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French Site GameKult Readers Name Wii U Console Of The Year And Top Three Games


Popular French publication GameKult has started its awards celebrations early and its readers have named the Wii U the console of the year. Not content with awarding the console as the best of the big three this year, the readers also awarded the top three games of the year to Nintendo. GameKult lists Super Smash Bros Wii U as the game of the year and Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2 as runners up.

115 thoughts on “French Site GameKult Readers Name Wii U Console Of The Year And Top Three Games”

  1. Bravo on winning the top three awards from Gamekult! Good job, Nintendo. Keep up a great job in the future, Nintendo.

          1. It’s a good game, just that many of the things in AC which people hated (like the terrible stealth mechanics) still persist in Unity. There were those launch day bugs, but it’s been fixed already.

        1. as pink0crystal0midbus said, unity is a good game, i play it, and it is nice
          but not even close to my top ten of the year

  2. excellent for a system every1 says doomed nintendo i love my wii u :) where are all the trolls at? u know they will be here to make excuses. i think the french have great tast in games :) dont see no call of doodie or or gta awsome list without those :)

    1. Lol what does loving your Wii U have to do with Nintendo financials? Anyways next year looks set to be a great year for Wii U, that’s without doubt

      And what’s wrong with COD and GTA?

      1. Nintendo’s financials is still solid and in a far better situation compare to Sony billions of dollars loss plus their online services under constant hack attacks and Microsoft’s constant loss of $ thanks to not only Xbox from the beginning but Zune, Surface and even their software giant side has taken significant hits. Nintendo can take a loss and quickly recover it because they learn from their mistakes and resolves as quickly both financially and consumer base wise.

        Call of Duty is shit now and GTA is still kicking ass and it’s a blast to play.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Their kid doesn’t even care much these days about China either…

                      But of course, they will listen once the Americans starts doing their foolish things…

                      1. I hope my country doesn’t do anything stupid, either. I know one thing, though: no reporters will ever have the chance to get even half a mile near NK’s leader because of The Interview. They’ll be paranoid that the American reporter might be an assassin. lol

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          I wish you could get out of your stupid country while I get out of mine…

                          Mine has become just as paranoid and stupid because they love the US so much…

                          Every plane they see that is not swedish within the borders, they immediately accuse it to be Russian planes…

                          First it was Russian, another incident apperantely was French and the latest was Danish…

                          This stupid nazi worshipping country went from being a rolemodel in this stupid world to become another pathetic sorry excuse to live in…

                1. Kim Jong Un is such an idiot. I hate him and all his stupid ass threats. You just cannot take that guy seriously. It makes me want to watch The Interview even more now just so I can see his assassination… -_-

                  1. I bet North Korea was up in arms about that puppet movie many years back where Kim Jong Il was the villain & was killed. lol

            1. As I’ve said many times already, Sony has plans to reach profit by 2016. Are you seriously doubting MS? MICROSOFT, the company which has more money than Nintendo, Sony, Google, Pepsi and Coca-Cola? Anyways I never said in my comment that Nintendo was in financial trouble, and no, they don’t adapt quickly

              The recent attacks are because of a specific group of hackers who are targeting both Sony and MS. Look up Lizard Squad.

              Well that last part’s down to opinion I guess…

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            GTA is played by those who do not like to obey laws or find human females to be of a lower rank than human males, which renders it invalid to our cause…

            Call of Duty is self-explainatory…

            1. Shut th fuck up nazi scum, you are not better than nintendo haters.
              Aweso ranking love the wide variety in it!! Im glad for you wiiu users! (Im a 3ds/xbone man)
              Hope more rankings get this variety because that what this generation need a wide variety of genres!!

      2. When you look at the list of games underneath the Wii U ones, it makes it plainly clear how much better Nintendo has been this year. Uninspiring doesn’t even begin to cover it.

        1. Uninspiring? Other than AC, the games listed in the top ten are arguably some of the better games to come out this year. If COD, AC, Halo, Fifa, and the like we’re in the top ten, then you’d be able to argue that the list (and therefor Nintendo’s contenders) was uninspiring- but that’s not the case. And I’ve heard good things from Danganronpa, TLOU, Dark Souls, and Dragon Age. As an RPG/strategy fan, these games are pretty appealing to me.

          1. You clearly slightly misunderstand me. I’m not saying those games aren’t the right choice for the top 10 this year – but that’s only because this year was a horrendous year in gaming. In a good year, only Dark Souls would make the top 10 games of the year out of those 7, and that’s just the truth.

            Oh, and don’t even mention TLOU! TLOU was released last year. If we’re really considering a remastering of a 1 year old game for this list then I really don’t know where we’re at (the voters at this website agree with me on this one though, as TLOU languishes at 34 on this list)

              1. Meh, meh, meh, meh, awful, buggy remakes, meh, and meh.

                The majority of those games will all be forgotten by a year’s time. Compared to last year’s TLOU and GTA V, which despite my distaste for both, clearly did leave their mark on the industry, that list of games you’ve given me leaves an awful lot to be desired.

                  1. Honestly not sure how you can make me out to be a Nintendo fanboy from that comment. I compared a list of this year’s apparent best non-Nintendo games unfavourably with last year’s best non-Nintendo games. Or what, you think Sunset Overdrive is going to matter as much in 5 years as GTA V or TLOU. If you think that you have zero understanding of the industry.

                    1. According to some Xboxfan Overdrive is a great game. Someone said it was better than Mario games. I’ll give you a hint, his name starts with letter “A.” Yet MK8 is wayyyy up there. Why not overdrive then?

                    2. You talk about games you have clearly not played. That alone makes you a fanboy. I don’t even think that you have played Smash or Bayo 2. Gta V is the worst in the series. Tlou was actually decent. Inquisition was better then both of them though. Mordor was better then both as well. I havn’t played Velocity, Cod Aw or infamous. Smash bros and mk are good games…but they are always good games, so no surprise there.

                      My top 5.

                      1. Dragon Age
                      2. Smash Bros
                      3. Bayo 2
                      4. Diablo 3
                      5. MK8

        1. Or maybe it’s an opinion? Stop acting like people who don’t play Nintendo games are stupid, makes you look so snobbish

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Hallowed is the holy N, the Sonyan Shapesifter has finally recognised his blindness and errors of his ways and must now only kneel before the only great empire to complete his Nintendofication…

      3. Geez just because the French like Nintendo doesn’t mean they have good taste. It means Ninty advertised well and it paid off. It’s so fanboyistic to think that other companies don’t have good games

        1. And they have done so much ass kissing in UK with all of these special exclusives, bundles and collectables and yet that still doesn’t do shit. UK hates Nintendo just to buy constantly repeated garbage every year and France actually has higher IQ to tell from good to bad gaming.

            1. Anonymous, a zealot of nintendo

              Whoever that person who leaded the advertisement in France, should be CEO of Nintendo, seriously.

        2. It’s not because the French like Nintendo that they have good taste, the point is for this differentiated Top 10 (actually what should be the common) is normally realized as they have a good taste, whether in any platform, generic games (with the exception of a few) do not appear, as COD;(among others known games)

        3. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

          Destiny, Assassins Creed, Titan Fall, Drive club, Watch dogs etc, Master chief collection etc……need I mention the games that did not leave up to their over hype?


              1. Excellent game! While the single player has tons of filler to make it longer, the gameplay is really awesome. Tryna predict what the alien might do and finding new tactics to avoid it makes the game full of replayability too. The fact that the alien learns from what you do only makes the game more exciting. Not gonna spoil anything but the alien can get ridiculously scary at times. Stealth and horror done really well. But the bonus modes are terrible. Not worth the time to try it

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Nice, thanks for the input…

                  I’ll get it one day then, when I have upgraded my current PC as it isn’t powerful enough to handle such newer games after 2013…

            1. Ignoring Sunset Overdrive didn’t sell any better than Bayonetta2 strange and Bayonetta 2 wasn’t advertised as much. That’s a lot of advertising money Microsoft spent trying to get Sunset overdrive to outsell AC Unity and Fifa. Sad I know. But hey they rather just play a PS3 game on Xbox with greater resolutions rather than unique tittles you can’t get anywhere else. Pity I know.

        4. Nintendo isn’t better advertised here than it is in other countries. People just like Nintendo is all, and we don’t base ourselves on prejudices or marketing to tell us what’s fun and what’s not is all. Playing with friends is still something we love to do in France, and nothing better than Mario Kart or Smash Bros. for that.

        5. agree with some point. Nevertheless one need to know there is no much advertising in France than other EU countries. Historically Nintendo did very well in France against Sega. PS and Xbox took lot of market share but Nintendo has a fighting chance in this country.

            1. I can’t wait to see if PS4 exclusives meet sales standards in UK like Fifa and madden. After all whenever a Wii U exclusive goes on sale,haters want to accuse of those games not meeting sales standards. Halo failed. FIFA out sold it. Sad I know.

        1. No they are smart gamers, period. Sony, MS and Nintendo are video game console manufacturer who selling an expensive product (yep heavily taxed) and the french think twice before buying a game that’s all.

          1. Sir Isaac Newton of Judah

            Jtz of Judah is a Nintendo fan that comments well on a Nintendo dedicated site. A site that attracts Sony supporters and Xbox lovers for some weird reason of other. Jtz of Judah has called out Nintendo when need be. Nintendo has done phenomenally in France. The French and even the Germans have a wonderful taste in gaming. Their diversity upon their charts is heart warming. Nintendo has three top at one two three, it’s the rest of the wonderful games from other consoles and PC that makes us happy. Gaming as it should be always.


          2. Oh because Halo didn’t meet up to standards? But its OK when you said Smash bros. didn’t meet up to standards according to you. Now I’m bullshit. Funny I never called you nothing hater.

          3. Full of bullshit huh. If Sunset over drive is such a great game, why didnt it stay top 10 like Fifa and GTA or WAtchdogs. What a damn shame at least 3 million people pad $500 for an Xbox one to play the save shit on a PS3. But I’m bullshit.

      4. People on Gamekult are fighting in the comment section like crazy. Same “lel this site’s for kidz” arguments you can see everywhere. Some are even saying Nintendo paid Gamekult, ahahah.
        The french tears.

      5. Waddaya know, my top 3 most played games are the top 3.. well, actually, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 may catch up soon. Just bought Captain Toad and Dragon Age. I hope they’re good. I really didn’t like the first Dragon Age game :/

      6. If anything, this shows that things are looking up for Wii U, hopefully 2015 will be an amazing year for Wii U, with all the first party games already announced for the system, plus the continuous praise Wii U games have recieved this year, Donkey Kong Country:Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros for Wii U…etc. After a less than stellar 2 years, things can only go up from here for Nintendo’s latest home console…

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      8. Really happy to see Nintendo over there. This year was great for Nintendo since it launched so many great games. Very Happy for Rayman Legends and Tropical freeze for some recognition.

      9. Awesome! It looks french people LOVE Nintendo, I thought they just voted for their Top 3 Wii U games but then I saw it was an all consoles vote and I was impressed how Bayonetta 2 was #2 (lol) beating Mario Kart 8 and even super-hyped games that sold millions like Destiny. Nintendo should take care of these Nintendo fans ’cause it seems they are loyal.

      10. Halo number 25? An exclusive that Xbox fans brag about? Sad I know. According to Xboxfans realistic games are better than cartoon games. So why are the non realistic games before the realistic games? Sad I know. According to Aelus Overdrive is a great game with better visuals than any Wii u. Tittles. So if its true why Smash bros came in 1st place? What place did Overdrive come in?

      11. Xbox box fans have a reason why a 2D Tropical Freeze game outdid TLOU and Halo? I guess Hallowgrape J was right graphics and resolutions don’t matter huh? Pay $500 for a console at the time to hardly see any exclusives for the system ranked high. Its nice to see my Wii U money pays off to make more outstanding software in the future. Sad I know.

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