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Nintendo Has Successfully Appealed Against Tomita Now Federal Court Orders New Trial

A judge last year ruled that Nintendo owes Tomita Technologies International for using Tomita’s patented camera technology in the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo has successfully appealed against the decision and now the Federal Court has ordered a new trial take place. You can read all the juicy details about the case, below.

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said that a judge incorrectly interpreted a key element in a patent related to the display of 3-D images on a screen without special glasses for the viewer. The misinterpretation then confused the jury, the court said.”

“Kyoto-based Nintendo appealed the lower court finding that its 3DS gaming system infringed Tokyo-based Tomita’s patent 7,417,664. While the appeals court said the patent element was interpreted correctly, it rejected Nintendo’s argument that the patent was invalid.”

“The appeals court sent the case back to New York for a new trial based on jury instructions that clarified the confusion over the patent element.”

29 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Successfully Appealed Against Tomita Now Federal Court Orders New Trial”

  1. I can sue Nintendo? Should I sue Nintendo? Do I want to sue Nintendo? Will Nintendo end if I sue Nintendo? I don’t want my Marios and Zeldas to go away if I sue Nintendo. I feel like I must sue Nintendo.

    1. It’s like the whole fucking world is after to destroy Nintendo blindly and for what? Because they’re successful in their own areas that other smaller, stranger companies have failed or never bothered to compete with and on top of that, self-indulgent motherfuckers wanna see Nintendo fall because they’re “too kiddy” to be a video game company by rights of fair business practice?

      Fuck the world and Nintendo is LIFE.

          1. Nintendo probably sometimes get the hate they get, because they play it too safe these days. Yes, some are jealous. Many of these games are good, but there’s not much freshness. Pikmin 3 is kind of the same as 1 and 2. It’s a good game, but it felt a bit lacking, like something actually new could have been implemented. That gamepad stuff doesn’t sell it. What, a map? K. 3D World is the most disappointing Nintendo released Wii U game by far. It’s an easy game, it’s a piece of enclosed plastic playing it all safe. Where’s sunshine’s exploration, and secrets or galaxy’s thrill? I do give credits to the last level for being actually tough. But that’s how it should have been during the game. DKC:TF is pretty much like Returns. I do like that, but they could have probably done more with the 3D aspect, or they could have done better shadows. I do like they took out the super guide. MK8, has a great feel to it. But many of the track layout play it too safe. I could probably create crazier tracks and more wow factor in my mind. Sonic Racing Transformed has overall better and action packed layout. So far, the games are really good…but they could do better and I know it. I’ve been with Nintendo since the gamecube. I’m glad they made my childhood a blast witht he gamecube. I feel sorry for any 8 year old these days who is growing up with 3D World, whereas I grew up with Sunshine. I always got stuck, and I always kept trying. I always tried to find blue coins. It was my first game, and that’s probably I am now the hardcore gamer I am today. First post was a troll move, sorry. I love Nintendo and the games they are making for the Wii U, but I hope they experiment more. Perhaps the next gen.

            1. Zelda u is trying something new.mario 3d world introduce 4player multiplayer (ok its not online) but still is something that havent been done before on a major 3d mario game.
              Smash introduce so many things.
              They are trying but yes they still need work to do, but if you notice they recently started making hd games and they are learning fast.

  2. you know why I find all these patent law suites stupid, Nintendo made patents themselves, if they infringe someone else’s than Nintendo should sue the people that said they could patent it

      1. Did you know that Nintendo patent the D-pad? Could you imagine all the lawsuit Nintendo could make?
        Don’t worry Nintendo see be an escape artists when it comes to lawsuit.

      2. There can be two pattents that are different(different technology) and still have the same result.

        Sony copy the idea not the pattent, they implement different technology on how the motion works than nintendo.

  3. Nintendo is my blood reborn

    new zelda game confirmed the legend of zelda shrimpshield has the hero of the winds link playable in the game it is a sequal to spiritracks for the ds

  4. Nintendo should sue both Microsoft and Sony for copying them all the time and damn my dick will get really hard like hard rock

  5. There are companies out there that exist for the sole purpose to sue bigger companies for patent infringement. These companies patent certain techknowledgy’s, but they intentionally leave the patents very vague, and open to interpretation. Then companies like Nintendo makes a product that falls into the vagueness of an existing patent. But the company doesn’t sue Nintendo right away. They wait until the device is a smashing success, and makes lots of money. Then they TRY to sue Nintendo.. These types of patents can sometimes confuse jury’s and judges both.

    Nintendo wins 98% of these cases, becouse none of them have any merit.

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