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Here’s The Lovely Kirby And The Rainbow Curse North American Box Art


It’s time for some box-art and this time we’ve got the Kirby and the Rainbow Curse North American box-art. The artwork retains the lovely unique clay look of the game which fully utilises the Wii U GamePad. Fans of angry Kirby will be disappointed as this time around the box-art features a happy Kirby figure. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is heading to the US on February 13th.

Thanks, Conan

34 thoughts on “Here’s The Lovely Kirby And The Rainbow Curse North American Box Art”

    1. Just a difference between the Japanese and American cover art. Japanese always had a happy smile Kirby while the Amerocan version had Angry Kirby most of the time.

      And that’s a huge deal? I don’t know. It pretty much buyer’s taste

  1. What? No angry Kirby on the boxart? This does not appeal to me as a westerner! Where are the violence? Preorder cancelled #yoloswag420blazeitmyspace

    1. Remember, It’s a Kirby game, where it’s all cutie-patootie and happy and then BAM! Final Boss is some creepypasta one-eyed abomination made out of blood and clay.

  2. Yeah I guess it shouldn’t be such a huge deals for those Angry Kirby fans… Last year I bought Zelda a Link Between Worlds game, had to deal withbthe fact the American Gold cover was inferior than the European cover…

  3. I still can’t believe thst this is a retail game. The first time I saw this I figured it as as going to be an eShop game.

  4. If I didn’t know who Kirby was, this cover with a sunburnt/skin diseased mole would be very confusing. I would not want my kids playing skin disease mole.

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