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Euro eShop: Tomodachi Life And Metal Gear Solid Amongst 3DS Home Menu Themes Launching Friday

Nintendo of Europe has added a number of new 3DS home menu themes this week. Arriving on Friday, December 19, seven new themes can be purchased from the European eShop. The new backgrounds include a rather fetching yellow and turquoise spotted Tomodachi Life theme, along with Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D bundle, and Mario and Luigi moustaches – despite the Movember event concluding last month. Excluding the Metal Gear Solid theme which is priced at €1.49 / £1.39, the other three are priced at the usual €1.99 / £1.79.

Also available on Friday are standard striped backgrounds, arriving in a dashing red or blue, and are priced at the lower €0.99 / £0.89. 3DS users can grab the Sonic theme bundle, which is already available in North America – featuring all four characters with Amy, Shadow, Chao and Sonic – for €5.99 / £5.39. You can take a look at four of the seven themes in the gallery below.


28 thoughts on “Euro eShop: Tomodachi Life And Metal Gear Solid Amongst 3DS Home Menu Themes Launching Friday”

    1. In relation to the “redesigned” Wii U GamePad MK8 advert, I’m sorry to disappoint you guys – I’m a cameraman and I can tell you this from experience – the ‘new’ gamepad is actually a trick of the camera lens caused by the distant focus and a long lens. The light from the gamepad diffuses, or ‘blooms’, and makes the rest of the bevel seem small by comparison
      You can try this at home if you have a camera – point the lens at your christmas tree and change the focus, the lights will seem massive
      It’s the same old gamepad. Sorry.

    1. It may not run well because it’s graphically intensive (not saying Wii U is weak to run it) but what about porting Metal Gear Solid 4 to Wii U instead as compensation to Nintendo fans to get into the MGS hype?

        1. Isnt that what Kojima also said about MGS on PS1? lol Besides, PS3 had its time with MGS4. If they do decide to port that for Wii U for compensation from MGS5 skipping it, then I’m fine with that and buy the game.

                    1. Maybe. But that’s because Nintendo never had a serious MGS game ever nor any any new ones so the fan base over here is almost nonexistent for that. If they happen to reveal MGS4 or 5 coming to Wii U, then it’ll spark lots of interest and hype. I’ll buy either games if they happen to come.

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