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Target Selling Wii U With Super Mario 3D World And Nintendo Land Bundle For $249 Next Week

Missed out on some of those fantastic deals during Black Friday? Well don’t worry as US retailer Target should have you covered. You will be able to get a Deluxe 32GB Wii U with Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land for the lucrative price of $249. The offer doesn’t start till next week and will be available from Sunday, December 14th. Will you be jumping aboard this fantastic offer?

25 thoughts on “Target Selling Wii U With Super Mario 3D World And Nintendo Land Bundle For $249 Next Week”

  1. Funny how they always bundle Mario 3D World. I think that Nintendo just know they did bad witht that game (not many people buying it) so they force it into a bundle so many times…and maybe why they did a bundle to begin with. Sorry but this game didnt do very good money for nintendo since they didnt make a proper 3D Mario game..

    1. The game is amazing. It’s probably bundled because they know people want Super Mario 3D World, it has a 93% score on metacritic, and has sold 2.39 million copies, which is more than other next-gen games like Killzone, Forza, or Infamous.

      1. Ignore the troll. Three million sales on a console that only has an 8 million user base is amazing numbers.. For anybody to say different just doesn’t understand basic math.

          1. No, are you just dumb as a tree? For NINTENDO STANDARDS, it’s not good. Even they were expecting better sales, looking at the usual Mario games. I’m sure they were expecting more sales for a Mario game. Besides, they know all those sales are from parents or grand parents who buy Wii U for their kids. So With a bundle, they push more boxes into parents’ faces and towards parents bellies.

            1. Ao I guess 4-5+ million Mario Kart 8 is a failure because it didnt sell as much as Mario Kart 6 (Wii) did? Get with the fucking program dude. Just because it didnt sell as much as the past titles doesn’t immediately and necessarily mean its a failure in short or long term run. You forget, Nintendo games do continue to sell well long after their launches. In the end of Nintendo Wii U’s lifetime, MK8 could sell 15+ million which is not a failure.

                  1. Not enough compared to previous games though. Nintendo needs to take out the charts, COMPARE, and see how they can improve future games.

    2. If anything, why bundle Destiny with PS4 at launch? Because they knew that game is BS compare to what they told the public of what it’ll be like and offer so they overhype the shit out of it only to sell it to suckers so they can learn they paid full price for half a game and the other half will be $30-50 DLC later. Shameful stunt.

      1. No, YOU gotta be kidding ME. Don’t ever compare this plastic, linear, sugar coated game to the Galaxy series, or especially to Sunshine.

  2. Man, that’s $20 less than what I paid for this same bundle.

    And off the topic, has anyone else ever noticed that Peach looks a little cross-eyed? Especially in the picture on this post. I’ve been noticing this a lot lately.

    1. ok, so is Mario. What”s your point. Mario characters have been cross eyed since the beginning with the artworks. Chill out.

  3. I have been keeping up with Wii U sales numbers. They haven’t been looking good…. Until last weeks numbers came in.. The Wii U has sold 250k units in one week, in the U.S. alone. Thats the strongest numbers it has ever had at this time of the year. Over 350k 3ds’s were sold that same week as well, just in the U.S. I would guess the Wii U is at about 400-500k a week global, and the 3ds is probably 700-800k a week global. Keep this up for another five weeks and the Wii U will have a record breaking Holiday.

    I was worried about the Wii U hitting 10m this holiday, but now i’m convinced they will. The Wii U is selling almost double of what they sold this time last year.

  4. Why are we yelling and swearing about this? Let’s enjoy these games that brought us joy as a kid, rather than acting like one?

    1. I don’t beilive target cause there just trying to make a lot of money to be rich.Beilive me never trust target they think there smart but there very sneekey for money,plus I bought gloves for like $45!!! I mean why is that much thats so expensive!!!And I agree why are we yelling & swearing that’s very bad!!!!

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