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Super Smash Bros Pic Of The Day Series Comes To A Close

Pic of the day for Super Smash Bros. has officially come to a close. The Miiverse series, which was carried out by Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai, concluded toward the end of last week to coincide with the Japanese launch of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Pic of the day saw a total of 384 posts from Sakurai on Miiverse, and about 500 screenshots from the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros. have been posted. Now that Sakurai no longer has to worry about pic of the day, he says he will focus on creating Mewtwo as a playable character.

“The origins of pic of the day was sharing one picture a day of the game in development inside the company,” Sakurai said on Miiverse. “It started out just as a small bonus for the staff.

“However, once we started sharing pictures with the public, it was a much tougher process. We had to be more careful to choose appropriate pictures to post while keeping a consistant schedule regardless of how busy we got, all while some people only wanted new information from my posts.

“It’s nice to finally be able to get one weight off of my shoulders. But, we promised to create Mewtwo as a playable character, so I can’t relax too much yet. I hope you’ll look forward to Mewtwo joining the battle!”

93 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Pic Of The Day Series Comes To A Close”

    1. I would be too if I worked on a game for years only for the fans to shit on it (Brawl and this one to a lesser extent)


        2. There are a ton of people complaining becouse of the roster, or stages, or that it isn’t as fast as melee. I can’t stand these type of people. These type of people cannot be statisfied no matter what, and bitch just to hear themselves bitching.

          1. I do miss Melee’s faster paced movement and gameplay style which I do recommend going back to in Super Smash Bros. 5 (3DS & Wii U is Smash Bros. 4 as polar opposites with different content so there’s no part 5) but Smash Bros. 4 pacing is fine, better than Brawl.

            But the roster complaint, I have a few problems that shouldn’t be there: adding Dark Pit clone (when there’s a black Pit recolor option anyway) over Dark Smaus of Metroid Prime is bullshit, bringing back Dr. Mario was pointless, Lucina as a Marth clone instead of Chrome pissed Fire Emblem fans off and Wii Fit…oh god, I cannot describe any further of how fucking useless and pointless this character is. Wii Fir doesn’t even fit as a fighter, hell it doesn’t teach self-defense itself period and its weak ass attacks, movement and final smash proves that. Also, I feel some characters are “gimped” from the last game like Luigi’s up smash move height jump is reduced (bullshit) and Meta Knight’s is lamer for some reason.

              1. Those bitching about him obviously couldnt handle him. I can beat him in Brawl without a problem. Its because of his up smash move that makes him glide in the air for a short period pisses people off because they couldn’t reach him. Well then just wait until he ass comes down and then beat him up. Meta Knight in Brawl and Smash 4 is hardly any different but his up smash move is changed to strike twice and then fall instead of gliding which every idiot was complaining about.

                1. No, that’s not it. It’s because in Brawl he was extremely quick. He’s not even that strong to be honest. Just super fast. And his attacks were easy to spam. He isn’t as fast anymore. Lol he had his time as being the “overpowered” character but everyone thinks Little Mac is now. :P

                  1. Bullshit. He was fast but not like Sheik’s attacks or Falcon’s running who is oddly faster than Sonic..why? lol

                    He was never overpowered. Just quick on his offense and thats why I loved him from Brawl. Now he’s just gimped because people who pointlessly bitched about him couldn’t realize his character traits. Little Mac however is too fast and powerful for a boxer whom in his own game had to fight opponents stronger and faster than he is. Little Mac in this game is full of pure OP bullshit that it signals a bunch of noobs to play as him only because of his OP nature, that shouldn’t be there, will be their grand excuse to think they’re good when they’re clearly not when they play other characters that they have never practiced with including Mac.

                    1. Yeah. Little Mac is OP. I don’t care what anyone says about “not being good enough to face him” or any of that BS. Even his weakest attacks are almost equivalent to some other characters smash attacks which is pure BS. I hate him so much… Lol.

                        1. It’s kind of fucking sad how the only way to really “beat” Little Mac is to get him off the stage. Otherwise, your only other option is to run away from his ass or risk fighting him head on. XD

                          1. And why would he get a special ability and also Shulk but not the others? I wanna see that feature applied for ALL of the fighters in the next game just to be fair. XP

                              1. I think how the “special ability” works is if you take too much damage and/or lose too many points to your opponents, you can rank up your power meter and when its full, you can use it for any particular smash move to inflict a lot of damage. Also make it an optional rule to turn off in case some people find it unfair to use.

                              2. Little Mac is such an overpowered bitch! God damn it! >_< I've fought him with literally every character on the game. I don't understand how the fuck he hits so hard being the light character he is. Cheating ass super armor… And I hate that stupid counter. That bitch always uses that move. Lol.

                                1. See what I mean? Wii Fit is a pointless and wasted weak ass bitch and Little Mac is an OP bastard that any whackest Smash Bros. player can use for cheap ass wins and an excuse to look “pro”. Get rid of Wii Fit and tone down Little Mac’s damage and speed DRAMATICALLY.

                                  1. The thing I really hate about Wii Fit Trainer is that her moves have no god damn reach. The side attack is basically fucking useless. And with most of her smashes, the person has to be literally touching you. And as for her being weak, funnily enough, one of her strongest moves is that sun salution thing. And that’s easy as hell to block. Lol. Little Mac kind of ruins this game for me. It’s just not as fun as having a fair fight with a character like Mario that’s well balanced. You have to keep dodging his damn moves and stay near the edge all the time. *sigh* :(

                                    1. I told you that bitch Wii Fit is USELESS and POINTLESS. lol And for Mac, they better damn update the game to decrease his speed and attack power soon because I’m getting so fucking annoyed of nothing hurting him and his basic attacks can kill you too easily.

                                      Here’s what Sakurai should patch and update:

                                      * Nerf the fuck out of Little Mac
                                      * Improve the online lag issues
                                      * Patch the control of some characters like sometimes their movements stalls or end up using the wrong attack that you didn’t want to use
                                      * Restore Meta Knight’s flight ability with his recovery, increase Luigi’s up smash default jump height because his distance is gimped for some reason and literally make Sonic faster than Captain Falcon
                                      * Release a free DLC pack for Stage Builder to restore all of its missing pieces and presets that’s missing from Brawl
                                      * Update the AI so your allies won’t seem so brain fucking dead to make you rely on yourself to beat opponents alone and for the opponent AI to stop acting like chickenshits so they can essentially trick you to make the first move miss and they can pull off a dick move on you and ruin your day to beat challenges and shit

                                      1. Yeah. I know exactly how you feel. It’s like every time you get hit by Little Mac even with his weakest attacks you fly halfway across the fucking screen. That’s bullshit. They tried to make his recovery terrible to make up for it, but that’s still BS. Most of the characters on the game that are fast aren’t as strong as he is and the characters that are stronger than him are slow as fuck. Zero Suit Samus is super fast and can kick his ass pretty good if you know what you’re doing, but his bullshit power gives him an advantage. X(

                                          1. She’s much better than she was before imo. Lol you can use those heels for the KO kick. :D

                                  2. What? Smash Bros. 4 has a higher score and acclaiming than Brawl did and what went wrong with Brawl was 1. The fucking tripping idea 2. The shitty online and 3. Subspace plot was rather shallow and sorta out of place.

                                              1. Its a joke moron. Seems like you can’t comprehend simple internet comments. Even a “retard” can realize that I’m joking.

                                                Be done talking with me because its better to speak to “retards” than fools like you who choose to be stupid at your own expense. Being Retarded is “unconditional”. Being stupid is a choice which you made and its so much worse.

                                2. I’m glad the pic of the day comes to an end only for one reason… no more Sakurai focusing Kirby pics of the day. Kirby is his little boy only dressed up in underwear. Kirby swallows Sakurai to get the penis ability so that they can fuck each other.

                              3. Why the fk did he post photos every day….yeah, wow, photos. Means nothing. He should have posted VIDEOS with actual information on the game. Idk why he decided to post photos instead, but behind every reason in this world is the moneys.

                                1. but won’t that be TOO much info? And I guess it takes time taking footage of a game that’s in development too

                                2. It worked great with the Smash Dojo in prior games and worked great with these ones. Videos every day would be too much and would take away from the excitement in the long run.

                              4. I understand that he’s injured and all. But sakurai is complaining like an little bitch. If you don’t fucking love developing games. Than I suggest you quit. You don’t see anonma bitching, and you definitely see miyamoto bitching neither. Those guys have worked on big Zelda titles for years and they love what they do . you don’t see them bitching about quiting the franchise. It’s been 7 or 8 years since the last smash bros. Game came out. Grow some fucking balls and take your dick out of ass. Your acting like bitch dude. Still love ya though.

                                  1. One of those moments where Manaphy should switch both of you’s bodies for a day so you can see how much “pain” he really is in. Or maybe a week. A day for a “boss ass bitch” wouldn’t be excruciating enough :P

                                1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                                  Aonuma and Miyamoto don’t work for two years on two high-profile games at once, though. They get more time for each game, whilst Sakurai had to do direct both games simultaneously. I don’t think he’s complaining like a bitch; he’s being honest. He’s honest about the good things and the bad in his job.

                                  1. But if you really think about it the projects they work on are on a much higher scale than smash bros. Look at Zelda Wii u, its fucking massive. Anouma and miyamoto, just got done working on skyward sword and a link between worlds. Plus miyamoto is working on starfox, completed pikmin 3/pikmin animations, and currently still working on those projects from e3. Those fuckers have a butt load of shit they have to finish or have finished. Not once do you them hear complain or cry like a bitch.


                                    2. I guess you don’t know he is a control freak that has to do everything himself, plus he has a sickness that makes it almost impossible to use his hand. It’s not a team posting those pics every day, it’s not a team doing the game and Sakurai just sitting in a a chair saying yes and no, he is the one there working like crazy in one franchise, looking at everything himself with few help, he said it once. He almost does these games by himself. I guess you didn’t read how the work got so tired that he missed holidays, vacations, family time, and social time with friends because of development. Yeah, he should not complain… >.>

                                      He isn’t anyway, he’s just letting people know how tired it was.

                                    3. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                                      Yes but we (or maybe just me) don’t know much about the development teams and processes. Sakurai said that getting characters from different parts of Nintendo (ex. Pokémon from GameFreak) can be very difficult.

                                      You also have to look at their involvement in this. Sakurai is right in the middle of development, while Miyamoto is more hands-off and supervising. I don’t know how Aonuma works though.

                                      Furthermore, Smash Bros was promised before they even got Sakurai on the job. Miyamoto isn’t being rushed with deadlines and schedules for the Pikmin Shorts. He’s going at the speed he’s comfortable. Sakurai was pressed for time, having to start right after KI: U finished.

                                1. Any boys you like found it weird…? Maybe your friends would find it weirder though like “OMG….that’s like…disturbing xD”.

                                            1. Just because you are 100% male doesn’t mean you aren’t gay. Sexual orientation and gender are two different things. Gay men are also 100% male. LMAO! XD

                                        1. It’s a little experiment it seems, a mix between trolling and and not trolling…and thus this was apparently born.

                              5. To all the dumb asses saying power doesn’t matter in an interview shivery mutant to says that many Mario ideas in games like 64 and Galaxy had to be scrapped because of hardware limitations. Like example There was suppose to be multiplayer in 64 but it was cut from final game. I wish Nintendo won’t be retard and make a powerful console for once.

                                1. That may be true, but power doesn’t equate to a good game. It takes great developers to make great games, and a great developer can make a great game on a lesser console. I don’t care how powerful the hardware is, if you have half-ass lazy developers, you will get a half-ass lazy game.

                                  You don’t need the most powerful hardware to have amazing games! You people will never understand this.

                              6. It took 3 years for Wii U to hit its stride (Star Fox Zelda)
                                It took 2 years for PS4/X1 to hit its stride (Metal Gear Solid Witcher 3)
                                It took decades for PC to hit its stride (Steam)

                              7. Wii U is really selling good now. 250k in the U.S. alone last week. That is really good. Maybe The Wii U will hit 10m this holiday after all.

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