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The Game Awards: Smash Bros Wii U Wins Best Fighting Game, Mario Kart 8 Wins Best Racing Game

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has been deemed Best Fighting Game of 2014 at The Game Awards. In addition, the awards show has named Mario Kart 8 Best Sports/Racing Game of the year. The Game Awards 2014 is currently taking place in Las Vegas, and it’s also being livestreamed online. On behalf of Nintendo, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime appeared at the event to accept the company’s awards and thanked those who recognized the Wii U-exclusive games.

35 thoughts on “The Game Awards: Smash Bros Wii U Wins Best Fighting Game, Mario Kart 8 Wins Best Racing Game”

    1. Bayonetta 2 still should have been the Game of the year. So much deeper than DA: Inquisition. Platinum did a great job with it. Too sad, those awards are only based on popularity instad of real quality…

  1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

    Nintendo also won Best Developer. There should be a World Premiere by them tonight. Geoff seemed pretty excited and seemed to hint it wouldn’t be a disappointment like DK:TF. I’m staying up to watch it.

      1. IMO return was better cus it was hard and the bosses were pretty fun not saying TF was bad, it was pretty good too..

  2. Guy: How do you feel about your current position with wii u?

    Reggie: I’m confortable with our current position with our thumbs up are asses.

  3. Well deserved awards.

    It’d be nice then that people would start removing their heads from their butts and get a Wii U.

  4. I’ll spare you guys from my thoughts about Smash Bros being a fighting game…but seriously: they gave it two slots?

  5. Actually Mario Kart 8 won best Sports/Racing game. It beat out other Sports games like Fifa as well as the racers.

    Smash Bros winning the best Fighting Game is awesome too!

    Nintendo winning best developer is ALMOST the icing on the cake for the award show. Just wish Bayonetta 2 won GOTY ;/

    Other than that, the awards were actually really good and the games were MUCH more deserving than they were in the past where games like Call of Duty could win -_-

  6. I found the Game Awards to be pretty good. Lots of cool games coming out in 2015 , You can tell some are still in development (Early).

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