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Mega Man Zero Now On Wii U Virtual Console And There’s A Huge Mega Man Sale

There’s plenty of love for Mega Man today as Capcom has not only announced that Mega Man Zero is now on the Wii U Virtual Console, but there’s a huge Mega Man sale. This is all in part to commemorate twenty seven years of Mega Man by Capcom. The Mega Man games are discounted until December 22nd. Here’s the games you can get hold of via the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

Nintendo 3DS

  • Mega Man II GB ($1.49)
  • Mega Man III GB ($1.49)
  • Mega Man IV GB ($1.49)

Wii U

  • Mega Man 5 NES ($2.49)
  • Mega Man 6 NES ($2.49)
  • Mega Man 7 SNES ($3.99)

20 thoughts on “Mega Man Zero Now On Wii U Virtual Console And There’s A Huge Mega Man Sale”

  1. All of this is gonna translate to either Mega Man Legends 3 or a brand new Mega Man game built from the ground up being exclusive to the Wii U and possibly even the 3DS too……..MARK MY WORDS

  2. I passed on mega man when I was younger. I would rather play this on the wii u rather than 3ds. Any worth getting on wii u? Or are the enjoyable ones not released / or on the 3ds?

    1. Yes it’s worth it. If you wanna try a Mega Man game on the Wii U, I would try Mega Man X, X2, and even X3. Also Mega Man 5,6, and 7 is worth it too, just not quite as good as the “X series” in my opinion…

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