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Free Cat Mario Show 3DS Home Theme Now Available In European eShop

cat_mario_show_bannerNintendo of Europe has updated the theme menu today and added a free Cat Mario Show background. It arrives before the seven new themes – including Tomodachi Life and the Sonic theme bundle – which are due this Friday, December 19. 3DS users have from now until January 15, 2015, to download the free theme, which sees Mario and Peach puppets parting tips to young gamers. The stylish puppet background can be located in the theme shop from the 3DS menu screen. To check out the latest Cat Mario Show, head on over to the UK Kids Club website, here.

13 thoughts on “Free Cat Mario Show 3DS Home Theme Now Available In European eShop”

  1. I’m getting the same error code with this free theme that happened with the Spinner Mario ‘free’ themes, so this is probably a mistake as well. Unless people have actually downloaded this one for free this time?

    1. If you click the actual theme link on the homepage it should work. I kept getting an error code when I clicked into new themes. It’s the closest thing we’ll get to a 3d world theme I guess. Can’t wait for the metal gear solid theme too! :-D

    2. I’ve just downloaded it without the error code. Similar to what NintendoImpactGaming said, just click into the theme shop via the home screen (in the top left-hand corner). Select Cat Mario Show and it will display the one free theme available. It should send you to the download page from there. :)

  2. Nintendo seriously needs to stop kissing UK’s ass for sales. None of the sweetest perks on earth is gonna change their stupid ass minds from stop buying garbage and hating Nintendo because of its chosen outlook years ago (90s)

    Bring all of that sweet goodies to the U.S. and watch the country love you more. UK is a lost cause from the start.

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