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The Lucario Amiibo Exclusive To Toys R Us Is Now Sold Out Online


Yes, you read that right. The Lucario Amiibo which is exclusive to Toys R Us is now completely sold out on the website and at stores. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get your hands on it eventualy as stores should receive shipments soon, hopefully. Did you manage to get a Lucario Amiibo before they sold out?

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

22 thoughts on “The Lucario Amiibo Exclusive To Toys R Us Is Now Sold Out Online”

  1. Nintendo is raking in money from every angle. Haters on my nintendo news, a nintendo centric site, how does that feel? We told you patience and wisdom are a great match. Yet every day foolishly you come here to bash nintendo on a Nintendo site. Some of you aptly named sony and Xbox commanders lol. Let us enjoy our games on our glorious WiiUs and 3DSs. May the Christmas season be blessed for all us that play video games, remember your families and be humble, eat well and Merry Christmas.


  2. I honestly only care about Shulk and Ike….hate lucario…..and with 3 Ebgames within 10 minutes from my house, I have no worries….

  3. Wow, what’s with the bunch of FEAR news about sold out/exclusive/discontinued amiibos? This week a new trend began and it’s all about putting fear into Nintendo fans BECAUSE EVERYTHING WILL BE DISCONTINUED SO YOU BETTER PREORDER AND BUY NOW OR IT’S GONE FOREVER!

    I don’t know why Nintendo is going to discontinue amiibos, so if they release a new Wii Fit game and you can use the amiibo for extra features but it was discontinued, then what will happen? Maybe when a game for X franchise is released, they’ll make more amiibos for that franchise for a while again.

    But I came here to read news tonight and there’s like 45456454545 about Nintendo discontinuing 34435465465465464 things and 4546464554 things already sold out. Talking about putting panic into Nintendo fans… SHOP! SHOP! SHOP! SHOP! SHOP NOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. My thoughts exactly, why screw people over by discontinuing a certain amiibo only to release a game for that same amiibo later. Hopefully Nintendo will have an online store or something were you can continue to purchase them, or as I have said before make whatecer DLC the amiibo gives as paid DLC that can be bought through the eshop.

  4. I don’t know how anyone thinks this is sold out… I just pre ordered mine a minute ago at toys r, no store pick up only shipping.

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