and the fact people here made him a “sacred” lolcow.

      1. So that Shuhei guy is the only one who has the rights to the name. that’s pretty stupid and my real name is Shuhei and yoshito is my nickname, also i don’t like to use accounts to make comments. maybe you’re too obsessed with stalkers that you see them everywhere.

  1. How have you guys been, Commander, Aeolus, jtz and hopefully the old faithful still blog. N-dub nation are you still here? 2 million consoles deep; it’s now time for Nintendo to push more RPGs onto the WiiU. This is great news.

                    1. Wow… I usually don’t bother reading the nonsense posts (like the one’s above), but, honestly, Quadraxis, you have gone WAY to far on your tough-guy leader act. You’re reached the point where you are calling a religion “disgusting” and “primitive”. This is by far one of the most arrogant and ignorant things you have said, on this site. Seriously, what you said is malicious and entirely uncalled for.

                      I live in a country where we have freedom of speech. That doesn’t give me the right to call Jews or atheists or Muslims nasty names, just because I can. Why? Because it’s unethical. What you said was unethical.

      1. I think what they need to do is to make bigger games, like an awesome Pokemon game for Wii U or Monster Hunter that has nothing to do with the 3DS. Or a big ass Mario game like Galaxy 3, they need to stop with the little Toad or Mario Party games.

      1. Yea, probably like 8.1 or 8.2 million. Vgchartz has them at 7.7 million on the 22nd, but I think thats a little under tracked. I was hoping the Wii U would hit 10 million this holiday, but I don’t believe so now. Probably 9 million, maybe 9.5… Still, could be worse I suppose..

        1. WTF believes VGCharts inaccurate BS besides raving fanboys needing an excuse to bash another?

          Nintendo really should’ve done a Smash Bros. 4 Wii U bundle around $350 for the system, game and a free Mario Amiibo as a bonus, Black Friday sales to drop other bundled models down by let’s say $30 ($269.99) to be fair for both sides and for another better idea to spread more awareness and advertisements: start opening a lot more Nintendo World stores worldwide to increase more product sales.

          1. Yea without a doubt. I don’t know why they didn’t have better deals. I remember the original Wii during the holidays and they always had really good deals. Not to mention the “Wii would like to play” commercials that played on every single television station. They nailed the marketing, and the holiday sales with the original Wii, which makes me baffled why they can’t repeat that with the Wii U…

    1. Wii U sales are more than likely well over 8 million by now. That 7.29 million figure was tracked on September 30th. I’m pretty sure the Wii U has sold a hell of a lot more since then with games like Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8 DLC and Smash Bros releasing

      1. It is still struggling because of lack of advertisement. Most people still probably don’t know that games like Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2 exist…

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

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      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I never liked Yoshi games, but I for some reason want to buy this new one…

        My little dinosaur buddy looks too adorable…

      2. I used to really enjoy Yoshi games. Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi Story are arguably two of my favorite games. They are true classics. But, I honestly don’t think that the Yoshi games have been that good, in the last dozen years or so. Heard really bad things about Yoshi’s new island, and I didn’t really dig Yoshi’s island for the ds (and Yoshi isn’t the only series that has gone downhill since the N64/GameCube. It’s sad what Nintendo did to Paper Mario and Kirby. They’ve just become rather gimmicky with uninspired design, over the years.)
        But, as for Wooly World- that’s Nintendo’s wild card, right now. It could either be an amazing game or a terrible game.

        1. Yeah, I was really disappointed with Sticker Star. In fact it’s one of the few games I never bothered to finish, and I haven’t tried Yoshi games in years.

          1. Finish? I never bothered to buy it. I’m so glad I heard it wasn’t a real RPG & used stickers for every-fucking-thing before it came out because I definitely would have bought it.

            1. In fact, I thought the stickers were going to replace the badges & be used for special attacks that were extremely powerful. :/

          2. Sticker Star, those were some dark days. Then there’s Yoshi’s New Island with its annoying mediocre soundtrack (Fuck kazoo composed soundtracks). Wholly World will be one game that will make up for that travesty.

    1. ISIS isn’t the only Islamic State. I thought you were referring to the whole concept of a country being led by a religion (which, in the past many countries have done the same).

      I agree, terrorists are disgusting and kill MANY people. But ISIS isn’t the only group that uses Islam as their foundry/ approach in government. Your post wasn’t that clear, and I assumed you were talking about the concept of Islamic States, opposed to ISIS.

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  4. PS4 is dominating Japan anyways.

    Xbone is failing in Japan.

    Xbone is only doing well in the United States, I don’t know about Europe.

      1. 3DS is dominating the handheld market.

        PS4 is dominating the console market in Japan. Even if the sales aren’t high, but it’s doing better than Wii U and Xbone.

        1. Question, what in the fuck is your pony ass doing here commenting on a Nintendo fan centric site if you dislike Nintendo so much? Go carry your ass to one of those Sony fanboy sites and damage control why the PS4’s exclusives suck harder than a $2 Las Vegas borned prostitute on a Saturday night lol

  5. The Wii U’s fortunes are slowly, but surely changing for the good of the company. However, Nintendo need to pull out all the stops in 2015 to completely change Wii U’s fortunes from bad to good.
    For those that claim that Ubisoft hate Nintendo, it’s quite the opposite, I saw 4 Just Dance 2015 adverts in the space of 1 Hour on an Indian channel, they advertised the Wii U and Wii versions and I asked my Mom and Brother, why aren’t these adverts for Smash Bros for Wii U…

      1. Depends on that plastic quality rating thing on the back. Just add a couple of ice cubes in the jug or something for good measure

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Like the Sonyans Shapeshifter said but as a whole, you should never put boiled water in anything plastic unless you cool it first…

    1. Sure & Ubisoft did everything they could to make sure Watch Dogs for Wii U could sale by not doing more with the Gamepad like they said they would since that was the whole reason they said they delayed that version. Anyway, yeah sure NOW they try to help a game sell when it’s one WE “hardcore” gamers don’t want. Or maybe they are just trying to make idiots think the Wii U is just another casual console when Just Dance sales better than the other games. *shrugs* Whatever. I can be happy in the knowledge that the Wii U isn’t the only thing getting screwed by Ubisoft.

      1. Nobody would have bought it anyways. It would’ve been a waste of time and money advertising for it. Wii U owners have already clearly shown that they don’t care about Ubisoft anymore. If Far Cry 4 came to the system and was heavily advertised, it would have still sold the worst on the Wii U.

        1. Of course since Ubisoft has fucked themselves in the ass just like EA did with Mass Effect 3 & Most Wanted U.

            1. Yes it was. Too bad EA let it flop about like a fish gasping for air, though, by not doing much marketing for it.

  6. Just how many millions of consoles does Nintendo have to sell before people will stop calling them a failure? I just don’t get it? Even if the Wii U doesn’t sell as much as PS4 or Xbone, it’s far from a failure. There’s 2 million people in Japan that has (and is about to) discover just how great the Wii U really is.

      1. The only past console you should compare it to is the Wii then, ’cause it’s the only one that sold way more, the GameCube wasn’t the big thing, still had the best games ever.

    1. Honestly, once it hits the 15-20 million mark I think the whole failure discussion will disappear. Idiotic fanboys will always say it’s a failure, but the media and the mainstream gaming community understand Nintendo doesn’t have to sell many consoles to make a profit. People see that it’s still below Dreamcast numbers (not anymore) and they relate the dreamcast to failure…

      I said two years ago that I thought the Wii U would sale 30 million units. I still strongly believe in that number. All they have to do is sale 5.5 million consoles a year for the rest of the generation to hit those numbers. I can almost guarantee they will sell 5.5 million consoles in 2015. And who’s to say they wont have a string of amazing releases in 2016 and sell 6-7 million consoles that year. Even if the generation is only five years instead of six, 30 million is still very doable. Either way I think it’s safe to say that the future of the Wii U is looking brighter with every passing year..

  7. Based on this and the latest sales report, Mario Kart 8 stands at what, a 35%-40% of Wii U owners in Japan owning it? Somewhere around there. That’s pretty good, all things considered…

  8. I say the Atari 2600 is the best console of all time with cutting edge graphic, turbulent sound effects and the best games you ever saw in your little, pitiful lives. Fuck Resident Evil and Smash Bros if you can’t play such awesome games like PAC MAN and JUNGLE HUNT… and FUCK HD, this shit is overrated as hell!!!!

  9. Stop with the advertising garbage anybody who plays video games knows what they want already they don’t need an ad to remind them that a console exist they probably already knew before the ad was thought up.

    Wii u is a Nintendo fan console.

    Nintendo isn’t trying to reach wii sales levels they want core nintendo fans happy.

    We have 2 mario games both different none that are the mario game we want but both are nice.
    We have our beloved kart racer.
    We have our non traditional 4 player brawler smash.
    A beautiful remake of a game from the gamecube windwaker.
    We have our real time strategy game pikmin 3.
    We have nintendoland game and wario wii u sports wii u fit and wii u party.
    We have insane hack and slashers Hyrule warriors Bayonetta 2 wonderful 101.

    Toad has a game.
    Link can race against mario.
    Pac man and megaman are in smash.

    New zelda starfox and mario party and more than likely Metroid.

    pilot wings
    F zero
    Battalion Wars

    Thats a lot of game.

    Or play fps games that still feel and play like games from the dreamcast ps2 xbox and gamecube era and sadly these 4 consoles did a better job with fps games back when dreamcast has running unrealtournament and Quake. ps2 had killzone and timesplitters
    Xbox had very few online fps games with 75% of them being original and fantastic the gamecube had geist and Metroid Prime 2 with 4 player multiplayer

    Now fps games are buggy broken and generic with per order bonus items dlc packs season passes gigantic updates and patches broken match making eh. . . That shit is fuckin wack players.

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  11. It’s sad to see the Wii U still not selling well after the bombs this console has gotten in the past months and the upcoming monuments already announced for next year.
    Meanwhile, people buy the PS4 and the Xbone, both completly empty of games and interest for now…
    This industry’s fucked, people let marketing thinking for them, it’s very, very sad.

    1. What could have been, and should have been, a succesful system is getting stomped by what should have been its non-existant competitors.
      Right in my gamer’s feels… :(

    2. There’s plenty to pay on PS4 and Xbox One. What are you talking about? >.< Wii U has good games but that doesn't mean the others don't…

      1. Nothing interesting I can’t play on my 1500€ PC though.
        I don’t like Infamous nor Killzone and played The Last of Us on PS3 not so long ago, fantastic game but not really willing to play it again, even remastered.
        There is nothing really on the PS4 right now, at least for me entirely based on exclusives when it comes to console. This might change soon, but for now, it’s a no-games land.

  12. Considering this is Japan & how low the sales were on almost every single fucking Japanese sales chart, 2 million is pretty damn good.

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