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Marth, Wii Fit Trainer And The Villager Amiibo Are Apparently Being Discontinued

In a move that’s sure to disappoint a whole lot of people it has been revealed that Nintendo is apparently discontinuing Marth, the Wii Fit Trainer, and The Villager, Amiibo figures. Nintendo did say that they were going to introduce and take away various Amiibo figures, but no one expected it to be this soon considering it’s just the start of the holiday season. Hopefully this is just a rumour.

90 thoughts on “Marth, Wii Fit Trainer And The Villager Amiibo Are Apparently Being Discontinued”

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                “…You Sonyans seem to be closer to us Xbots than Nintendo is, but that does not matter….in the faint of time, your empire could secretly be working with the Nintendrones again, and slash us when we do not look at thee….we keep our eyes open….we are isolated, and we are used to it…….we are cold………… we like that…..”

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    1. We have multiple stores that ONLY have wii fit trainer. I understand the decision but.. if its true I just think its a little too soon.
      Either way Ive got my entire first wave so it doesnt particularly affect me.

  1. It makes sense. Most walmarts/other major retailers only have a 4ft section devoted to amiibo and only have a limited number of pegs. These stores will not be willing to give more shelf space for lesser characters. Retail is mainly concerned with getting as many of the pegs filled with Mario, Pikachu, Link, etc. If you want any of the upcoming little mac’s, captain falcon’s, etc be sure to preorder them now.

  2. I don’t really care. I have the Villager amiibo and his arms just break. Off. I think they are only discountinuing amiibos that break easily, and the strong ones and continued. Either people are stupid, or they don’t own a villager or wii fit amiibo

  3. Well going buy Falcon, Little Mac, and Pit, maybe two and sale them 50 each. Next wave Megaman, Ike, Sonic, Shulk, two each sell online.

  4. I bought the Marth and Wii Fit Trainer amiibo just in case something like this might have happened. It’s a good idea to go after the ones like that because everyone knows that the popular ones like Mario and Link aren’t going anywhere. If they’re still available around you, then hurry up and get them just to be sure!

  5. My local gamestops, walmart, target, and best buy have restocked Pikachu, Mario, Peach, Yoshi, DK, Samus, Link, Fox, and Kirby multiple times since the release. Villager has been restocked once at walmart. But, that’s it. I guarantee this is going to be legit. Plus, Iwata has already advised this was the gameplan. They have at least 39 more characters to release between now and when the last series of smash bros wave comes out. Which I am going to assume will be May or June.

  6. Nintendo just gave people who want amiibos the middle finger. There are tons of people who want smash but don’t have the game and console and would like the get amiibos.

    1. You don’t need the game or the console to buy the Amiibos themselves… A retailer or a clerk won’t ask for proof of purchase of the Wii U and/or Smash Bros—that’s just silly.

  7. Good thing I bought them all. I’ve taken most of them out of the box though. I need to go out tomorrow and see if i can re-buy the first set. I’ll keep these in the box.

  8. This is a dick move by nintendo and I really hope they reconsider. There are many others including myself who want Marth amiibos.

    1. Sorry, but I actually like Wii Fit Trainer. She’s cool. I don’t really care for Wii Fit, but I think she’s a pretty fun character to play with.

      1. You know the event I had to use that POS character for? She couldn’t even hit hard enough to cause 10% damage and the only way I had to beat it is to trick the opponents to get closer to the edge so I can grab and toss out. Wii Fit is one lame ass punching bag that had no purpose in a fighting game. Period.

        1. You arent as good at smash as you say. I played players who are devils with with wii fit. They dont need to edge grab. You must not be good with the character. Good players dont whine about characters they master them all. I played this one japanese player one time who played 6 rounds and never got ko’d once and always earned 6 to 8 ko’s each match.

            1. No. You just don’t know how to use her. Man, I wish I could face you myself and make you feel her wrath. Don’t talk bad about WFT. She’s freaking awesome. Oh well. Haters gonna hate. XP

                1. Good lord, I take it back. I just got finished playing some more matches with her and she really does suck. Her attacks can barely reach anyone. And her smash attacks (which are really the only ones that do any actual damage) leave her wide open to be hit. Even when I won that match I played with her I felt like she didn’t even deserve the victory because it was such was a pain in the ass to actually KO anyone. I agree with you. They should’ve made her stronger or something to make up for it. X(

                  1. So then all of that “oh shes awesome. You just suck at using her” nonsense was BS? I knew it. lol

                    Seriously, ya people need to stop lying to yourselves about this bitch. Like I said, Wii Fit is so weak that even Jigglypuff, the lightest character of all, can kick its ass and Wii Fit’s been an absolute waste of roster space since the reveal and her Final Smash..OMG. It is even more pathetic than DK’s. At least DK can trap a player and send them into oblivion if used right. Wii Fit’s Final Smash attack is like a light breeze. It doesnt do shit and it lasts for like what..2-3 fucking seconds?! lmao

        1. Whoa whoa whoa. Hey now, I didn’t say she was the best character in the game. I said her moveset is unique.
          A heal, A self buff, a standard attack that can Bury opponents, etc.
          I find a kit like that to be very interesting on a character.

  9. Dude, Marth was hard to come by I was lucky and found the last one at a toys r us. And I even preordered a marth amiibo at best buy 3 weeks before release. They never got them in.

  10. Man! The Villager is probably my favorite amiibo. And the first one I ordered. It would be CRAZY if Nintendo really discontinues these. At least wait a while longer. My brother hasn’t even been able to buy the Villager or Wii Fit Trainer yet due to christmas shopping.

    Marth is the only first wave amiibo I never got. I have never seen it in any stores. What kills me is that I saw an empty rack at Wal-Mart with the name Marth on the tag. Which means they DID have some, hut just sold out FAST. : (

  11. I may have to accept the fact that I’m going to miss out on some of the amiibo. Because I just don’t have enough money to pre-order every single one. My credit card is already maxed out. Dumbass christmas.
    : (

  12. That’s the stupidest rumor I’ve heard. They are making them to interact with games…. And they have 2015 news for animal crossing but they are going to discontinue the village amiibo…. Really…. I doubt its true. Nintendo not that backwards.

    1. Hmm….I never thought about that. Makes me skeptical of this now. However, I checked on several sites and they all said “sold out”, “out of stock” or ” unavailable” on The Villager, Wii Fit Trainer and Marth. So I don’t know?

    2. Not to sure honestly, talked to several employees today who’ve said they don’t have any of those three showing up in stock for this coming week and that they can’t put in orders for anymore of them. This was at target, best buy, gamestop, and toys r us. All said the same thing :(

    1. I’m guessing you just made the name “IRRELEVANT 4 LIFE” because you wanted to make that irrelevant comment…

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  15. I got to talk to a Nintendo representative today at Best Buy. He said these are not being discontinued. They simply underestimated demand and they under produced. He said there is a good chance the GameCube adapter is done though. This is just one dude though so we’ll have to wait for confirmation.

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