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The Game Awards: Nintendo Reveals All-New Footage Of Mario Maker

Nintendo has revealed brand-new footage of Mario Maker at The Game Awards 2014, which opened with a performance of the Super Mario Bros. theme song by Nintendo composer Koji Kondo. Mario Maker is due for a release in 2015, 30 years after the original Super Mario Bros. game debuted in 1985. The upcoming game allows players to change the look of levels to a number of classic styles from the Super Mario series.

132 thoughts on “The Game Awards: Nintendo Reveals All-New Footage Of Mario Maker”

    1. This has got to be Nintendo worst mistake, where the fuck is zelda u, xenobkade. They did blow it, but you know there’s always a chance of them revealing it at the end. But it is trully saddening, gmreat piano playing from koji

        1. no i had no hopes, this honestly succeeded my expectations. I thought they were going to announce that captain retarded toad came out today. By the way stop with your retarded damage control, you would murder your family to damage control for nintendo.

            1. i never have any expectations for nintendo, there like a poor lost child who always fails at finding mom (knowing how to run things) No scratch that, a lost child would come up with way more new games and wouldn’t just head for the diary ill everytime like the retarded lost child ( which is nintendo).

          1. lol I forgot about the show altogether and that Nintendo had a big announcement so I wasn’t disappointed at all, just happy to know I can use Mario 1 3 & World for Mario Maker. If you were waiting and hoping for something big though I could see the disappointment lol.

            1. isn’t it funny how when they showed new super mario bros style the game looked boring and stale but when they showed like mario 3, the game looked better, more fun and not copy and paste lame garbage? It tells you alot on how much better retro mario was.

              1. Retro Mario 2D destroys New 2D Mario lol. Not even a comparison. I can probably map out Mario 3 & World based off memory easily, whereas any of the new ones I couldn’t cause they are very forgettable and much of the same. I would say the same about Mario 1 and 2 being memorable but with all the warping and such it gets a little fuzzy :p

                1. mario 3 was amazing, and the maps were definitely awesome. That was one of the games of my childhood. It’s my favorite 2d mario, actually the original yoshis island would be , but that’s a yoshi game/

                    1. yeah i know fucking pussies. This is what i said.

                      Holy sht you have played this a lot. I only have like 38 unlocked. The thing about the game that sucks is the modes, classic is awful, so is some others. If it wasn’t for multiplayer i never ever could play some of these modes for how awful they are. We need dlc bad for this game, add like a adventure mode and stuff. I don’t even want another smash, all they need to do is keep adding dlc.

                      That’s what i said…….. pussyverse. Im 20 and your 30 but whatever i guess we’re to young for this shit lmao.

                      Whatever what’s been up? Me IDK weird period, lots of thought not as much action, crossroads.blah……. annoying. To much like im kicking myself because like a year ago i could have went out with a really hot girl, i over heard a girl saying that she liked me, really close to me i think it was obvius it was intended for me to hear, i also liked her. Though i quit school and that was the last of it. who knows i could be dating her right now if it worked out and before that was another girl, which was hot and she liked me, same thing yet i quit school and after you miss so many days you couldn’t go back, so it didn’t get anywhere because i lost all touch with them and really had no way to start it up.

                      I came to the realization that im fucking retarded. That’s been my last month or so, all that that shit and trying to figure out what my future is. Not to exciting, pretty tortures. lmao you had to of had a better month or so, music has been doing the most thinking for me.

                      1. Wow that’s all you said? Sht and sucks are the only two words and you left out the “i” in shit, and sucks isn’t even a pg-13 word. They’re so dumb lol. And yea I played it quite a bit, I beat all the events and co-op events on hard too. Glad it’s over so I can just play multiplayer lol. Some of the challenges are hell like all star on hard with everyone.

                        I’ve been in a weird mood lately too. I’m tired of my job, and so I think I’m gonna go try a nursing program my brother did that takes a year or a firefighter program my friend did that takes a little less. My job is mad easy, but I work 6 nights a week and a double twice a week so I practically live there and I make enough to pay bills and stuff and save but I gotta watch my money and would like to be able to go on a nice vacation here and there and have vacation time and all the good stuff. My brother is already making like $20 an hour, he only works like 2-3 nights a week but even with 2 nights he makes more than I do. The school part is what scares me cause both programs are intense and I haven’t been in school for 10 years. Gotta face that fear though lol cause time flies by. I get sick thinking about all the studying and cramming the nurse program requires lol. Trying to figure out my future too and I’m 10 years older than you so don’t worry lol you have plenty of time, I do too even though it doesn’t feel like it. I’ve just been at the same job for 5 and a half years so it’s like home, I’m scared to leave as much as I hate it. But I can’t stay here forever having no life and working so much for not that much. Maybe take a random vacation somewhere you think would give you some personal time to reflect and get some insight on what you might wanna do? I might take a trip to seattle this summer if I don’t switch jobs and choose to go to school (the job I have now is perfect for going to school cause I can study there most days).

                        That sucks about you and the girls, but there will be more. At least you know you’re attractive enough to have girls interested, so you can pull some chickas lol. I’ve been in a funky mood off and on over what I’m gonna do and I’ve tried to put it off for awhile but I can’t anymore lol. I have to come up with a plan. I’ve been doing good other than that though.

                        1. Yeah i know, and it’s mostly my fucking fault for letting them fucking go. I had them lmao, they were 100% answers. I can tell i matured later than many others, i’m starting to not look like a kid anymore and my thoughts are definitely deeper and everything. If i dress nice, even if i don’t like it i really feel i get a lot of attention, Girls are so fucking dumb we have to be gay and preppy for them to really dig us, maybe it’s lust us. I had a disadvantage in early high school in 9th grade i was like 75 pounds lmao and when i look back i was a fucking little kid in school. Even then there was a few hot girls who liked me, Later high school to now is different and better, but like you said im not in places to meet them well. The bar life i guess is for quick pick ups but those most likely don’t get anywhere after. Its pretty obvious what the intentions would be.

                          I’m really just dumb in the end, i screwed up awesome chances. I realized that you don’t get that many clear signs at a easy yes than now. We have to do all the work and the signs are not that easy so you never truly know. The thing is you have to make connections and get to know them somewhat before you make moves, or else it’s going to be bad and awkaward or a no, unless you find a skank that just wants your dick lmao. Skanks let me tell you. lmao.

                          1. Sorry for the late responses by the way, I don’t wanna just respond halfassed and also on my Wii U after a certain amount of responses I can only go so far in my archive to find old messages.

                            Dumb mistakes happen with girls, but at least you are a little more knowledgeable in that area. Maturing late isn’t bad, you’re already more mature in some ways than friends I have that are 29. They don’t think too deeply about anything and just go downtown to get drunk and try and hook up with dumb young girls. I would rather sleep with a few girls in my life that actually meant something and have something deep with them then have a high “score” on how many dumb chicks I’ve slept with. Sex with a girl who is just cute but dumb as hell doesn’t interest me. If I can’t connect with you than I’m not interested.

                            Yea a lot of girls like the clean cut look. Society and social media kinda sets the standard on how guys and girls should be and sadly a lot of people buy into it, especially girls cause society expects too much from girls. And so many asshole guys fuck nice girls in the head and ruin them for a few years. Some guys just don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything and sleep with whoever, and there’s girls who will even support guys like this cause they wanna fit in.

                            75 pounds damn lol I thought I was skinny. I’m about 113 now, but I really wanna start eating healthy and put on at least 20 pounds. It’s hard with fast metabolisms though. And it’s expensive to eat right lol. I’m talking to some friends and trying to come up with a good everyday diet that’s healthy and affordable.

                            Yea bar life is not the way to go at all for chicks, just like you said it’s not leading anywhere past the bedroom. The problem I find is, where the fuck else do I meet girls? I don’t feel like going and sitting at starbucks or a bookstore waiting on girls like some creeper lol. Parties maybe, but my friends throw the same boring parties with the same people so that’s a no go. I’ve been told to try or other dating sites but I don’t know about it lol just seems weird to me.

                            Girls definitely have some kind of map we are supposed to figure out, but it’s not so easy cause they can change the map on the fly lol. I’m not too worried about it though, I know my time will come when I meet some cool ass chick that makes me forget everything before. It happened already and it will happen again.


                          2. Actually now that i remember it a few months ago there was another hot girl in a class i had. That one maybe could have taken off but it was a class where people would leave and go and they would fucking place you and you were stuck and of course she stopped going, probably was fuck this, like me. Stupid class……… yet though i didn’t have a 100% answer if she truly liked me but i was thinking it was clear, every time i looked at her she gave me the deepest damn gazes directly into my eyes. probably happened like 10 times. Pretty clear, unless of course of she was a psychopath lmao. Then of course the laughing stuff that wasn’t that funny…… girls are usually not that straight forward. Well besides at laughing. They always play fucking really retarded games and if you don’t pick up they get mad. The rest is all our work.

                            Shit luck mainly me being stupid. Yeah latley hardly played any games it’s just been multiplayer in smash. Which is funny, a lot of inside jokes.

                            1. Nothing like having a girl stare into your soul lol. Sounds like the class was a rip. If she was staring at you that’s definitely a good sign. Yea girls are quite confusing, and it’s not easy to read them at all usually. I don’t see enough at my job to even really say much lol. My job is total isolation most days just me by myself. A lot of time to think about stuff, it kinda makes you crazy lol. Another reason I want to leave. I want more human interaction, even being a cashier. I actually like cashiering, if it paid well I would have no problem going back to that. Even assholes don’t bother me cause I just squeeze their grapes or something like that when I play them in the bags back in the day when I used to work at wal mart lol. Or I’ll act like I’m a little stupid and purposely fuck up to slow them down in a way where it looks like I’m just not sure what to do even if I actually do so my bosses couldn’t say anything.

                              Yea shit luck comes around, nothing you can do, and we all make stupid decisions every day lol. I like to think even the dumb decisions lead us to where we’re meant to be. But we’ll see when we get there wherever that is lol.

                              1. Yeah my mom is a nurse, she just got in, it’s a lot of work, the school the job can be stressful depending on the situation but the hours are great. She already makes 30$ an hour and this is her first real job lmo. She had to work new years and was almost making 70$ an hour for time and a half and you don’t need to work all the time like shitty dead beat jobs make you. She already makes more than my dad who has been working all his life lmao.

                                I even if i would hate being that guy nurse girls like them usually, so that’s a plus. my mom always tells me how awesome they are lmao. Girls as you get older like that shit. 25 and up i think, young girls like to be treated like shit though. I wouldn’t judge you if you a male nurse, if i personally knew you i would give you jabs though lmao.

                                You might not be to happy about your job and your not homeless anymore so who cares, got some roomates, can live there in a house and so on. Not to bad, life is a struggle, at least your getting by. You seem cool as a person that to me is more important than anything and like you said you can always try to make things better. My mom is 48 or something lmao and she is now a nurse, so you time to figure things out. She had to take care of me when i was younger so that’s why my dad is still here lmao and why she just now is working, it takes a while to get there, studying. easier said than done but i think your in a better place than me, as far as i know.

                                In 10 years i would feel lucky to be in your place, i really can’t see much going on. I don’t see your place as bad, maybe you do who knows but from what you told me i don’t. My uncle just got his life in track like 5 years ago, i think he was on meth, almost died form it and he lived with his mom lmao, or random trashy girlfriends, all over the place. he took till like 46 or so to get stable, where your at is a lot better than he was. Before the major drug shit i think he was more where your at, but im not sure, i think he might have always did stuff but just not to a really bad extent. I was really young so i don’t know where he was really at. I’m not against drugs but im also smart about them, know never to do some. I want more bliss than shit, no meth crack, you catch the drift.

                                My grammar and writing is probably really bad, im just going to one subject to the other so hopefully it’s not to bad.

                                1. Thanks a lot man that does help reading that. It’s nice to know people older than me are just getting things going. I just get worried cause this day and age is so fast-paced that you don’t know whats happening. I just went to the doctors this week to have a check up since it’s been a few years and ended up passing out when they tried to draw blood lol so I guess being a nurse is out. I went back thursday and they were able to get my blood. I know I’ve come a long way but I’m surrounded by friends who have parents who do so much for them and so even though I earned all my stuff and worked for it I still feel like I’m behind everyone even though I’m more mature in a lot of ways. But it’s nice to be reminded that I did what I did. That’s really cool about your mom starting up as a nurse at that age, congrats to her for that and I hope it works out great. Sucks about your uncle’s drug problems, but again it’s helpful to know someone with issues like that can turn their life around as well. And yea you don’t really catch what goes on as a kid lol. Family members could have been getting high right in your face and saying it was cigarettes and you might have no clue lol. Smart choice on staying off the harder drugs. It’s not worth the risk. As I’ve said I’ve tried some and they may be fun but nowhere near fun enough and I’m glad I never stuck with them. A life that revolves only on drugs is sad. $30 an hour by the way is pretty sweet lol for your mom. Sorry by the way if I bounce around in my responses lol.

                                  Yea some girls definitely like the assholes who treat them like shit. It’s so dumb that they fall for it. Being an asshole takes no skill or effort. It takes far more to put up with people that might suck and still be a decent person. And those assholes usually are pathetic and need someone to do everything for them, and aren’t close to being as manly as the girls think they are. Usually those girls had bad fathers though.

                                  Oh and I would totally be cool with you making fun of me for being a male nurse lol. I love joking around with my friends about things like that. What’s the point of friends you can’t even joke with :P

                                  1. Hey, how have you been? I know that this was posted a while back but whatever. I think it’s the best to not rely on parents if so or even if your parents just dont help like others do. It says a lot about yourself but at the same time you could severely be struggling and nobody will care that the guy above you is having his parents do most the work because they dont care to see the whole picture. Pretty retarded. My sister is 25, has a kid lives at home. Shes getting married to her boyfriend who can’t afford to move out of his parents house in june. They most likely be living in there parents basement for a short while and they will be married, lmao! College is the biggest scam, he got a business degree, yet after all that He got stuck at a phone place…… and has shit ton of bills to pay and cant afford a house. Today is just so fucking hard to get a anywhere. So your really not doing to bad, They’re heavily relying on both of their parents and he’s almost as old as you. So many people are struggling today. Im having a hard time seeing where ill be in the future, doesnt seem to well, I have no idea where to even start or where ill get.

                                    As for drugs, molly, lsd is the stuff that I want to do but I really dont trust people, if I knew somebody close and they said its legit, nothing else inside I would done both of those but its said you never know whsts in them, so getting them from non buddies is a no for me. I already have smoked off of people that I hardly knew and it had crack in it. My lips were numb as fuck, my face, mouth everything, not to mention I felt like complete shit after it, weed does not give hangovers. On acid my mind would have to mentally be in a good place when im doing it, I would have to do it with people I trust and very close to and be in a good place because if you got none if those im pretty sjre I would have a bad experience instead of the greatness it offers people. weed alone often results in pannic attacks and often times its when not in a confortable place. Many people dont get panic attacks on weed but once they do they usually stay off it for a while. If I got them through somebody I trust, pure lsd, I would prepare everything before. The mind is powerful, have to prepare or else I believe I would get a bad trip. It would be nice to no somebody that wasnt a douche who liked this stuff. My friends dont do anything, its more aqaintences ive done drugs with which sucks in my lsd case and overall trusting people I dont know well. Oh yeah those girls who give you that look are usually bad relationship material. Its rare to see those I want you eyes and i will make it clear again and again from across the room over you know regular eye contact stares and interest from girls. There defenetly different.

                                    BTW how long were you homeless? Did you jump from friend to friend, to relative or were you actually in the streets most of the time?

                                    1. What up good sir, I can’t read everything and respond right now cause I’m exhausted lol. I went to a show thursday night to see above and beyond and other electronic groups that went from 10pm til 5am, and yesterday I went to another event from 5 till midnight. Danced and danced, my god they killed it with the beats lol. Rolled my face off, smoked out a bunch of random people. and just had an awesome time with my friends. Now I have to work lol really wish I could just sleep but man it was worth it. If you ever get to south florida I’ll give you good legit stuff, I test my stuff and so does my dealer so we know what we have, plus I have been taking his stuff here and there for the past 2 years and it’s always tested so I trust him. In the mean time, check out Die Antwoord. They are a south african rap rave group, and they were also in the movie CHAPPiE (which was such a good movie and far deeper than the average person will realize).

                                      1. Dude that artist is fucked up, like the videos. Cant say there not entertaining though. Sounds like it could be good party music. More crazy though, if its a lame party it wont feel like it would fit.

                                        1. Yea they are pretty nuts lol. And don’t give a fuck, I like that lol. They have a lot of videos, can’t remember which one I sent you but yea they have some crazy stuff. Fatty Boom Boom is one of their controversial ones, it’s pretty much slamming interscope records for trying to buy them and change them, and lady gaga for trying to get them to open for her in an insulting way, and against the current state of rap and music and how it’s all become the same. I like how the music in the background flows with the lyrics and vice versa. A lot more going on musically than most rap, which is why I can actually listen to it a lot. Even old good rap had pretty simple beats and such. Their stuff is all over the place too which I love. It’s definitely more for the rave crowd I would say then the rap crowd. the rap crowd is trash though and don’t really know good music. They just listen to whatever the radio feeds them, then complain it’s trash and raps not what it used to be, but then they’ll be in the club every weekend jamming to this BS and having it play on their radio, and even watching music video channels of this trash they complain about. Rap as a whole community has become a joke sadly. Sure there are some out there who have good taste, but a lot of them have just given up.

                                          1. Yeah now days music for the most part is freaking terrible, especially rap. Im not even to big on rap but the old school shit im usually down.
                                            Slim Shady EP -Full Album- 1997 – YouTube

                                            Even eminem very old shit I like the best, this is what got him discovered and where all is heart sweat in tears went into, once it failed to do anything he tried to commit suicide but failed then he got discovered by doc. dre and the slim shady lp came out, all the songs redone on lp are worse than ep. Like ruined the feeling of them. Yeah but todays music is awful, especially the shit on the radio that dumbasses suck up…… todays generation is so retarded, they have less of a head and ounce of themselves just go what the tv and style says to do. Damn makes me wish it was the 80s or something. Last good years were early 2000s, now swagfag and douchebags city with a hint if nothing good like music and society lmao. Yeah its just going to get worse sadly. Hopefully not but kinda sucks growing up in this time. Could be better but whatever.

                                          2. I was homeless for about a year I’d say, first living in a car, then my car got towed one day and I coudlnt afford to get it back so it got crushed lol. I’d say a few months on the streets and then couch hopping.

                                            1. Lmao, sounds like funny shit to me, what shitty luck. Yeah thanks for towing my house bitch!

                                            2. Yea relying on your parents is not good. For a while I felt resent for not getting the help I needed but my parents live in PA and I am in florida and they have to take care of themselves and my little sisters. I finally grew out of it and have actually been torn between staying here with all my friends and life or going up and helping my family, which I don’t know if I would be able to do anyway cause they live in a small town and I might not be able to get a job and just become another mouth to feed. I’m being more positive these days, one day at a time. Any plans for you to come to south florida anytime?

                                              As for drugs, yea set and setting are extremely important, especially for first time and new users. I’ve had bad trips with people I barely know cause some of them were sketch. I ended up catching a bus all the way back home lol like a 45 minute ride. Cool trustworthy people that won’t judge you and will actually be there for you to comfort you if shit gets real are the best people to have around. If you are interested check this site out, it has drug testing kits so you can test your drugs to see what is in them. That’s what I do with all my ecstacy/molly (same thing, common misconception they are different. Molly is just SUPPOSED to be pure MDMA although it’s cut these days, or it’s just methylone, a drug that is cheaper and gives similar feelings but lacks the true empathy and push that makes ex so special.) My ex dealer has 3 test kits that he uses to. I’ve been going to him for like a year and a half maybe two and a half years now and am cool with him now. He loves me cause all his normal friends and clients always want to get fronted where as I always pay first in cash so he’s not waiting on being paid back. Man every time we have this conversation I just wish you were here or I was by you so I could give you a proper first experience lol.

                                              1. Yeah that really explains most of my bad trips, very sketchy people that I hardly knew I smoke off or just met. Thats just weed too, any harder shit I did by myself or didnt tell anyone. Though like I said some of the shit had to been laced because weed doesnt make you feel like that. dunbass sketchy kids, one guy always talked about seeing shit and other people were like yo wtf you smoking, im thinking idk lmao but its not just weed because he always hits me up. So anything pills like I dont know or if I run into somebody with them im very unwilling to take it, weed whatever but pills wtf else is in them. Yeah trustful people are a must, so is setting, I wish a few days back I had anyone around, it was very early in the morning and I was bored, kinda felt like shit, then im like I wonder what would happen if I took a bunch of benedryl….. lmao. fuck that shit, fuck it, I just took a handful too, who knows how much I even took. All I know is it most likely was around 20 and its not enough to die, around 500 600 mg im guessing what it was. I was like yeah this is dumb….. I almost took like 10 more because nothing even happened, just felt floaty, glad I didn’t because shit really hits you like a train and when it hit it wasn’t nice. Biggest regret even taking the shit, but more not having anyone watch me. For a second I thought I was dying, panic attack, 3 short ones, I calmed myself down each time but not being able to stand, walk even talk isnt fun. They say when you start hulicinating you dont even know whats real, unlike acid, you know its just the drug. Thanfully I found a safe heaven, it was face down at the end of my parents bed, no more not being able to walk, no more horrible shaking no more panic but everytime I got up it returned. Usually you apparently fall asleep, thats where I probably missed all the fucked up hallucinations, though I got one, I got up to go to the bathroom and saw my mom on the bed, I faceplanted when I got back, then looked up she wasnt there, like wtf! It was like real life. If I wasn’t laying down like that im pretty sure my family would have noticed I was tripping balls. Because I know they were talking to me and I was muttering my words, they couldn’t come out. They were asking what I was doing to, lmao. I wonder if I overdosed because like 8 hours later I still could hardly talk but at least I could get some slow speach out. Yeah be warned, people say its retarded and a bad experience, I was bored though lmao. Im probably lucky I found that safe heaven or got to it, picture walking but slowly falling to your knees then stomach, not able to get up.

                                              2. Funny you live in south Florida ive been to idk what it pinita springs or some shit, very close to the coast. Ive always though of just going down there but im out of a job, broke, and wouldnt be able to get anywhere, up north sucks balls I hardly give a rats ass about anything here anymore, just a select few people are keeping me around. Funny how you live in south florida, we could maybe meet one day if im ever down there. Like I said whats keeping me from backbacking is medical shit but by the coast cleared my shit up well, like you kidding me I was thinking. If I knew 1 other person who would be down to travel around, I might pick up and do it. Big place would be florida, near coast because it was good for me and if we were poor as fuck, with not much money I could live there for a while. Other places id might be miserable without all the products I use just to be confortable in a day. Dont know if I could even last but there was always my thought since I went there. summers are usually tough fir me, there it wasnt….. ocean air and everything really is good. If I ever even visited, I have no clue if we would even meet, especially if im down there with family. I have no clue if id ever be back there even but funny enough you live south. I know you here but not in person, so drugs with you right away might be a fuck up. Though I trust your products unlike all the retarded fucktards up here I barely know. That and you really seem logical and not retarded. Hard to find normalish people that mess with drugs, unless its just weed. For me anyway, I knew a few people in high school that I would defenetly hit shit up with. Sadly though we’re not close, were just aqaintences. The rest are fuck ups….. or pathetic addicts, they suck.

                                  2. Same. I never expected anything HUGE. Not at the game awards. I’m surprised Nintendo was even there. So anything from them was good for me.

                                  3. Honestly, it’s not like Xbox or play station were doing any thing, I did not even realize it was tonight. Still, I think this is more a big game then people realize.

                                1. No. Everyone expecting a huge announcement from Nintendo at the game awards is “pathetic”. Nintendo only does things like that in Directs and shows like E3.

                              1. I bet it’s reggie eating shit off the floor. “see this im demonstrating what our fans do” They love to take it like the bitches they’re though. HUHHH do we hate outr fans. gosh our wii u sucks.

                            2. I LOVE seeing retro 8-bit NES style games making a comeback on Wii U. I just bought NES Remix Pack at Target. I wish there were more games like this.

                              However……as cool as this Mario Maker game is, what’s the real point? I know you design your own Mario stages. But then what? Is there any actual game withing this? Like a story? Did Bowser kidnap Peach again? I just don’t see any point in designing a stage, and that’s it. There MUST be more to this game.

                              1. I doubt there is a story. From what I’ve seen/heard/read, the whole point of the game is to make your own courses and uploading them so that your family, friends and everyone gets to play them… Which is why I say the game looks great, but not as a $60 game :P

                            3. The awards show sucks anyway. Showing some horrible looking clips and people yell and clap like if it’s a big deal. Lml

                              1. haha yeah right? It’s probably better than last year. I remember watching like 5 mins and 5 mins after my epic facepalm moment of knowing nintendo will always be a fail (kranky kong announcement) Nintendo really needs to fix there shit……. the thing is though the wiitards keep eating it. Obviously a bunch of 5 year olds.

                                Sad nintendo used to be great. Now they will have a few good games and nothing else, just fail worse than the angry fanboys on mynintendonews. It’s pretty bad that you 100% expect them to fail. that just tells you how bad and out of touch a company is doing.

                                Yet nintendo fans, i mean the wiitards damage control and aknoledge how shitty the company is without knowing it, like last year they were cheering the cranky kong announcment lmao!!!!

                                Nintendo is so screwed.

                                            1. No, you criticize Nintendo, AND its fans, over the STUPIDEST reasons you can find, and try to PASS IT OFF as legitimate criticism.
                                              For instance, most of your time here has been spend agreeing with Ice, a known troll and basher of EVERYTHING Nintendo regardless of what it is.
                                              You’ve also made idiotic quotes like “I’m watching this now and this is really fucking boring” and “If Nintendo keeps on doing this they’re gonna die off eventually”, which offers nothing constructive and only serves to provoke negative responses.

                                              Let me be perfectly frank:
                                              YOU. ARE. A. FUCKING. TROLL.
                                              You are NOT giving legitimate criticism; you’re running your mouth off for the sake of getting NEGATIVE ATTENTION from Nintendo fans who come here for the sake of enjoying something they love.
                                              You and Ice both need to stop coming here.

                                              I will not go about blaming Nintendo for YOUR stupidity and lack of the ability to reasonably express negative opinions in a fair and balanced fashion.
                                              YOU decided to troll.
                                              YOU decided to bash with no constructive criticism.
                                              And YOU decided to pass off anyone calling you out on your bullshit as nothing but “fanboys”, because you know THEY’RE RIGHT ABOUT YOUR BEHAVIOR.
                                              So I will stick to blaming the source of your stupidity.
                                              And it’s not Nintendo.
                                              It’s YOU, and your desire to troll like a CHILD.

                                              At this point, I’m too disgusted to continue.
                                              Run your mouth off, suck up to Ice, make some sort of immature “U MAD” troll pun, I don’t give a crap anymore.
                                              But if you expect to be taken seriously here, then you need to GROW THE FUCK UP and learn to balance your opinions instead of being an example of either extreme side of the spectrum.
                                              Don’t be a suck-up and don’t be a troll.
                                              Be an intelligent human being with a balance opinion that takes both positives and negatives into account, or KEEP YOUR DAMNED MOUTH SHUT!

                                              I’m out.

                                              1. “most of your time here has been spend agreeing with Ice, a known troll and basher of EVERYTHING Nintendo regardless of what it is.”
                                                You haven’t been here long have you?

                                                ““I’m watching this now and this is really fucking boring””
                                                The show IS boring. How’s that stupid in any way?

                                                ““If Nintendo keeps on doing this they’re gonna die off eventually”, which offers nothing constructive”
                                                Isn’t that constructive? My point is that Nintendo needs to move eith the time or they’re DEAD.

                                                “You and Ice both need to stop coming here”
                                                Yeah, internet freedom doesn’t seem to be a thing anymore huh?

                                                “You are NOT giving legitimate criticism”
                                                So asking Nintendo to design better hardware, making unique and hardcore games, having a great online experience, having better Club Nintendo rewards, all these things aren’t legit criticism? Nice try

                                                “YOU decided to troll.”
                                                I don’t troll idiot. If you haven’t figured that by now I can’t help you much. The ONLY times I ever troll is to be sarcastic to the actual ones.

                                                “And YOU decided to pass off anyone calling you out on your bullshit as nothing but “fanboys””
                                                I call people who glorify Nintendo and ignore their mistakes as fanboys, NOTHING ELSE. Is it that hard for you to understand?

                                                “And it’s not Nintendo.”
                                                Don’t know where you got the idea that Nintendo created my personality lmao

                                                “and learn to balance your opinions instead of being an example of either extreme side of the spectrum.”
                                                Yea, ignoring all those positive comments I’ve made over here.

                                                “Don’t be a suck-up”
                                                So I can’t agree with other people anymore? Sorry mom, I tried to make friends but I guess they’re all bad people!1!! /s

                                                “Be an intelligent human being with a balance opinion that takes both positives and negatives into account”
                                                There has been ALMOST ZERO positives that’s been happening at Nintendo for YEARS. Give me some damn good news from Nintendo for once and I WILL BE POSITIVE. I’ve been fucking frustrated with Nintendo for years and I’m just tired of their continued ignorance to the current state of the industry.

                                                And you are mad…

                                  1. They will, i honestly don’t care if they do. There really bad now days. I mean yes, they still can deliver good games but im sick of seeing mario’s dick in my face.

                            4. Iwata: Shit the wii u is a failure, call in mario.

                              Mario: What do you want? I’ve been running and jumping for 30 years give me a break.

                              Iwata: But I came up with an idea for your next game new super mari-

                              Mario: Suck my dick.

                              Iwata: Wait mario… Please Understand!

                              1. marios nipples are fucking raw from all the milking. At this point mario is milking out blood and mooing in pain like the fat disgusting slob he is. “nintendo my man boobs hurt, all i want to do is kill myself but every time i do you guys give me a life shroom” *iwata squeezing marios raw nipple* *mario saying kill me every time iwata squeezes marios nipple*

                                It’s probably hard when reggie slaps and squeezes mario’s ass with that dirty smirk on his face, yes mario also had to deal with rape. Reggie fucks cows.

                                  1. They are literally just skins. 3 of those skins have different physics than the 4th, that’s the only difference

                            5. Geoff has stated that Nintendo has a huge world premiere planned for near the end of the show, so let’s all hope that it’s either 3D Mario, Zelda, Metroid, or F-Zero related for the Wii U. :)

                            6. This was interesting. Especially since they showed raccoon Mario at the end in SMB3 format. I am curious as to how power ups like the Cape in SMW will work with other styles.

                              1. Yes but we all know it’s just going to be wii plunge you. It’s just going to be reggie on stage putting a butt plunger up his ass and saying “i love raping my asshole, i bet you faggot nintendo fans love doing this at home” here’s mario maker 2 it comes out tomorrow, then the first mario maker will come out next month.

                                1. Now who said they are making Mario Maker 2? You never doubt Nintendo. I’d laugh if they reveal something big in the end.

                            7. Ha ha ha! Man, are you all really this foolish? Did you all REALLY expect them to reveal Zelda? Don’t be idiotic.
                              Don’t get me wrong, if they did it’d be amazing… but really now, don’t be stupid.

                              Mario Maker is shaping up quite nicely.

                            8. Nintendo won best Sport/Racing game: Mario Kart 8! Gotta admit, they earned it. Game has amazing details and they make it look best with DLC.

                            9. This looks like a lot of fun. I have always wanted to create custom Mario levels. I hope I can make long levels unlike the short ones people made in the e3 demo! I can’t wait to create whole world’s and challenge my friends and family to beat my best times. Also, I wonder if I can play as Peach, Luigi, etc. There better be a way to post/share my creations online and play other people’s levels. Nintendo could post the best/most downloaded levels on the front page, so people would strive to have their creations recognized by Nintendo and played by other fans all over the world. That would be awesome! As great as this looks, though, I can’t justify this game being worth any more than $29.99.

                            10. Levels could be shared with download codes or QR codes. But a proper database with screenshots of levels and the number of downloads and author’s Nintendo Network IDs displayed would be far superior. I kinda feel like this should be a 3DS game. Anyone else feel that way?

                            11. Nintendo made the amazing finish while showcasing Zelda 2015! The game looks amazing. Well done Nintendo! Best part of the Game Rewards!

                            12. I’m so glad to see they added Super Mario World and Bros. 3 style but what about Super Mario Bros. 2 (American version) and the updated Mario Bros. 2/3 sprite graphics from Super Mario All-Stars on SNES?

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