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Polygon Removes Their Mario Kart Pie Chart And Hopes You Didn’t Notice


Remember that Polygon article that had that nonsensical pie chart which was part of the article explaining to us how Mario Kart 8 would be one of the worst selling games in the series? Well it looks as though they’ve removed it after it was named by NeoGAF as one of the worst video game journalism articles of 2014. The pie chart has now completely vanished, but can be seen in a cached version of the site.

mario_kart_sales_releative_to_platformThanks, Kino


70 thoughts on “Polygon Removes Their Mario Kart Pie Chart And Hopes You Didn’t Notice”

    1. Takerkaneanite619 PLC LTD

      Mario Kart is the definition of multiplayer fun. Well at least in my books. Whehever I play multiplayer games with my brother, the only series he will play, at 23, is Mario Kart. Mario Kart Wii is our most played game ever. Beating out games on PS1, other Wii games, PSP, 3DS and Wii U. We have put more than 400 hours into Mario Kart Wii, since 2010 and quite a bit into Mario Kart 8, since June 2014…

  1. Takerkaneanite619 PLC LTD

    They had a good reason for believing that Mario Kart 8 was gaoing to be the worst selling in the series, but it was the numbers that were so ludicrous. 1.26 million by March 2015, when it reached that number in 2 days and is closer to 4 million than 3 million. Reasoning-Good. Evidence-Aweful…

    1. there was no good reason whatsoever.. they took the total installbase of all the other consoles for their comparison, completely ignoring the fact that the install base at *time of release* of the other MK games was far lower than the total after the end of their respective lifecycles…. for the wii U of course they only had the current install base as a reference since it didn’t reach the end of its lifecycle… apparently nobody at polygon thought that to be idiotic…

    2. In its lifetime sales, MK8 will more than likely beat Super Circuit sales 6:1 so that graph is instantly BS and trying to make the game and Wii U sound terrible in the market when its doing fine and better in 2014 than 2013.

  2. Completely nonsensical article – pretty much everyone here called it out and we all proved to be right. I still thought MK8 could be the worst selling in the series – but I don’t think even that is going to materialise now. Within the next couple of years at most it will have outsold Super Circuit.

    Goodness knows why they thought it would have an attach rate of only 20%. It was always going to have a higher attach rate than the Wii version, which was at 35%. Unbelievably clueless.

    1. Let me just say, these are the same people who gave Bayonetta 2 a rating of a 7.5 because it was to sexual! The only video game review to give it a lower score than the 9.0 and higher it’s had from other people.

    1. I would cancel that BS “journalism” site if I were them and smart enough to avoid more embarrassingly hatefuly fallout from this hideously stupid graph and media post. How fucking dare they use MK8’s first two day sales as an excuse to say its the worst game in the series due to its first fucking week in the market as means to damage the Wii U platform even further which makes me even more disgusted and angry. Now I know that Polygon is full of shit with their media and add them on my shitlist with IGNorant and GameSpot.

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    1. Nope. Polygon predicted 1,26 million copies and the game already sold 3,2 million (not counting digital sales, which are also huge. Check the charts again

    2. If Nintendo sold half of what Polygon predicted, then that must mean Polygon predicted MK8 to sell 8 million copies? And if they predicted that, then that would be in direct conflict with what they said about it being the lowest selling Mario Kart… Something aint adding up.

  4. Well, that forum is hilarious, lots of people defending Nintendo there from bad journalism.

    But for me the worst articles is IGN’s Pokemon ORAS review with taht7.8, not only the review was badly written, but the cons for giving it a 7.8 were very stupid.

    Then there’s this guy that game Smash Bros for Wii U an 8.0 just because his had daddy issues, and then another guy gave it another 8.0 for no reason, seriously, no reason, the daddy issues one came out first so it got more attention, but this one is worst, the guy not only gave the 3DS version a higher score, an 8.5, but when asked by someone in the comments why give it a lower score than the 3DS one when it has better graphics, more content, more music, better controls and better everything, the reviewer replied that all that was just “relative”, WTF? And in the article the only complain he gave to the Wii U version was how the music changes everytime you are in the main menu because Nintendo knows you’re gonna play it a lot, WTF!? And he wrote the review like if he was writing a poem, seriously, one of the worst reviews ever, no reasons, just stupid talk, the guy looks like a hipster drunk out of coffee writing crazy shit at Starbucks. The review doesn’t make sense, and looks like he gave the Wii U version a worst score just to get attention and be “cool” by giving it a lower score than everyone else and because of his “poetic’ senseless reasons.

    Put that review with the Pokemon ORAS review together, and you will now know how awful review can be.

    1. You obviously didn’t read the ORAS review or were too butthurt to process their logic. IGN clearly stated that too much water meant that electric and grass types were overpowered, and fire type irrelevant, thus making the game incredibly unbalanced. Remove those fanboy goggles and have some sense please

  5. Yeah that’s right when all else fails try to cover up your fuck ups by trying to erase them instead of owning up to your mistakes eh Polygon?……smgdh. They are a bunch dumbasses anyway. They’re the same ones who gave Bayonetta 2 a 75 because they said it was too sexy…..smh. These muthafuckas are incredible

  6. Maybe this is a sign that video game journalists should be a bit more professional and not make idiotic jokes that can backfire on then anymore.

  7. Nintendo haters don’t need facts to write doom and gloom articles. And they don’t care when they get proven wrong. Nintendo hating has become a trend. They want mainstream fps gaming, mountain dew and doritos!

    I love Nintendo even more when they are not mainstream. They produce better games when their user base is smaller. So as far as I’m concerned you haters can continue to stay the hell away!

  8. Good. Get rid of that disrespectful garbage out of everyone’s eyes. MK8 is already on path to surpass Super Circuit total sales in a matter of weeks from now so it wont be the “worst MK game sales in the series” anymore. So STFU Polygon; yet another shitty “video game journalism” hell bent on making Wii U look terrible as part of the BS hate train started by EA, Bethseda and Ubisoft’s lies.

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