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The Verge Declares The PlayStation Vita The Best Handheld Gaming System

The Verge has gone against the grain and declared Sony’s ill-fated PlayStation Vita as the best handheld gaming system money can currently buy. The PlayStation Vita was put against the Nintendo 3DS, Apple’s iPad Mini, and Google’s Nexus 9. There’s a number of reasons why they opted for the PlayStation Vita including Remote Play, Visuals, Cross Buy, Analogue Buttons, and much more. You can see their verdict in the video which is posted above.

258 thoughts on “The Verge Declares The PlayStation Vita The Best Handheld Gaming System”

    1. Im sorry but this is exactly the kind of news we need here. The full spectrum if you will. Sickr is right to do this. You Nintendo fanboys like to be force fed by the proverbial gaming tit of the whore known as Nintendo. She has sold her loins and digital labia to the casuals

      1. it’s only the opinion of the guys on the verge.
        some people think 3DS is better, some people think vita is beta.
        the church of sasori it’s sentenced to burn and that is the reason why it illuminates.

      2. Sorry Narutard but I’m gay for Nintendo. I won’t be sucking on no Sony tits like the whore she is. I’ll stick to sucking Nintendo dicks. Microsoft’s balls haven’t even dropped yet to get down and dirty with it. Meaning… there isn’t shit exclusive to Microsoft worth actually getting games on it, since it shares its selection of games with the whore we call Sony.

        1. Hey, that is called a plus, when company fucks up and is made by court to offer refunds, that makes Sony a fucking hero.
          If that Donkey Kong twerp wins his case, I will praise Nintendo for paying his medical treatment.

        2. Yea, there were only like 3 three games for the PS3 that could use the Vita’s Remote Play. But now every PS4 game is compatible with Remote Play. And it’s pretty damn awesome.

      3. Lol I love how in your insanely pathetic tirade against a gaming company you also managed to come across as super hateful towards women. You’re like 14, aren’t you?

      4. Biggest Nintendo fan since NES

        I agree with you. The fanboys kill Nintendo cause they blindly swallow every shit Nintendo gives them so we are stuck with no progress whatsoever.
        But I don’t agree with verge. 3ds rules. Vita is a fail

      1. Do you own a Ps vita. I owned a 3ds and sold it because I didn’t play anything so I bought a vita and it is amazing I have put over 500 hours onto one game. (Borderlands 2) So Nintendo fan boy don’t get all pissed because someone has a different opinion than you and don’t hate on something you don’t have.

        1. The nintendo magistrate

          i had a vita and its crap plus i have got borderlands on my pc so fuck you pal ever heard of steam? plus the resolution is better than the console ports.
          Shots Fired!

    2. I have the vita, and yes it does have a couple good games, but what system doesn’t. It is by far not the best system, I would take a tablet over it. Sony themselves basically said they gave up on it, saying no major games will be coming basically Indies.

    3. Well… Vita can be technically superior to the 3ds… but it has a horrible game library in the West. 3DS actual and future games just put it on a shame.

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      You just KNOW Sickr saw this article and sighed, knowing he had to post it and what would come of it.

          1. He used to have a blog dedicated to the Vita, back when it was new. He gave up on it not too long after starting it though, as far as I can remember.

    2. Vita really is an awesome gamimg device but the fact there are NO AAA games coming out for it really does hurt how better it couldve been sold, I have a vita and its been collecting dust for months now and im worry cus I dont even remember where I last left it :-\

      1. I have a Vita too and I was all about it for a few months. The last game I seriously played on it was Akiba’s Trip 2. SAO: Hollow Fragment was a mess.

          1. Freedom Wars is decent. I’m not sure I like it more than Soul Sacrifice, though. Melee combat is clunky – if guns didn’t have ammo I’m sure I would’ve loved it. My favorite thing about Freedom Wars was the graphics/interface…I thought it was really slick.

      2. Vita´s game library is only getting new and great games in Japan (basically, those very-japanese games like rpg´s, strategy and simulation games that doesn´t sell well in the West)

    3. Im sorry but this is exactly the kind of news we need here. The full spectrum if you will. Sickr is right to do this. You Nintendo fanboys like to be force fed by the proverbial gaming tit of the whore known as Nintendo. She has sold her loins and digital labia to the casuals who continue to secrete shovelware into her.. Like glops of mayonnaise on her eggs this never impregnants her with creative ideas to old friends and adventures or new IP’s worth a damn. Meanwhile Iwata sits back and watches this little whole like an industry pimp waiting for the cash cow’s stomach to grow only to save her anus as the comeback kid calling card. Makes me sick if you think about. A red plumber an icon turned to a red stain on a whores tampax (sigh)

      Church or Sasori.
      “Lord Obinna forgive them for they are only men”

        1. You’re right. You’re a Sony fag. You always appear frequently on the articles Sickr posts that focus on Sony products. What makes you such a pussy is how you act like you’re totally fair and balanced even though your posts are deliberately worded to take advantage of any opportunity to parade the Sony devices without looking like you’re doing so. You’re the worst kind of person here.

  1. Remote play available on 3DS for some games, same as PSV. Cross Buy is coming soon. Analog buttons only matter for racers and shoooters. Visuals DON’T make a game/console, and much more? BS.

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      I moaned when I saw the headline. I’m just waiting for the comment section to explode with outrage.

      1. Stanga, N Runs It, Rafael, Nintendo is My Blood, and the countless other White Knight will surely make the comment section something special.

  2. The vita is obviously a superior console in terms of graphics and computing power, but there are hardly any decent games. The 3ds however, has a huge and diverse library of amazing first party games

    1. It’s funny you say that, because the Vita actually has more 75+ rated games on Metacritic than the 3DS. Not that everything below 75 is bad, of course not, I’m just basing my statement on how scores are categorized on Metacritic (0-49, 50-74, 75-100, I believe).
      It’s unfortunately true that the Vita hasn’t been getting a mentionable amount of AAA titles or support from Sony themselves, but it still has quite a few pretty neat games. I do understand that they might not be appealing to everyone, but saying it barely has any decent games is not true.

      1. Vita is dead move on.I wanted it to succed instead of the 3ds but sony fucked it over and over again.Now they focuse on sure money which is ps4 to even care about a fail console.

        1. I’m not sure how that has anything to do with what I’ve said in my comment. Even if the Vita was dead, it still can have a decent library. A console being dead doesn’t eliminate the possibility of it having a variety of good games. The Dreamcast wasn’t exactly a success either, but it still had quite some decent games, no ?

  3. Once again the trolling ‘media’ sides with hardware over software. Am I going to choose a lamborghini over a basic pick up if I live in the desert, because imio, the vita lives in a desert game wise.

    1. Is that you lmao, you look like somebody i know.

      Im going to ham your car and egg your house and then light a bag of shit on fire to see it it’s you.

    2. Ok it’s definitely you then, ok hurry back up to the mexican cartel and get those narcotics. Sickr is patently awaiting his drugs.

        1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

          Yeah I was talking about the fanboys and not the trolls. But I don’t know if Sickr actually likes it. Sure, it gets more comments and page views, but I’m pretty sure he has to read at least some of the comments. He has to actually post this stuff knowing a bunch of losers are going to cry about it in his comment section.

          Maybe I’m wrong (I probably am as a matter of fact) and he just blocks it all out and/or doesn’t care.

    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      i already played the 3ds games that i thought were great. ps vita really does has games that have been released and no body talks like dead or alive 5.

  4. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
    The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
    Animal Crossing
    Pokémon X & Y
    Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire
    Super Smash Bros
    Super Mario 3D Land
    Yoshi’s New Island
    Mario Kart 7
    Luigi’s Mansion
    Tomodachi Life
    Kirby Triple Deluxe
    Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
    Starfox 64 3D
    Kid Icarus Uprising
    And the entire Nintendo DS and Virtual Console Library say “Hello!”

    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      ohhh…just nintendo games…ommm ok…:/
      typically zelda and mario game. animal crossing got soo boring i stopped playing its for almost 2 months ago. kirby is kirby. ok wii ports remakes. pokemon games……ohhhh…ok, kid icarus uprising is alright, didn’t like the 3ds version of smash. yoshi new island received medicore review scores.

    2. “Lord ghost” makes a good point.

      To be fair, that’s not even the best list of 3DS games. Out of all of those, my family owns: Animal Crossing New Leaf, Pokemon Y, Smash Bros, and Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon. There are so many good non-nintendo games on the 3DS, that are just as good (if not better) than a majority of that list. Sure, you’ve got your fun (albeit more family/child oriented games), but the 3DS has a vast variety of RPGs/ strategy games and more story driven titles. The only thing missing is the vast variety of indie games, which the Vita certainly has. If independent developers embraced the 3DS a little bit more, and if we the consumers embraced them [as well], the 3DS would be better BY FAR.

      The 3DS has a lot going for it- not just 1st party games (like Mario, Zelda, Kirby, and the like).

    3. How many of those games came out this year?

      The 3DS hasnt had the same release schedule as it did last year. Which is pretty sad for those of us who had already played all the other games from 2013 and before.

  5. Lol! I sold my Vita despite being a big Sony fan. Just not any good games that I can’t get on my PS3 or somewhere else. 3DS is FARRRRR superior.

        1. You keep this site interesting, you start these fires that get out of control but without you stepping over that line, the rest of the white knight just won’t cross it.

          Plus, we’re way beyond that line, we know your a fanboy already lol

                1. It would probably be a better place if we weeded out a few of you. But Sickr would have to shut down because of the lack of traffic.

                  1. Why? I don’t come here causing trouble and talk shit like Sasori (Lord of whatever the fuck), Aeolus, Anubis, hundreds of “Someone”/”GOD”/”Anonymous” clones and even that hypocrite Hollowgrape. lol

                      1. Wii U. Grand example. Stopped supporting it over not having shitty 3rd party that only makes half assed games to steal your money by seeving crap and the whole “broken Wii U” story isn’t convincing me one bit after saying its good with some drawbacks that isnt 3rd party BS..oh and liking and then disproving Watchdogs a couple of times. I know you sold it to go for the PC. lol

                        1. I didn’t sell my Wii U. I still have it. I told you this last time. I told you I was getting it repaired. I still have Mario Kart 8 and all my other Wii U games. I still have my 3DS and it’s games too. And 4 Amiibo. So nope. That’s not a good enough excuse. It’s called criticism. I can’t criticise Nintendo and still like their games? So again I ask. Why am I a hypocrite?

                            1. I said I hated how Ubisoft downgraded the game and that they really pissed me off. It makes me not want to get it. Because it just doesn’t look the same anymore. But I haven’t played it yet and I can’t make any opinions about it now. If it ever gets decreased in price, I might possibly try it. Watch Dogs doesn’t look like a bad game. But it looks like it could’ve been much better.

                              1. Bullshit. You were talking a shitload of nonsense of Watchdogs being better than etc., praising that its still a good name despite Ubisoft lying about the 2012 model. Don’t even try to make me forget that shit. lol

                                1. No shit. That’s what I just said. It could still be a good game. Even though the E3 version would’ve been better. Lmao.

                                              1. Hollosergrapej said he sold his wii u ‘cuz had to help the family with the debts.
                                                Hollowgrapej is a Hypocrite in extremis

                                                  1. I’m getting it repaired. I’m currently waiting for the shipping label. Then I’ll send it off. I thought I already told you about the “selling it” thing? Or maybe that was Commander… Anyways, the original plan was that my mother was going to sell it. Cause we were going through money issues. I told her about getting it repaired and she didn’t say anything about selling it.. And then I set up an actual repair for it and she still didn’t say anything about selling it. Which makes me think that she possibly changed her mind. I kept saying I “sold” my Wii U because I thought we were going to sell it. You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to. I don’t care anymore. Also, we don’t have internet anymore due to the BS money problems. I’m only here because I’m using my phone and it’s own internet. Which is slow as hell. And my phone is a piece of shit. I hate not having money… >_>

                                                        1. Hollowgrapej: i love my wii u.
                                                          – the wii u is failing
                                                          Hollowgrapej: wii does not have the games i want. xbox one is better
                                                          – xbox one failed
                                                          Hollowgrapej: i never liked the xbox one, i want a ps4
                                                          – the ps4 is doomed
                                                          Hollowgrapej: i want a pc
                                                          – pc gaming is irrelevant
                                                          Hollowgrapej: i love smartphone gaming
                                                          – smartphones are for casuals
                                                          Hollowgrapej: i love the wii u
                                                          the circle repeats itself

                                                              1. I never said that dumbass. If I were a stupid Xbot, I would. But PC gaming to me is a definitive gaming experience. When the fuck did I ever say “PC is irrelevant”? I would say Xbox is irrelevant and pointless because PC is right fucking there with its so called “Xbox exclusive” Halo and Gears which is all they got and practically dead at this point.

                                                                  1. @Hero Cup- If you look at the comment from your email and go to reply, it will take you here and automatically let you reply to the person even if they don’t have the reply button under them.

                                                                      1. I didn’t know how correctly at first, jackass. And if you saw that I quoted something that wasn’t even in your post maybe you should have known it wasn’t directed towards you.

                                                                        1. First of all, dont call me a jackass, jackass. Second, check who you’re replying to before you do and you’re one to talk shit about me quoting over something that doesnt concern me when you’re actually replying to the weong to person THUS making THAT person’s problem yours smartass. Lastly, don’t even try to act smart with me again with this bullshit.

                                                          1. Actually vita tech wise was advance when it came unlike 3ds which have ps2 experiencet.At least vita had ps3, for a handheld its really good.Vita was killed by overpriced sd cards, poor marketing, poor games, smalll sticks.

                                                        2. Don’t get me wrong. The PlayStation is an amazing device, but this guy sounds biased. The 3DS overall is miles better than the Vita. Remember, “games sell consoles”. And that is why the 3DS is CRUSHING the Vita in sales worldwide. Their games are just so much better.

                                                          1. So do you want to tell us why it’s “miles” better then?

                                                            Also, why even cite sales? I’m sure you would say the Wii U is probably the best home console available right now, considering the exclusives available, so why is the opposite true for that platform, which offers more better quality exclusives right now?

                                                            You can’t have it both ways, dude. It’s like sales only matter to you guys if it favors your Nintendo fueled agenda. But when it’s not the case, the excuses start flying.

                                                            1. Because people are stupid.They are hyped for ps4 which xbox one is the same or even better and then they wait for games for it to come because it doesnt have any.

                                                              Now they want to buy a wii u and there at least 3 games they want to get but wait for more because its not worth buying just for 3 games when you can get a ps4 with none right?Also wii u is for kids, thats what make kids go away because they want to be mature….so stupid

                                                        3. I’m a big Nintendo fan and I’m actually quite happy about these news.

                                                          I own a PlayStation Vita alongside my 3DS and I believe it’s a great device that could have gone much further and succeeded a lot more if it hadn’t failed so bad at creating momentum early on.
                                                          Also if Sony cared for it and marketed it as the independent handheld console that it surely is rather than trying to make it seem like a PlayStation 4 extension.

                                                          So I’m glad there are people out there who think it’s the best handheld and are trying to show consumers why. I don’t think I like it more than my 3DS but it’s pretty close :)
                                                          I just really wish there were more publications doing that sort of thing earlier, since it’s very unlikely that it will build any momentum now, specially with Sony not marketing it properly.

                                                          Good luck Vita.

                                                              1. I just cant stand that guy, and his 3 dots.I really want to know if in his school write all sentences with 3 dots at the end.I assume he is a kid to even write like that.

                                                        4. It’s an amazing console and very much a feat in portable gaming hardware, but it’s a shame it didn’t have any amazing software for the longest period of time, and the only quality titles are also available on PS3 or PS4.

                                                        5. Sorry Vita, but the 3DS has already sold way more than your pathetic system worldwide and is already declared best handheld system. This thread is invalid…

                                                        6. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                          The Vergins have officially declared war, their outstanding stupidity will be met with the power of the holy N and my Annihilator Beam…

                                                          Hallowed is the holy N…

                                                        7. In terms of hardware, Vita is better. It just looks and feels amazing. And that screen is very nice. In terms of games though, I would say 3DS. I like the exclusives that it has. I want to get a Vita eventually though because there are a couple of games I want. I’d probably get PS All Stars Battle Royale. Lol.

                                                          1. As long as you don’t play online you’ll be good. Also, in case you haven’t played it, it plays nothing like Smash and its unbalanced as shit, but its fun as hell.

                                                          2. Or you could get a PS3 that has way more games than the Vita, while being around the same price. There’s really no reason to own a Vita. Trust me. I regret that purchase almost immediately. Luckily I got almost all my money back. Also, PSASBR is a very lame Snag rip off. I own it on PS3. It has a boring roster, and even more shallow gameplay. Just my opinion, but all my friends feel the same. Everytime we play it, it’s only to laugh at how c rap it is. It honestly feels like it should’ve been a digital only $5 title. There’s no personality at all, even the menus suck. I don’t know a single person who likes it. Anyone who does has clearly never played Smash. And ALL the PSASBR online community does is spam. I can’t blame them though, the game practically encourages you to do so.

                                                        8. Let’s settle this once and for all. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion, as long as you don’t act like an ass about it and respect other people’s differing opinions, then your opinion is fine. If you prefer the Vita, fine. If you prefer the 3DS, fine. If you prefer Smartphones, fine. If you like a certain gaming company, fine. Just don’t act like a complete tool about it.
                                                          Can we all stop acting like babies about this and just respect their opinion.
                                                          I only own a 3DS, not a Vita, but for those that like the Vita, good for you, just don’t talk trash about the other option.
                                                          Thank You for your time………..

                                                          1. Its more like 3DS owners bashing The Vita, just another typical day, fanboys taking the opinion of another as facts and raging over it.

                                                            1. On The Last Part, I Meant To Type ‘Those that like The Vita, good for you, just don’t talk trash about the other’s opinion and those that like the 3DS, good for you as well, just don’t talk trash about the other’s opinion as well.’ I accidently missed out the 3DS owners not talk trash about Vita owners. I think my statement before that part made it relatively clear…

                                                              1. Oh it clearly is, I was just trying to tell you to save yourself the hassle, these fanboys are hell bent on hating it for no reason. Same can be said for other fanboys though, you just can’t change them.

                                                                1. Yeah…Thanks for that, it actually reminded me that I forgot something. Also, I hate those that don’t respect other’s opinion…

                                                        9. LMAO

                                                          Seriously, Verve?

                                                          While the vita is indeed a powerful system, the 3ds has something the vita doesn’t: games. Well, okay maybe Persona 4 Golden. But other than that, what else does the vita have?

                                                        10. This generation portables + pc are the way to go BUT i have to say that 3Ds>psvita
                                                          Both AMAZING consoles but 3ds win because of the amount of games it has.

                                                        11. PUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I consider myself a bit of a sony fanboy but this it’s utter bullshit. You know what I play on my vita? PS1 and PSP games. And the remote play sucks ass.

                                                          1. ^Couldn’t agree more. I own both vita(slim) and 3ds(xl) the screen for vita is the exact same screen and measurements as my sony experia z1 and the vita itself is awesome, ive tried the non slim and honestly si better built than my slim(feels more fragile) but its not like I’m gonna throw it across the room. That being said tho, the library is not even comparable to the 3ds’ and my game time on my 3ds beats my vita by a landslide. mostly because most of the vita library are just ported version of existing games which I play on my ps3 instead so theres really no point unless you dont have a sony console.

                                                            1. Also, I tried GoW ps3 remote play.. WORST idea ever. choppy connection which stops mid gameplay unless you sitting infront of the console (which is pointless unless someone else is using the TV) and the fact that ps3/ps4 games rely on L2 & R2 buttons makes it terrible, forcing you to use the reacharound pad which does not work efficiently at all. especially during QTEs. That and the picture quality gets de-res’d hardcore.

                                                        12. I’ve had three Vita’s. If you would like a hand held that sits on your desk looking pretty that takes no time to maintain, then yes it’s a great hand held. However, if you like to play games on them, then the Verge needs to wake up. The Vita comes in under my iPad/IPod Touch 5th Gen and Android phone for fun..

                                                        13. Finally a site that agrees about the psvita ,and how awesome it is.
                                                          Dont worry Iown both the psvita 1000, the psvita slim,pstv, 3ds and the 3ds xl, and will soon own the new 3ds xl

                                                          but i enjoy playing vita games more since i own over 68 retail copies of vita games and only 19 copies of 3ds games

                                                          I’m a fan of monster hunter and and the MH clones on vita are just amazing if not sometimes better for example toukiden is faster paced

                                                          and freedom wars has beautiful visuals and awesome combat

                                                          i will be picking up the collectors edition for monster hunter 4 on 3ds next year of course :)

                                                          1. I bought my Vita for Toukiden, immediately switched back to 3U. The game was alright, but nothing like a REAL Monster Hunter.

                                                        14. so how is p vita better than the 3ds? are the memory cards for vita cheap? no, can you play smash bros, not the semi rip-off version, the official smash bros on vita? no, can you play any nintendo games on vita officially? nope. i have nothing against vita but vita is still expensive compared to the 3ds xl and the xl is cheaper, uses sd cards, not proprietary memory cards, true that the 3ds is inferior to vita in terms of graphics but that isnt what makes handhelds great, it helps but the main point, its quality of the games, not quantity. am i saying the 3ds is better than vita? only in value and i do plan on getting the vita but that will be in the future.

                                                          1. Pretty stupid reasons:

                                                            For 1) Nintendo properties are Nintendo properties, you could also say that the 3DS can’t play Uncharted, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, or Wipeout. Stupid reasoning is stupid.

                                                            2) the 3DS XL is $199.99, the New LCD Vita is $199.99.

                                                            3) Yes; the Vita MC are rediculously expensive. That one I give you.

                                                            4) you don’t buy the Vita for that “smash rip off” and if your using a 2 year old game to prove your point, then you have nothing to stand on.

                                                            They both offer a different experience, and I’m pretty sure a different site will side with the 3DS, iPad or the Nexus. This one just so happened to like the Vita better.

                                                          2. First, Vita has a much more high-quality build. The 3ds is plastic. Second, the PS all star is a ripoff, but if you think about it, where did Android come from (looking at you Samsung)? Ford was the original car company to create the wheel and now… (lists 1000 other brands).

                                                        15. i couldnt get into smash bros on the 3ds to tell you the truth, i unlocked everything within the first 6 hours :( and most of my friends skipped smash bros on 3ds because they didnt seem interested in it

                                                          but playstation allstars battle royale is just as fun on psvita :)

                                                          yes i agree the memory cards are expensive on psvita and you run out of memory quickly because of how big the digital games are i own (8gb,16gb,32gb, and currently importing a 64gb memory)

                                                          but thats fine if you dont mind the cost, i dont mind, i do work for it… but thats my own fault, non gamers would say waste of money, id say I agree but Im a collector and always see myself playing the psvita over any other handheld or console, i do play console games when my friends want to play something

                                                          i however dont own an xbox 1 lol, im fine with my pc and ps4

                                                        16. Actually I think the Vita is better than the 3Ds. Better design, hardware and better to hold. 3Ds just has the games I want.

                                                        17. Tech aspect wise i agree the vita is quite good but when it comes to games…. Yeah we know which console has the better games no amount of Persona, Graphics or analogs is going to save the vita since people want good games not hardware aspects the 3DS has a way better library of games while the vita… Well… Um?…. Well there is Persona 4 on the vita… Yeah that’s not going to save this console anytime Soon and sony will be wasting money trying to save it

                                                        18. Obvious bias. It’s plain as day that the 3DS is the best (software wise anyway) but this still doesn’t count as Nintendo news does it?

                                                        19. Hello all, I’m from the verge. I am a huge fanboy and. The reason I declared the vita as the best handheld was from the power stand point but also to raise awareness to let people know that the vita is superior in every way. There are just ZERO games for it worth playing and none coming that could have been made on the turbo graphics 16…… So wait what am I saying ? Who am I trying to kid ? The Vita is a flat peice of shit which has no support from any developer worth a damn including Sony … The vita will be dead in about a year while the 3ds will probably get another upgrade … Is it to late to retract my story ???? I’m just gonna put my tail between my legs and quietly walk away to my lonely corner and cry at my realization :(

                                                        20. This site needs to be renamed My Nintendo Troll-Bait News ( for Sony and Microsoft lovers ) !!! This is yet another Negative Nintendo News article from a irrelevant source ( and by the way The 3DS is wiping the floor with the Vita, and that’s not gonna change ) ….. If you want to be a general video game news site, that’s fine, just rename your site and do it … It seems you are more interested in troll baiting, so you can get a bunch of immature ( Non-Nintendo fans ) to write nasty and derogatory comments about Nintendo and Nintendo Fans …. It’s too bad, because when you write ACTUAL NINTENDO NEWS, you do some pretty good articles… NINTENDO WORLD REPORT is Closer to what an actual Nintendo News Site should look like …..

                                                        21. Fuck The Verge. Nintendo 3DS is the #1 portable game system this generation. And when next year comes, the New Nintendo 3DS will reign supreme!

                                                          1. Guys. The reviewer was probably one guy out of a few hundred people who could have said the 3ds is better. It’s a freaking opinion. No wonder you members(?) always go to war with the Sasori Church. And Anubis. And Iceazeama. And Sony Commander Someone. And at least 10 others.

                                                        22. One group or people/person thinks its good and all you Sony fans get wet and actually think it matters or that Nintendo fans will really care or take it serious? Lmfao you must be smoking crack

                                                        23. I own both 3DS and Vita and prefer my 3DS ’cause it has way more great games, but the Vita is legit, it was my first Sony system ( I know, I’m weird, starting to play on Sony systems with the unloved Vita… ) and it made me catch up on a lot of Sony classics and introduced me well to the company.
                                                          Not better than 3DS, that’s for sure, but a great system for me nonetheless.

                                                        24. Specs wise ? Yes, it does (Althou its far far behind the Nexus 9 or iPad)
                                                          Gaming wise ? No, impossible, it has one of the worst gaming libraries ive ever seen, i cant remember the last time i play a game on it, ita horrible

                                                        25. Pingback: PS Vita: secondo è la miglior console portatile |


                                                          Oh yeah another My Playstation News news… I think it’s a way for The Verge to Suck Up to Sony who has the better profile than Nintendo when it comes to gamers now. Other than that, why did they come up with this now?

                                                          Another click bait when there are other newsworthy Nintendo news out there…

                                                            1. Here’s my 2 cents, there aren’t as many great games on the vita. The vita, doesn’t really feel like a handheld, it feels like a game console that just happens to be portable, I know how insane that sounds, but it’s just how I feel about it.

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                                                        28. Vita has more games than 3DS (908 > 603), yet the other system sells more AND had more time after release. Why is SONY not taking advantage of this? It has more games than PS4 (406) and PS4 outsells it by almost half it’s units close to 20 Million. How do they make any money? If any at all? They need to start heavy advertising and taking advange of what they HAVE, and stop worrying so much about PS4; it seems to be taking care of itself. In fact the PS VITA has more games than all the other portables and consoles, but not combined. (Vita: 908, Wii U: 457, PS4: 406, XBOX ONE: 325, 3DS: 603) Why is SONY ignore this and never try to make it better? It would sell equally or better to PS4 if they did.

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