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Nintendo Confirms They Are Discontinuing Some Amiibo Figures After Initial Shipment

Well it turns out that certain Amiibo figures will be discontinued after all. A spokesperson for Nintendo has told Wired that some Amiibo figures won’t return to market after the initial shipment. The company wouldn’t say which Amiibo figures would be affected but if you’re thinking of getting the full lineup you should purchase now.

“We will aim for certain amiibo to always be available. These will be for our most popular characters like Mario and Link. Due to shelf space constraints, other figures likely will not return to the market once they have sold through their initial shipment.”

78 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms They Are Discontinuing Some Amiibo Figures After Initial Shipment”

    1. Who exactely said that? It´s interesting to notice that the Wired article does not say names. And that every website where this information is mentioned always refer to Wired. Lame attempt to create some hate towards Nintendo.

  1. So are they restocking or not? Or after this last restock, they will be discontinuing some of the first wave? I’m confused.

    1. At this moment I can tell you its wise to pick the ones you know you want most. But also it would seam they well stop selling some. But nit till after the holidays


  3. Chew a cow, meat will be discontinued. Go ahead and discontinue my ass, then nothing will go in it or come out of it

  4. Wow Nintendo what the fuck?!! Don’t you want to make money? You did so good at the VGAs but now you gotta fuck things up with Amiibo. Can’t never have it all together can you?

    1. Why would they continue to stock amiibos like the Wii Fit Trainer when most people don’t care about it? Use some logic. It would be a waste of money for them. -_-

      1. That’s not a good enough reason. You need to understand that not everyone can buy these as soon as they release. Some people could possibly be waiting for Christmas to get them as a gift for someone and so on. Or some people may just need extra time to get the money. And it’s not just the fact that Nintendo is discontinuing some. It’s also because they aren’t even making enough of them. Do you know how much BS that is? For an amiibo that you want to be sold out and then Nintendo gets rid of them for good? It’s stupid. It’s like Nintendo just assumed which ones wouldn’t be popular so they purposely under supply them.

        1. I’m not sure where ninten is getting the idea Wii Fit Trainer didn’t sell from anwyays, Villager, WFT and Marth have been of short supply since release and are frequently sold out whenever they get restocked.

  5. Nintendo probably doesn’t want you to know which ones they are discontinuing cause then a lot of people would be going for them first. People don’t know which ones will go away so they end up buying the whole set just to be safe. And then that’s puts more money into Nintendo’s pockets. Lol. But seriously, this is BS. I’m not gonna be able to buy all of them and I’m gonna be pissed if one of my favorite characters gets discontinued.

    1. Yup. Their strategy is for everyone to buy them all without you knowing which ones are rare, which will in turn make them lots of monies surprise!….

  6. I can’t find Pikachu anywhere. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s one. Or Zelda. Metroid is selling out fast where I live. To do this is stupid. I will not buy a character if I can’t afford them now not will I pay more online later for them. Bad business decision. Nor will I buy the whole set when I just want a couple figures…

  7. Hmmm, well we have one rep saying no first wave amiibos will be discontinued and another saying they will.

    Maybe one of them is wrong? Hopefully this new guy is wrong. I really want to get my hands on the Wii Fit Trainer, Mart and Villager amiibos!!!


    Don’t believe this until they’ve gotten their shit straight. For all intents and purposes, it’s safer to assume that Wired is just late to the party with their info.

  9. It’s kinda stupid for them to do this if an amiibo has demand for it. Like… if you discontinue Marth (for example) because he’s not a “main” Nintendo character but there are enough people out there to sell another full shipment to, it’s stupid to not make that shipment. But alas… we’ll see what happens. Most of the amiibo I want are the ones they wouldn’t go out of their way to restock (Dark Pit, Ganondorf, Geninja, Falco, Duck Hunt, Megaman, Sonic, Pac-Man, Robin… yea), so I foresee a LOT of preordering for me. X.x

    That said… pre-ordering Shulk tomorrow. Between this and the supposed GameStop story… I’m making sure I’m getting my second-in-command for my amiibo Army.

    1. Do you think this will apply for pre-orders? Like will they be sold out before they even release? I also want megaman, sonic, duck hunt, pac man, and maybe shulk and falco on your list, and I’m wondering if I should pre-order them. I wanted to wait for more sales like the toys r us 3 for 10 sale but now I don’t know lol.

  10. I wanted to get wii fit trainer but couldn’t find it anywhere becouse my coutry got like 5 amiibos a store -_- and now they discontinue her comon and yes there’s no reason to keep her because no wii fit U + is in de making

    1. She’s not discontinued. Yet. Nintendo deconfirmed that statement yesterday. That said… I wouldn’t expect her to last long after the Holiday Season.

  11. They stated before getting them out that they would only be making them for a limited time if they aren’t popular or if there is not a high relavence for them. There is no point in them making sure there is always stock to the point they are not selling anymore on ones that only can be used for one game. If they do have use for future games I am sure they will make new ones of the same character, maybe new statue model but still can be used for both games. I am still wondering what the amiibos are going to do for Captain Toad.

  12. Can someone explain me What kind of SHIT Nintendo has in their brains? WHY IN THE EARTH you will discontinued something that everybody wants!
    People not only will buy amiibo’s for playing a few games; they’re buying this thing as collectors item, as toys, as something that you will care about like a fuck… pet! Damn it Nintendo! You do a good move, and now you want shit in your face! because FANS are going to be pissed off. Nintendo YOU NEED MONEY! UNderstand?? MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! ♪
    One thing is release the first shipment, wait for most of the batch is empty everywhere, and then release a second wave, third, and so on, with the same old amiibo’s and new ones, until they have ALL Smash Bros Characters all over the world. Another thing is creating something good, to discontinued after a few months.

    Are they NUTS for christ sake!

    Why.. Nintendo, WHY YOU CONTINUE doing so wrong… when you have an amazing idea! WHY!!! LISTEN TO YOUR FANS!!!

    1. Were you not reading the comments?
      There is NO SOURCE for this rumor, and it appears to be going off of EARLY REPORTS, which have since been DEBUNKED by an official representative.

        1. It´s not the newest and not even reliable. There´s no name ou source in the article. Wired published this very very late several days after that ridiculous VGP statement.

  13. I just don’t understand why they would discontinue within literally three weeks of release. That seems like bad business to me, unless they were just selling very poorly.

    I wont believe this until I see proof.

    However I do wish I would have kept all mine in the box instead of opening them… I was planning on buying them again in the box, but now… i dont know..

  14. Nintendo is dumbasses. And that’s something I don’t usually say. All of this limited supply of amiibo talk caused me to go in debt pre-ordering most of the second and third wave amiibo. At least, the ones I felt was the most rare. I WAS gonna uy little by little each month. But Nintendo caused me to go in debt and nearly ruin christmas.

    1. Seriously. I agree. This is so stupid. They should’ve had enough of stock of these things. Nintendo is seriously gonna ruin Christmas if they don’t get this fixed. I can only imagine how many people are gonna be disappointed when they can’t find the ones they want. And get those freaking GC adapters back too!

      1. I know. You’d think Nintendo would be trying harder to keep all of these things stocked. Especially with christmas coming so soon.

  15. Why not just hand pick more certain retailers to sell other Amiibo’s? Kmart/Big Kmart? What about their own website or partner with Amazon and/or eBay to sell exclusive Amiibo figures.

  16. More fear news about discontinued and sold out Nintendo products… Well, I guess I’ll have to go buy my Kirby, Marth, and Link amiibos soon, I already have Samus ’cause I know the moment a Metroid game comes out, I’m gonna buy it. I have Pokemon but I hate Pikachu, so ugly and annoying, overrated Pokemon that is famous just because of the series and not the games, just like Jigglypuff, in the REAL Pokemon games no one uses or cares about Pikachu or Jigglypuff. It would have been AWESOME to have amiibos of LEGENDARY POKEMON! But anyway, I guess I’ll get Lucario and Pikachu too.

  17. Toys R Us has Mega Man and Sonic for pre-order but they ship February, you guys think they’ll be sold out long before? I’m wondering if I should pre-order now or wait a bit for another sale like the 3 for $30.

      1. I’m gonna go in the next two days and pre-order. I think I should be good since they just added more Lucario he releases sooner.

  18. I know I went to Walmart three days after the Amibos launched and they literally had every Amibo available. Thats when I bought all mine.

    I went back to Walmart today and they didn’t have any at all. Not even Link and Mario. I couldn’t believe it. These things really are selling out… I’ll try Gamestop and Best Buy tomorrow.

    I feel sorry for the people that haven’t bought any yet. Nintendo should have prepared better for high demand. I doubt they will restock before Christmas.

  19. What is everyone’s thoughts on boxed/unboxed amiibos value?

    I currently own 9/12 1st wave amiibos (didn’t buy mario, peach, donkey kong), and the only one i didn’t unbox is Wii Fit Trainer.

    I’ve also preordered Lucario, Pit, Little Mac, and Zelda, and I probably won’t open Lucario.

    I guess I’m just wondering if I’m wasting my time not opening these amiibos…

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  21. that’s doesn’t make any business sense for me. All the figure seems to be sought after. People complain there are not enough and Nintendo decide to discontinue some. For what? force people to buy them????? Also if they discontinue some amiibo, that means they will be not game for those figures…..

  22. Everyone who is mad or surprised about this surprises me. Of course they aren’t going to continue to supply amiibos that are compatible with few games and aren’t in high demand. This is a smart business decision. Not everyone is a hardcore Nintendo amiibo collector.

  23. To everyone who says why would nintendo do this…look at the comments “I would preorder them now just look at the situation now. Better to be safe than sorry.” “I pre-ordered them from Gamestop due to fear that they might sell out fast.” People are reloading the toyrus lucario page praying to preorder. Scalpers are going to preorder hundreds now because marth is going for 100 dollars on amazon and ebay. Nintendo is gonna make millions on screwing you.

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  27. ._. Not sure if true or just another clickbait article from Sickr to piss people on this site off. This reminds me of the article that Xbone has outsold the Wii U with NO source to prove it. Least not a reliable source, anyway.

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