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Rumour: GameStop Could Be Planning Something With The Exclusive Shulk Amiibo

The GameStop manager that correctly gave us the date for Super Smash Bros Wii U has sent in another tip. The company is apparently planning to purchase enough Shulk figures to match the preorders. Once these are sold out the company won’t be getting any more in to give the Amiibo figure a rare status. Then when the second shipment comes in they will apparently be listing them as used for a marked up retail price. This is only a rumour at present, but the company has been known for doing similar practises in the past.

As you likely know, Gamestop will be exclusively selling the Shulk amiibo next year. From what I’ve heard, we will only be getting enough amiibos to exactly match the number of preorders — no more, no less. The idea is to keep the figure rare, increasing its market value and driving up demand. Then, several months later, we will receive a second shipment to sell as “Used” for a marked-up price.

45 thoughts on “Rumour: GameStop Could Be Planning Something With The Exclusive Shulk Amiibo”

  1. Somehow,I feel that it’s a bit of a overkill, since Xenoblade was a rare enough game as it is. no need to do the same with the Amiibo. And what about UK Shulk Amiibo? Any known plans for that?

      1. Oh c’mon this isn’t true FFS. For one thing, how the hell would they sell a used Amibo? And how would they claim to have obtained used Shulk Amibos? Who would bring thier Shulk Amibos back to gamestop and sell them? Another thing is there will not be enough of a demand for the Shulk Amibo. Xenoblade was a Niche game, and most people never even heard of Shulk until Smash.

        It’s just not true.

        1. I had heard of the game, if anything. I wasn’t aware of his name, if that makes sense.
          And a G$ in my area informed me that they weren’t taking amiibos for a trade-in. So while they Think they’re doing a plus on their part, it’s actually a plus for everyone buying a figure. Which means I’m buying two: one to keep & one to sell ;)

  2. Retailer exclusive amiibos shouldn’t have happened in the first place. That is complete BS. Whatever. I’ll just pre order him just in case. *facepalm*

    1. Why would you want an Amiibo that you use as your main. They fight alongside you or against you. It’d be stupid to have your main as one

  3. Just preordered 2 shulks and 2 meta knights. I wish I would have preordered lucario since that’s the one I care about most since I actually play with him online. It’s going to be near impossible to get him now at my toysrus hopefully they add more for preorder

    1. Except there’s no reason to think that Xenoblade X will be retailer exclusive. Especially since the New 3DS Xenoblade Chronicles likely won’t be either.

  4. Was gonna pre-order him anyway like I did with Link. After reading this teamed with the story on Lucario selling out… I’m making a stop by my GameStop tomorrow.

      1. I think they are pretty cheap for how nice they are. Some of them are more expensive, but they are usually priced well.

  5. It’s not true. I can’t believe all you people believe this.

    All you have to do is think about it for five seconds and you will realize how silly it sounds.

    1. They’ve done the exact same thing with Xenoblade Chronicles in the past. Y’know, THE GAME SHULK IS FROM? It’s pretty much becoming a trend with Xenoblade. Yes, it does sound stupid. It IS. But Gamestop will pull some stupid shit sometimes just to squeeze every drop of money they can out of you.

  6. ” The company is apparently planning to purchase enough Shulk figures to match the preorders”

    I thought that stores normally only had so many pre-orders available. And that once those pre-orders were all sold out, that was all? This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  7. I wonder since I live in Costa Rica they will just bring them all and they will have Shulk or I’ll have to import it from fucking GameStop…

  8. This sounds like the exact same thing that happened with Xenoblade Chronicles.

    Which is why I find it to be a joke to whomever this was told.

  9. The more I think this through, the less I believe it. I’m almost more inclined that someone saw it as a good business opportunity: “He told them right info once. Now, we have him feed them a false lead, people will panic, pre-orders will shoot through the roof, and maybe Nintendo will give us another one of these exclusive if we manage to sell him well.” That said… I was gonna pre-order him anyway, so it’s just a matter of me parting with a $5 down-payment on him now vs after the holidays.

  10. Just want to point out there is so much fail in the explanation given. “The idea is to keep the figure rare, increasing its market value and driving up demand.” Increasing it’s market value won’t drive up demand, it will drive down demand. That’s simple economics. Limiting it’s supply will drive up market value but it won’t affect the overall demand. There will be less people who demand the figure at a higher price then at a lower price. Demand for stuff like this isn’t perfectly inelastic.

  11. Who ever supplied this rumor is making a joke. This tipster is making fun of how GameStop did this exact same thing with original shipments of xenoblade.

  12. This better be a joke. If true, I hope Nintendo of America steps in & finally tells Gamestop to go fuck itself & no longer let them get exclusives & release Shulk amiibo to other stores. In fact, please be true so we can see if Nintendo of America is truly ran by fucking morons. If they stop Gamestop, we know they have some sense after all. If they don’t, we should go to NoA HQ & egg the fucking building!

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