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Nintendo Says There Will Be New Animal Crossing News Next Year

We know the charming Animal Crossing Wii U Plaza will be coming to an end soon so Animal Crossing fans are naturally wondering what’s next? Well Nintendo has posted a message on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS social network Miiverse staying that there will be more information about Animal Crossing sometime next year.

We’re also going to continue posting news related to the series here in the Animal Crossing News Community,┬áso stay tuned for more information about Animal Crossing next year!

158 thoughts on “Nintendo Says There Will Be New Animal Crossing News Next Year”

    1. I played New Leaf (my first AC game) and it bored the fuck out of me. It’s merely a one hit wonder kind of game. At first seems fun and then it quickly dies down having to do the same routine everyday plus the mini games aren’t as fun and the open world is pathetically small. I’m hoping Wii U will expand that like crazy with many more locations, activities, mini games, etc.

      1. The Wii U AC will probably be much bigger and have way more to do. AC did bore me a bit. I’ll admit. But your hard work gives you rewards! Playing everyday and talking to your villagers will keep your town fresh and alive. Your could have a perfect dream town by playing every day. I had gotten careless with New Leaf and I stopped playing for a long time and my town had looked like garbage when I returned. I’ve started it over with a fresh town and I swear I’ll play it every day up until this new game arrives. Lol.

        1. I swear, AC bores me to death and there’s no way I’m buying another game or anything similar. Hell, I should’ve wait for Disney Magical World and buy that instead. It seems to have more life and fun in it.

            1. And that’s ironic, since he’d definitely get picked on and laughed at for playing Animal Crossing at a party….think a little.

                1. Yeah, when you’re with people that also like Animal Crossing…and none of them would even go to a party to begin with.

                  1. Lol. Your generalizations are definitely false. Just because some people play AC, that means they’re antisocial nerds? No. Not at all. Though, I might make that assumption about someone who plays World of Warcraft or something like that, based on what I’ve seen of those sorts. :P Plus, the majority of AC players are girls (like me).

            1. Oh I do understand alright. It gets repetitive and boring super quickly after you unlock most content and realize there isn’t much stuff to do outside of customizing your house and a small ass town.

              1. Btw its not the gameplay thats boring its you. Not everybody hates the game. Actually a lot of people love it. I love the game and my dad doesnt get it. We all have different opinions. just keeps urs to urself if youre going to say things like that.

          1. Lol. Stranga. You said the game was boring but you probably haven’t even gotten to fully experience it yet! Did you get all the shop upgrades? Did you get the golden and silver tools? What special sets of furniture did you get? Did you fully upgrade your house? Did you participate in the seasonal events like Toy Day that’s going on right now? Did you pass Gracie’s fashion check? You get some perfect fruit? How many projects did you complete? You get a police station? The Dream Suite? Club LOL? The Roost? Kicks? How many Nintendo themed items you get from fortune cookies? Did you get a lot of music tracks? Did you play the game with friends? How many badges you got? Got the Museum shop? Did you get to 200,000,000 bells? Did you get the rare bugs, fishes, etc? So many questions I can ask you! If you have done like less than 50 percent of the stuff I just said and you’re already bored with it, well Animal Crossing is just not for you, man. And trust me, I know exactly how you feel because I was so bored of it one point that I stopped playing for months. But after I looked up all the stuff you could do, I started over and now I play it everyday. My main goal is to get the special series furniture and fully upgrade my house and make my town into the absolute perfect town. It motivates me to keep on playing every single day! I can understand it might be too much work for you to do and that it takes forever to get everything what you want, but that’s the way it is with Animal Crossing. Putting hard work and dedication gets you amazing results. If you’ve ever Streetpassed someone and they had an absolutely AMAZING house, it’s because they put hard work into it! You can’t not play Animal Crossing and then complain that your house doesn’t look like that. :P Btw Stranga, if it helps you, Animal Crossing is WAY more fun with friends. You can talk to each other from anywhere if you register them as a best friend. Me and my cousin usually go around insulting the villagers and its hilarious! I think you should come to my village and we can have fun together. :D

                  1. Well then what are we going to play? ACNL is really the only 3DS game I actually enjoy going online on. You NEED to play Animal Crossing. Please… Do it… For me… XD

                              1. *sigh* Please do not start with this again. I have a Nintendo 3DS and I have Animal Crossing New Leaf. If I didn’t, I would not have asked you to play it with me. I’m not sure whether or not you were joking when you just said that but it is getting really annoying. You totally just killed my happy mood. -_-

                                  1. *sigh* I don’t know then. I would play Mario Kart 8 with you but I had to send my Wii U in to get repaired. My only other option is Mario Kart 7…

                                      1. BO2? Lol no. CoD is not fun to me. I had Pokemon X but I had to temporarily delete it to have enough blocks for Smash 3DS.

                                          1. I already had an extra SD card. I just don’t know how the hell you move the data to the new card!

                                              1. Oh… Well, too late for that now. I kinda lost that SD card… Lol. I won’t be able to re-download Pokemon X I guess. But I have Omega Ruby now anyways. Lol.

                                                  1. If we do play, I’m actually kind of expecting to lose. Because I’m still a noob… Pokemon X was the first one I had fully played. Do you have any tips or anything?

                                                    1. Besides having to strategically build many blanaced teams, raise their stats for each attributed situations and have different types with different held items that are good? Nothing else. Just learn your types, teach very good moves, have PKMN for defense, speed, offense and specials.

                                                              1. Hey I read your comment a little ways down and you sound like you’re good at Pokemon? I have a legendary team that’s pretty hard to beat. What’s your friend code? I’ll send mine in a second.

                                                            1. I would love to visit your town! This new game is for the Wii? I read that that would be done away with as it was not the success it had hoped to be.

                                                              1. I am pretty sure the next Animal Crossing will be coming to Wii U. They had one for the Gamecube and the Wii so Wii U is most likely next. And btw, my town on ACNL is still a work in progress. It looks alright to me but it’s not amazing or anything. I’m trying to make it perfect! :)

                                                          1. Tomadachi life bores me. It’s such a simple, under thought made game, it was a waste of my money to buy if I could “beat” it ( getting them married and have kids ­čśů ) it a matter of hours .

                                                        1. You swore you’d play it every day up until the new one arrives, soooo….did you actually play it every day, and continue to do so now? lol

                                                          1. No. The game is tiring. I usually play it at least five days a week. I try to play the whole week but I can’t sometimes. It takes a long time to get stuff done in the game. So I’m like “Screw it. I’ll play it tomorrow. I wanna play some Pokemon.” Lol.

                                                            1. O yeah, Pokemon’s your thing now. My story is, I got ACNL back in June of 2013. I got bored of it by the end of August. Then, I made a new town in September 2014 (Complicated account transfers, plus I didn’t like my town layout very much but I had Reggie’s home D:) so I deleted my old one, made a new one. Then I stopped playing around the start of November. Suddenly, i got a recent urge to play it. Just keeps coming back to me, haha. I have the cartridge. Digital would be far more comfortable, but I feel safer with a physical cartridge. I’d be interested to see how Animal Crossing U looks, and I bet it’ll be shown this E3 2015. Since I got a big interest in ACNL again, I started to look at Youtube videos of ACNL, and other AC games, and I searched ANimal Crossing on this website, so that’s how I replied to you.

                                                              Also, watch this video and tell me what you think. Look at the whole video.

                                                                1. Yeah, I know! Who knew somebody could make such a cute game like AC into a horror tale, as apparently it’s up to the player to match up pieces of the story in that town, with the characters. What’s the most horrifying thing you saw in the video? For me, it’s that red room in the basement, followed by that movie room with the spinning wheels. ….And then there’s that bunny person that jumped off the cliff or something…but yeah, the whole town in general is pretty scary. Apparently, nowadays the town is much less frightening than it was before. It’s a little creepy, but nothing compared to that video.

                                                          1. Nah. It’s just that you told me to watch that video and I thought I’d wait to reply to you until after I watched that video. I haven’t watched it yet. Been playing Pokemon all day. Sorry. XD

                                                              1. Uhm… I’m trying to watch your video but there’s some kind of ad in the way. Weird. Maybe it’s only doing that to me but idk. I don’t see any video. ._.

                                                        1. Its why I’m not considering myself to buy another life simulation game like AC especially if it gets super boring and repetitive quickly due to lack of fun activities and severe lack of open world exploration.

                                                          1. You know, I also got burnt out from Animal Crossing. And I thought, if AC were my entire life, and I would still at home for the rest of my life, I could manage to play it every day–but I do have a life with stuff going on in it, so that’s a no. That’s how I though of it.

                                                              1. Yeah, AC: NL is the only one that I played, but to me it seems like a small game. They could have expanded and done much more. But why should they care when the game is overrated and have so many fans that will buy any AC game?

                                                                  1. But the whole point of the game is about living your life. If you want all the good stuff, you have to put hard work and dedication into it. If you don’t, then of course you’re gonna be stuck with a boring town and a small house. Don’t slack off. Then the game will be fun. :P

                                                                    1. By doing the same, tiresome shit that gets dreadfully boring really quickly. There’s no other minigame or even an open world exploration like theme parks, wilderness, other towns/cities that’s not exactly the same as others by default.

                                                                    1. How can a fun, funny and action-oriented fighting game get “boring” to you?

                                                            ’s obviously because 1. You suck at it 2. You hate it because you suck at it and 3. You’re mad at yourself because you suck at it

                                                                      1. I got bored with Smash Bros though. Probably because I spent basically spent all day every day playing SSBB. And it burned me out on the series. The new one wasn’t different enough to keep my attention and they took out my Lucas too…

                                                                        1. Lucas is a clone and should have been an alternative for Ness like Dr. Mario/Dark Pit should have been for Mario/Pit. Oh and Lucina too.

                                                                          I only stop playing Wii U version because obviously 3DS was the superior version with more and better exclusive modes/stages that are actually fun and you can Smash anywhere with that game. If only the game was wise on the roster choices. Lucina/Dark Pit/Dr. Mario should’ve been alternates, Wii Fit should’ve never come to the game with its pathetic weak ass, Wolf/Ice Climbers should have returned, Dark SAMUS should’ve been an official playable character, Samus’s suit design should have adapted Prime 2&3 model because nobody fucking likes Other M except idiots who don’t know Metroid Samus nor ever played any REAL Metroid games, Little Mac shouldn’t be that fast and powerful for a “stand in one spot” boxer, Meta Knight should’ve been left unchanged from Brawl because he was never OP and all that shit.

                                                                          1. They shouldn’t have nerfed Meta Knight like that. I understand why some people wanted him to be nerfed but they went overboard with it. He is terrible now. And I hate Little Mac. Even when I’m winning against him I still hate him. He hits really hard and can dodge almost every single character’s attack. Fighting against him turns “get your opponent’s percent bar high and launch them” into “get Little Mac off the stage”. Lol. And the super armor? No amount of armor should be able to withstand a Final Smash. THAT is BS.

                                                                            1. At least Mac isn’t much of a problem on the 3DS because of the lack of second stick for quick smash moves so the potential of a player screwing up such move is higher and not many use Mac on the portable side so the 3DS SSB4 is a plus.

                                                                1. You know how something seems exciting or fun at first and then the boredom crashes in quick afterwards? That’s what Animal Crossing is. Unless they really do something huge and add so much shit that’s actually fun/addicting to play plus come back for more and make it an actual open world game where you can freely visit or live in other towns plus having full sized cities, I’m not buying another game again.

                                                                  1. I mean, yeah when you do the daily tasks that kind of get repetitive and have to do the same thing every day to unlock certain features in the game. I see where your coming from, it’s just the first few words you said made its seem some what brutal.

                                                            1. I really like all the Animal croosing game for the wii u and a fester to jump,to disease were animal move and to have a way to Mack animal Mack a public work project and the rest of the old deter like in city folk were you got to the city I what to see that and a bigger interment like the game cude verson and being the mayor

                                                            1. How is it rehashes when there’s only 4 games, one for each Nintendo system that has 3-5 years in between for development/launch? Get it right. Call of Duty is a rehash. Any EA Sports garbage is a rehash. Assassin’s Creed is now a rehash.

                                                                    1. Dafuq are you talking about dumbass? I hate COD and only play Counter Strike on Pc for a fps. I’m a die hard nintendo and you’re some dumbass 5 year old who tries to act mature.

                                                                1. By the way: Nintendo Fangirls like your own should really stop using the “uh u plae COD LOLOL” insult. I have never owned a copy of Call of Duty so don’t bring it up.

                                                          2. Animal Crossing: New Leaf reminds me too much of life, that one day stuff will perish. That’s why I prefer to only play games that have storylines and actions, distracts me from that stuff that’s deep and dark and true.

                                                          3. They’re both fairly fun. But I feel the 3ds/ds versions take the cake. I remember shooting my slingshot up at presents. Then the elusive u.f.o., good times.

                                                          4. Yes yes yes yes! No matter how many people say that this is for kids, screw that. Can’t wait until a Wii U version comes out!

                                                          5. I hope they let you play on the Wii U and then pick up the action on the New 3DS XL. Let it transfer back and forth without also having to buy a 3DS version.

                                                          6. So stoked for this!! I’ve loved Animal Crossing since the beginning. It’s such a uniquely fun type of game.
                                                            If you don’t like it – don’t play it. No need for negative comments!! =)

                                                          7. OMG!! Yesss! Finally Animal Crossing Wii U! When this game releases I will have to say goodbye to real life because once I start playing AC I will not stop. I remember I used sit and play New Leaf 9hrs straight everyday without dropping the 3ds even once.

                                                          8. I’ve been wondering about a Wii U Animal Crossing ever since New Leaf. I hope they announce that a Wii U version is coming in 2015.

                                                            1. Isn’t that kinda the only thing it COULD be? Because if it’s not a Wii U game, then there’s really nothing else besides maybe an “enhanced” Animal Crossing Plaza or something that could be added… But anything besides a Wii U game would be disappointing for me. xD

                                                                  1. when you said doe and then commented the rest, it really made me think about how in real life, a person is talking, and then mid-word, he or she has a hiccup or feels something that makes them stop there, takes a moment to swallow or whatever, and then continues. I don’t know if you know what I mean.

                                                          9. people really need to stop saying nintendo does nothing but rehashes cuz its getting annoying and its not true and even if it was ok so i see alot of other games that are overused * cough AC: Victory cough *

                                                            1. Yeah I just hope Nintendo has some really cool innovations in store for the Gamepad for Animal Crossing. I can’t wait to see how it’s gonna look in HD but most importantly how it plays

                                                          10. Hey Nintendo! Give us some good Animal Crossing news right NOW. Like, the Villager amiibo isn’t discontinued after all. Because that is SO stupid!

                                                            1. I saw Villager in store last time I checked. I’ll see if they still have him over in Target tomorrow. If he’s there, I’m getting him immediately! The prices are already starting to rise online and he’s unavailable in most places I looked!

                                                              1. My brother just found one Villager amiibo at Gamestop. Someone never picked up their pre-order, so now it’s my brothers. I wouldn’t mind buying myself a second Villager, so I can open one and keep the other sealed.

                                                                1. I checked at the Target and Villager wasn’t there. Damn it! Marth and Wii Fit Trainer weren’t there either so I guess the rumor really is true. :(

                                                          11. I put in over 300 hours of New Leaf. I haven’t played at all in several months, but for the first year that game was out i played it almost every day. The town was really coming along, considering i had a major hurdle: i let one of my kids play it firs and they became mayor. i couldnt restart the town and ruin her character… lol

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                                                          14. i agreed,but ac seems little bit fun BUT im more like big games fan :3 but srly,they make K.K. slider have a stage for the project work for next animal crossing i might people might BUY it amount of us people about 20%. i actually agreed every one who posted, but really like our town is small but while our house IS bigger than the villagers house -.- and i like if they made it more bigger side 100%! so i can much more things and all the characters from diffrent games of the animal crossing games should be on it and you should pick villagers you like too LOL it would be awesome what is whole time behind secret about the Maruqee of the clerk look like and the quince who introucing shrunk neither frillard, but i look the wiki about im not sure if it IS true, because they didn’t programed a lot the secret room so it was rough shape idk what it was but is the rumors are true or no..?

                                                          15. I love Animal Crossing, but it’s been little time since the 3DS one was released and I played the crap out of that one, so if this one doesn’t bring a lot of new stuff to the series, I’m gonna have to count myself out.

                                                          16. i really liked Lets’s go to the city. i think if they do make a wii u version of AC it should be based off that. I think they should bring back the music too.

                                                          17. You guys had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time on your hands oh so long ago. I just read about 25% of your conversation and I cvoundlnt stand by the way I started with animal crossing for the gamecube and it was an awesome game!

                                                          18. LOL EVERYONE saying the next one is on the Wii U is totally wrong! Amiibo Festival REALLY proved you can’t accurately predict Nintendo when it comes to their projects! Plus, technically the next one is Happy Home Designer for the 3DS.

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