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Double Bladed Marth Amiibo Spotted


We seen Amiibos with all kinds of defects now it looks as though Marth has been affected too. A GameSpot reader has sent in an image showing the Marth Amiibo which comes with two swords and no sheath. The figure will undoubtedly fetch a fair price on eBay where it will presumably end up in a collectors hands.

Thanks, Alex

53 thoughts on “Double Bladed Marth Amiibo Spotted”

    1. Mass production… I still prefer this over broken consoles like what happened with the PS4;XBONE launches. And these work…

      It still sucks tough but stuff like this just happen when something is mass produced with a really high demand.

  1. The more amazing thing is that they found a Marth at all.

    If I had known how limited he would turn out to, I would have kept mine it the box.

    1. it’s probably the rushing part, as you can see already at there current rate they are already selling out so they trying to make as much as possible

    2. But this is like the best kind of manufacturing error I’ve ever seen especially when it comes to IT being so rare afterwards. I’m still watching out for a rare defected Amiibo to get a piece of that rarity money in the future. ;3

    1. Yup they want ppl to think these figures are more valuable than they are to adults when really theyre still just toys, made with $1 materials why spend even $12.99 on em? Let alone $2,500

    2. Why would nintendo do this on purpose? So the buyer can get a jacked-up amiibo and resell it for the thousands of dollars that nintendo won’t get? I don’t think so.

      1. Fortunately Nintendo thinks about more than the one next step in front of them. In the long term, these might not get Nintendo extra money directly, but it does get them a lot of free publicity. Look at all the blog and news posts they generate. Look at how many people are out trying to find those “rare” amiibo. It’s about making people excited and hyped up about amiibo in general. That leads to more sales all around — that’s more important than the hundreds they “lose” on ebay resales.

          1. I dont think so. Nintendo has alwayx been about quality control. To let this many slip by, it’s obviously done on purpose. OR most likely it is being done by the sellers themselves, as in fraud.

            1. That was my other thought, that people are making remodeling them, resealing the box, and getting thousands of dollars for a fake defect.

            2. It’s not done on purpose. This is only the third Amibo like this. You had Samus, Peach, and now this one, IF it’s real.

              Two or three defects out of One Million Amiibos is actually pretty high quality control. That means the odds are two in a million that you will get a defective Amiibo.. I wouldn’t gamble on those numbers..

              Plus, keeping this same quality control pattern, that would mean there would only be between 20-30 defects for every Ten Million Amiibos… That would make them extremely rare.

            3. It’s probaly an accident. Like a lot of people have been saying, Nintendo probaly had to rush amiibos and didn’t have time to check for defects. And even if I find a defect amiibo and sell it on eBay, I would spilt the money and send a check of the of half of the money to Nintendo. But if it was a rosalina and luma defect, and the luma was polari instead of regular luma, don’t expect it to be on eBay, I’d keep it cause rosalina and luma are my fav characters and polari is my fav luma!

  2. Could this be fake? There are a lot of crafty people who could change them and then claim that it’s a defect. I would never pay more for this. I rather have a normal one.

  3. Wow, the genius just went and ruined it by opening the package. Couldve made a bundle considering that the amiibo by itself is rare enough as it is.

    1. Looking at it more carefully it kind of looks like he/she replaced the left arm with a right arm, and seeing as its opened, he/she probably did.

  4. Nintendo really want to make this things cheap, no quality control at all.

    If this things keep poping out at this rate, those people that paid alot for the Samus and Peach amiibos… well they just waste their money.

  5. Nintendo knows they’ll make millions if they stop making their products. Look at the GameCube adapter. This amiibo will sell for one million dollars on eBay. I feel sorry for these scrubs who could’ve just waited until Nintendo makes more, and instead they waste their money.

  6. I should have kept my prefectly fine amiibos in their boxes. With all of these defected amiibos out there, regular ammibos may become rare.

  7. Every toy in existence, EVER, has certain models out there that have defects. Everyone preaching about “quality control” know nothing about that industry. It’s bound to happen no matter what.

      1. It happens on other markets to, but those aren’t worth as much as the ones from Nintendo. And they definitley don’t have as many hardcore fans that want to pay for production errors. So those story’s won’t blow up as Nintendo’s.

  8. When I first went into a store looking for Amiibos, there was a whole rack of Marth Amiibos! I’m talking about ten to fifteen of them… If i would have known I Would have bought them all!!

  9. I think some people are faking these by carefully opening the packages with knife and re sealing them. :/ Of course, some of them are real too.

  10. people have been doing this stuff in the skylanders community for some time this isnt rare just skillful artists with ingenuity preying on the dumb.

  11. I bet these people purposely defect their amibo because they know there are complete retards who will dish out money in a heartbeat for them. gives me some ideas.

  12. Well what do you know? Another person who knows how to open and seal the package is gonna score BIG BUCKS on eBay. I can’t believe the fools who actually pay that much for one.

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