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Shovel Knight Is no Longer Exclusive To Nintendo And PC Now Coming To PS4, PS3 And Vita

Yacht Club Games has announced today during the PlayStation Experience that Shovel Knight will no longer be exclusive to Nintendo platforms and PC. The critically acclaimed title is coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. The PlayStation versions of the game will be the same as the current versions, but Kratos from God of War will be making a special appearance.

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95 thoughts on “Shovel Knight Is no Longer Exclusive To Nintendo And PC Now Coming To PS4, PS3 And Vita”

      1. This statement couldn’t be any farther from the truth. I appreciate them giving it to Nintendo first. It’s had a good run. The more they make, the better our chances for a sequel

        1. They gave it to Nintendo first… because Nintendo paid for that. Probably Sony is offering them a big deal of money too

  1. That’s good :) they deserve to expand and make more money!
    It did really well on the nintendo platforms, so no one can complain about ‘nintenbabies don’t buy 3rd party games’ :3

        1. Dunno m8
          But shovel knight is not b8 it’s great be happy m8 shovel knight has illuminati confirmed the sequel lelelel

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Silence, the PC Master Race is the beginning of those 2 fools and so I dominate over their pathetic lives…

            Plus I don’t buy Microsoft created games…

            1. So now you’re into Microsoft secretly… B/…. Not sure if you’re trolling or actually a double agent…

              I’m just kidding. lol I wanted to try PC gaming since I have a few full free games from Steam and..unfortunately..Origins. X( (fuck me)

        1. More like realists… Who in the right mind would say no to a huge audience of paying customers? Unless Nintendo pays for exclusivity, that is, in which case they would have to choose between the two options: accept the offering or go multiplat, carefully weighing between each’s benefits and opportunity costs (or best of both worlds: timed exclusive, which we got).

        2. HOLY SHIT, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER YOU DIDN’T END A SENTENCE WITH A “…” Otherwise, you would’ve said Traitors!…” We will forever look at this comment as the time Quadraxis revealed he’s actually human.

        3. Dude, it was on PC…you know, Microsoft…? I really don’t mind this on PS anyway. Nintendo did have their time with this beast game. You’ll never see any douche bag third party give Nintendo this kind of treatment. Rayman Legends could’ve been that case but there goes Ubisoft becoming another EA clone.

          Be glad we had and enjoy this game first and help made it a success and because of that, they’ll likely make another game for Nintendo also in the future. As long as this awesome stays the fuck far away from Xbox DOne, then I’m cool with it.

          1. Yep. This game deserves the most success it can get. In all honesty, they would be fools not to put it on other consoles… You know, unless they just hate money..

            1. Shovel Knight would succeed on PS4 especially since the chance of high sales is great. Vita on the other hand, not so much because of its failure and attach rate is bare minimum compare to GameCube and Wii U combined. And lastly, fuck the Xbox. They ain’t gonna get or deserve this shit especially since Xbots are stupidly talking shit about 360 having the most indies so PS sucks and now PS4 sucks because they now have more indies. lol Fucking hypocritical fanboys.

                      1. Oh, that’s the Japanese name. I meant Gravity Rush. You fight these blobs and manipulate gravity and shit. Also free roaming in a large world. It’s pretty sweet.

      1. I’m happy they’re getting more exposure! The more sales the better… it’ll increase the likeliness of more games like this from Yacht Club, and hopefully a sequel too :3

        I doubt the nintendo sales were the majority of those 300 000 sales anyways lol

          1. Yeah… We’re spoiled by Steam sales… Most of my friends and I have a large back library of games we haven’t started yet, and the only games these days that we really pay launch prices for are those that we preorder and want to play right away.

        1. They won the award only yesterday, I don’t think making the decision to bring their game to 3 more platforms and announce it at a huge event plans of had started weeks, or even months, ago is a matter of 1 night.

      2. That’s weird. I could’ve sworn this was already on the other platforms… Anyways, Good for those people with other platforms. Now more people can play. Even Vita owners. Lol. And Kratos? Wow, lucky…

        1. “Console exclusive” is the more accurate term used by those in the industry, but those who don’t play on PC simply refer to it as an exclusive.

      3. Assuming that everyone would buy this game on their systems.

        All of my friends who own an XBOX or PS4 (which is everyone but me) are all against this game being on their system.

        The reasons they give
        #1 being… GRAPHICS (in thier words, it sucks)
        #2 being… It looks like a kids game
        #3 they rather play NBA2K15 or it is Not CoD or Shadows of Mordor
        #4 it doesnt look that difficult

        and so on

        For me, to say this will sell exponentially well on the system looks highly unlikely. I am sure it will sell some but not a lot.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Of course the Xbots would say no to a sacred game like this…

          Denounce those infidels and join your new friends…

          1. And what’s funny is that 360 had tons of indies and made fun of PS fans for not having much. Now the tables have turned and they’re talking shit and saying PS sucks for having indies… lol

        2. Indie games have sold literally millions on PS. Don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe you’re tryna generalize and put down other gamers?

      4. This was inevitable and doesn’t really matter. Wii got it, and Wii got it first (well, I don’t know when the PC got it, but that would ruin my very forced pun)

      5. Kind of a waste to put it on a Playstation console considering how many fucking idiots will judge it solely on how it looks without even playing it. Oh well, trial and error…

      6. I’m ok with this, I’ve had the game for a while and it kicks ass! All thats left is for other consoles to play catch up! : ]. But seriously, good for them.

      7. It’s going to piss me off if PS fans don’t give this game good sales.
        I’ll quit acknowledging myself as a part of that fanbase if they don’t give this game sales that at least match the Wii U and 3DS versions, though considering their larger install base, they should beat those sales.

        Don’t fail me, you guys.
        I’ve got my eyes on you.

          1. It had better.
            PS and Micro gamers are infamous for making fun of, and looking down on, games that look like they were designed for Nintendo systems.
            That’s why I worry about the sales on PS4; even 15M doesn’t guarantee high sales, if the fan base is so obsessed over graphical realism and using the specs to their utmost, that any game that doesn’t have/do these things is just scoffed at.

            I’ve lost a lot of faith in Sony’s fanbase over the past three years, and I myself own a PS3 and know how great the games on it can be.
            So if the graphics whores and dude-bros turn down Shovel Knight, I’m going to quit associating with the Sony fanbase.
            I’ll still play the games on their consoles, but I’m not going to participate in their community any longer.
            I don’t associate with tasteless dude-bro graphic whores.

            1. Well on the bright side, if this port fails their expectations on PS4 (forget Vita because its already an epic fail), then Yacht Games will go back to making more Nintendo exclsuive indies.

              1. No.
                I’m not some blind idiot; just because I’ll lose faith in the Sony community doesn’t mean I’ll lose faith in the quality of the games on the systems.

                Ar Tonelico, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Vanquish, Tales of Graces, Ar no Surge, Zone of the Enders, Kingdom Hearts, and many other great games are within my PS3 and 2 collection, and their quality won’t drop due to my personal feelings towards the fanbase.

                I know and trust in what I like, and Sony, and by extension, the Playstation, hasn’t done anything to lose my trust in their ability to offer me some games that I’ll enjoy.

                The fanbase, however, is an entirely different story.
                I don’t need to like, or be a part of, the flood of mindless idiots in the fanbase, to enjoy the games on the system.
                I can easily distance myself from that community and avoid any relations with its members while continuing to enjoy the games that come to my PS3.

                  1. We’ve seen sales fail to live up to petitions in more than one instance.
                    All I’m saying is that I’m HOPING for Shovel Knight’s success, but given past examples I’m not going to raise my hopes into the area of confidence.

      8. Doesn’t matter, no one was running out to get a Wii U for Shovel Knight. Game is great don’t get me wrong but it didn’t help push consoles so no harm done.

      9. Anybody who is whining about this, should give away their Wii U’s/3DS’s to somebody else, because you don’t deserve them. I admit that I am a big Nintendo Fanboy, but Yacht Club Games dedication to bringing their games to everybody is admirable, not something to be scorned! Let me ask you this: if a game you were interested in (that was previously a Playstation or XBox exclusive), made it’s way to a Nintendo platform wouldn’t you be grateful?

        If you want to complain about something, complain about companies like Square (or Screw) Enix, who is really killing us! Look at what they’re doing! They’re porting FF VII (not even a remake like everybody wants), to the PS4. But it’s easily available on the Vita and PSP, so it’s not entirely necessary. But they won’t even bring the NES versions of Dragon Warrior to the VC, let alone bring the DQ remakes to the eshop or PSN! Only mobile, and not everybody likes gaming on a cellphone! I certainly don’t. At this point, I’m so fed up with SE, that I hope they don’t even bother bringing Bravely Second to the west.

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