Here’s The First Trailer Of Shantae And The Pirate’s Curse On Wii U

WayForward have revealed the first trailer of their ultra colourful platformer Shantae and the Pirates Curse on the Wii U. The company has tweeted that the game is in its final stages of tests at Nintendo of America and could still be released this year. Be sure to check out the endearing trailer for the game which is posted above.


    1. Sorry but I didn’t spend €370 on my Wii U to play 8 bit games. Sure they’re alright a few indie games here and there but it’s all Wii U is getting from external developers. I’d rather have the new COD than this. These retro games are hardly putting the Wii U through its paces.

      1. Sorry that should be 16 bit for this game but there’s plenty of examples of 8 bit indie games also.

      2. Don’t complain. At least the 8 bit and 16 bit style games are still being made. People should appreciate the fact that any company is still paying homage to the classic days of gaming. I for one am happy about it. My only complaint is that they’re all digital instead of physical, retail releases.

        I’m still wondering where the AVGN game is? I thought it was going to become available on Wii U? But I guess it wasn’t popular enough or something.

  1. I love 2D side scrolling platformers so I’ll be picking this up. The indie scene is really coming on

    1. You no longer have to for a large corporation to produce games – And I think that’s absolutely brilliant. Now anyone with a little tech-knowledge can build businesses for themselves, and work freely without publishers or supervisors.

      With titles like this, A Hat in Time, and an array of others, you’re absolutely spot on.

    1. Are you dumber than chicken pie? Just because some Indie developer made a poor looking title, it doesn’t mean anything when it comes to the Wii U’s power. “This is Nintendo’s so-called next-gen console?” Yes, it is. Let me smack your face in the direction towards Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros. U, Pikmin 3, DKC:TF, Mario 3D World, and the Zelda Wii U trailer. That way you will have a better look at them.

      1. Chickens can’t type neither can Chicken Pie. I expected it to look somewhat decent with the little hype surrounding it but I guess I was wrong. DKC:TF & Pikmin 3 could have been on the Wii. Maybe even Smash & 3D World. MK8 is the MKWii version with upside-down tracks and updated graphics & the latest Zelda U gameplay has received a massive downgrade in draw distance & from what I saw there was stuttering in that gameplay presentation. Cel-Shaded games always look good.

        1. Its funny you say could of been a wii game when most of the “new” games for ps4 and xb1 are also just old games on 360 and ps3 ah ha

          1. AC Unity, The Witcher 3, InFamous: SS, Sunset Overdrive, Forza 5, Ryse, Driveclub, The Order 1886, No Mans Sky, Warframe, The Crew, Dying Light, Planetside 2, Transistor, EA UFC, Thief, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Dead Rising 3 & more..

  2. Idk why Capcom didn’t develop this cuz this look like a Mega Man game. Guys, I know it’s different and all, but the fact that it’s 2D AND retro, I see similarities, idk. When I look at Shantae, I ALMOST see some blue in there from mega man, or almost see mega man himself.

    1. actually the game its more like a metroidvania, i already played the 3ds version and it’s brilliant.

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