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Rumour: Nintendo Has Apparently Discontinued The GameCube Adapter

VGP Video Games Plus are at it again and this time they’re stating that Nintendo has already discontinued the GameCube adapter for the Wii U. If you’re not familiar with them they’re the company that said yesterday that the Marth, Wii Fit Trainer & Villager Amiibo figures have been discontinued by the Kyoto based company. I’m sure this issue will be cleared up on Monday.

88 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo Has Apparently Discontinued The GameCube Adapter”

  1. Haha… Now, why would they do that….

    Wait, what…?
    If this is legit it would probably be the stupidest thing nintendo ever did


    1. its possible that they are not on the best terms (for what ever reason) with the company that is directly making them (a third party is making these for Nintendo) if so then they are most likely going to cancel making them from that partner and go with another company to make the. or make them on their own. another option for Nintendo would be to simply make a GameCube style “pro controller” and let the retro controllers simply be just that. this would also make their spicily made GameCube attachments for the Wii remote sell better. that all said, how are you going to do 8 player smash if only 4 wii remotes, (and a gamepad) can be used at a time. this means only up to 5 players (honestly I think 8 is a bit much any ways, but still it IS part of the game…)

  2. Why would they discontinue something that’s consistently selling out? These guys are just looking for some attention, ignore them and wait for Nintendo.

    1. Better question-Why would they discontinue something that is selling extremely well and that they JUST released a few weeks ago…….

  3. Rumours are flying around about nintendos relationship with developers, and the stock shortage of these things was no surprise. Personally i had GAME cancel my Pre Order 24 hours before release with no explanation

    Either way, they already announced a lack of intention to support it for other titles, so whilst this dosnt surprise me it would be hugely disappointing…

  4. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

    Are we actually taking word from these people I’ve never heard of?
    If it was IGN maybe but no, not these people who use a hashtag “Believeit”

      1. HAH! Buy it? But you’re the Nintendo commander, high command would teleport one to you. They don’t think you’re a worthy enough commander then.

          1. Then you’re not a commander….others command you! LOL. Change dat name. Nintendo Commanded Quadraxis. Happy gaming.

            1. The commander rank is not that high of a rank, so of course he is still told what to do by others. Sorry but this isn’t GI Joe. The commander is NOT the leader with all of the control.

      2. Nintendo Commander. You better believe it and go buy the cheapest Gamecube controller adapter you can find on ebay, because the prices are on the rise!!!

        I got one of 4 left on ebay for $70 and the rest are in the hundreds and rising. Some are already in the 200’s!

  5. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

    Seriously fuck the controller, I don’t even play smash that much. Why go as far as making an adapter if they are not even making any GameCube vc games…

        1. Nah, the gamepad is very useful. There’s a damn difference. The Gamepad is pretty much the core of the Wii U, and it’s useful. Kinect is an add-on gimmick that would make no difference in a game. Some games require the Gamepad even to play.

        1. Ohhh…oh OH!! So, you’re a beautiful ape then? Ya know…..I have some other beautiful apes in my back seat that don’t like disgusting apes like me. YOU BEAUTIFUL APE, I can hook you up with another beautiful ape…oh…ohoh..OH!~ OH~

  6. I have one of two theories.

    Either A) This took place at a Nintendo board meeting:
    “Hey, you know those GameCube adapters we made?”
    “Yeah, what about ’em?”
    “Turns out they’re massively popular. Some people are reselling for five times what we charged for it”.
    “That’s great! Good to see all that R&D paid off! I’ll go tell the guys to fire up the moulds, and have some more circuit boards printed then!”
    “Yeah, about that. I have decided we’re discontinuing it.”
    “But sir! What about making profit?”

    or B) VGP Video Games Plus might not be such a believable source. This sort of behaviour would seem like the sort of thing a scalper would say in order give the already inflated prices another hike.

    1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

      Indeed. Nintendo know where there is profit to be had.
      I doubt even Sakurai would simply allow it to happen.
      Understandable, as would I, I would march straight up to the marketing department of Nintendo and say:
      “I did not spend all this time including my birthday working on this game especially with my shoulder condition just so you can short end my work”

  7. Not as a big a deal to me being you can only use em withshit of Smash Bros! Now, if they worked with even 1/2 the wii u games that’s another story…

  8. <_< Man, that better not be true. My family is getting a Wii U for the Holidays and the Gamecube adapter is a very important part of playing smash.
    Is that Hori Gamecube Controller any good?

  9. Now this is getting stupid. Why the hell would Nintendo cancel out something that’s selling out like crazy? Makes no sense. Otherwise, you would’ve heard many company successes like Sony PS4 or Apple’s own technology like iPhones stop production suddenly because they’re a runaway success in short term sales that may cause shortages.

    I ain’t believing this bullshit. Sickr, stop posting dumbass stories and rumors from dumbass resources like that.

    1. Update: I just stormed ebay for the cheapest adapter I could find…. ended up spending $70 for a F#$%& controller adapter that originally cost $19.99.

      I am so pissed at Nintendo right now it’s not even funny…

      But, it is better to get the adapter for $70 while I still can, because the prices are on the rise. I already see some going for $200 goddamn dollars.

      I also had to buy a Japanese packaged one, because the English packaged ones a far too expensive. I believe the adapters are region free, so the adapter will work on my Wii U.

    1. By then, you may miss out on the cheaper controllers though. If you wait for Nintendo to officially announce it, you may end up missing out on the adapters or worse… spending hundreds of dollars for one..

  10. Has everyone forgot about the PDP GameCube controllers? I already had 4 wiimotes so I just brought 4 PDP GameCube controllers. I also already had 4 afterglow pro controllers. So what is the big deal if they discontinue a adapter you really don’t need. Wiimote and PDP GameCube controller.

    1. Well the adapter was cheaper ($20) and 4 PDP GameCube controllers are expensive. Plus, people already own Gamecube controllers and want to use them again instead of having to buy NEW controllers. PLUS the Gamecube controllers don’t run our of batteries like Wii motes, because the adapter plugs right into the Wii U.

      Game Cube adapter is advantageous in every way.

    1. I thought I would walk into Best Buy and pick one up off the shelf when I went in to buy Smash for Wii U, but they didn’t even stock any in stores….

      I ended up missing it too, but I just bought one online for an inflated price. :/ Better than waiting, I guess.

  11. I’ll be surprised if this is true, but to tell the truth, the fact that smash is the only game it can work on isn’t good. They need to add an update that will allow it to be used as a normal controller. That’s if this is bologna.

  12. I mean yea it’s surprising about this news if it’s real, I still haven’t gotten my adapter yet and if it’s discontinued it will be depressing, but nintendo has done weird things like this before, then come out with the same thing but cheaper, or better, or sleeker, ect. I’m just saying that just because it’s goin off shelves and not being sold doesn’t mean nintendo doesn’t have something instore for us, I wouldn’t be surprise if they updated windwaker HD, Mario Kart 8 and some of the others. It wouldn’t be difficult for them either but more HD remakes will most likely realease in the future and a GCN controller would be perfect. I don’t know, but it would just make sense

    1. Don’t believe what you read on the internet unless it’s being confirmed by the company itself. Nintendo isn’t discontinuing the GC adapter or amiibo figures.

    1. It is 100% fake. According to a Nintendo rep, they’re not discontinuing amiibo figures or the GameCube adapter for the Wii U.

  13. If they really do this, it’s like shooting themselves in the foot.

    “So what you’re telling me is that we should NOT keep making them even though they’re uber-popular and the GCN controller is the ideal way to play Smash?”

    I’ll wait for an official confirmation about this AND about those Amiibo- these guys are claiming two discontinuations in hardly two days and that really makes their credibility plummet imo.

  14. This adapter was the only reason I was considering buying a Wii U, but if this is true and there aren’t anymore being made I’m not going to buy the console. The game pad was the dumbest idea Nintendo has ever come up with. I don’t want to play console games on a tablet when I have an iPad.

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