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Check Out This Gorgeous Lucina Figma Figure


In the market for a high quality Figma Figure? Well import retailer Play Asia is starting to take pre-orders for this attractive Lucina figure. Thankfully the price isn’t too high as you can pick one up for $63.99 if you’ve got some spare cash. Without further ado here’s the all-important details.

  • Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure
  • Material: PVC and ABS
  • Height: approx. 140mm
  • Limited availability

From the smash 3DS tactical hit Fire Emblem Awakening, Lucina makes a dazzling appearance just like in the game! As the future daughter of Chrom who traveled back in time to avert the crisis in her own period, this figma has been one that Fire Emblems fans have been waiting for.

Featuring special smooth plastic – from her joints to her multi-tiered and removable cape, recreate epic poses that accentuate her skill in swordsmanship, a skill which her father taught her.

Lucina also comes with a variety of different parts, namely 2 different facial expressions: her stoic and confident stare and a waifu material face; she also comes with alternate disguise parts which allow for her transformation as seen in the game, and this includes an variant hairstyle to complete the get-up.

Finally, aside from the included character stand, Lucina will be brandishing the divine Falchion, and special handle parts can be attached to the scabbard making it easy to display a sheathed version!

Thanks, Michelle

35 thoughts on “Check Out This Gorgeous Lucina Figma Figure”

        1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

          … It will only break if you intentionally want it to break.
          If you stomp it of course it will break, but if you just want to put it on a shelf or toy around with it, it won’t break.

        2. Lol everything can break under the right circumstances. The computer you are on can break. Even if it were made out of solid steel, you could break it some way.

          I don’t know too many objects in this world that don’t have the potential to break in the right situation. Diamonds and Titanium can even break…

        3. Perfect, so you are looking excuses for not buying anything. Are you low on money or something?
          There is nothing in the world that would not break, what did you want an Adamantium figurine?
          Not even fantasy materials are indestructible.

      1. If you zoom into the picture you see that… not enough pixels.
        Not even a picture of the “waifu material” face is to be found in this post.
        Come on, important material and good pictures are missing here!

  1. I’m suprised, pleasantly surprised, that she’s reached this level of popularity. But hey, any popularity related to Fire Emblem is good in my book.

  2. I never needed something more in my entire life… Lucina is my favorite video game character… So I need it, on my desk, now!

    1. What does Nintendo has to do with it? They don’t make figures… they make video games. Work harder on your research before making a final analysis.

  3. Why do all Fire Emblem characters dress like Dracula? Well, that’s what they remind me of. Or some sort of vampire or something.

  4. Had her preordered for the past month….she’ll look great next to my Link figma,Samus figma, and Red nendoroid…..and next to my soon to be released Little Mac amiibo :3

  5. Can someone explain to me what is the fascination with this whore?
    She’s a plain-looking retard that fades into irrelevance after the first few chapters.

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