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Here’s The Small Mario Party 10 Wii U Box-Art


It’s super small, but we’ve finally got a good idea of how the official box-art for Mario Party 10 on Wii U looks. Hopefully we will get a bigger image soon, but for the time being this will have to do unfortunately. Mario Party 10 for Wii U is scheduled to launch on the platform in 2015 and will also support Amiibo.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

60 thoughts on “Here’s The Small Mario Party 10 Wii U Box-Art”

        1. My favourite from top to bottom
          1. Mario Party
          2. Mario Party 2
          3. Mario Party 9
          4. Mario Party 3
          5. Mario Party 6
          6. Mario Party 4
          7. Mario Party DS
          8. Mario Party 5
          9. Mario Party 7
          10. Mario Party 8
          11. Mario Party: Island Tour
          12. Mario Party Advance

          Yes I played all. I have no life :((

    1. Does anyone feel that the recent Mario Party games just aren’t as good? Nowadays its 100% luck-based and the boards are super short. They removed stars, Boo, and items too! And the fact that nowadays, everyone moves around in one vehicle is just meh…

      1. I stopped playing them after the DS version. It just doesn’t feel the same to me anymore; which is a real shame since I really enjoyed this series :/

        The thing that ruins this series for me is not only the vehicles, but it relies too heavily on luck which really devalues the fun factor honestly…

      2. I couldn’t agree more, Yoshida. And that’s not something that happens normally. After the first 5 Mario Parties, things started going downhill. They started being more and more based on luck instead of skill. And I HATE that! Mario Party 9 is the absolute WORST! They ruined the formula that made the series fun by adding that stupid cart thingy that everyone rides in. I sure hope Mario Party 10 redeems itself.

    1. Lol I remember me and my two friends were playing a Mario Party on the Gamecube and one of them got to the top of this mountain and he had to pee so we promised we wouldn’t do anything (only one of the friends kept that promise) and I got the controller and told the guy who offers you the star that I don’t want it and it sent him back to the bottom of the mountain and he came back and got mad and we stopped playing because I was a “cheater” (now known as troll). The one who got trolled uses this site so I’m sure he’ll see it.

  1. Mario and friends could look better and less out of place but it’s Mario party so it doesn’t matter that much I guess.

    1. Mario Party is a controller throwing game. If online was availible, then no game of Mario Party will have an proper end to it as someone is bound to raqequit…

    1. Probably in Bowser party where they have to screw the other players around I guess. Or maybe they are just there to fill a bit.

      I hope this game will make decent use of the Amiibo but I fear they will just give us another character to play as.

  2. Off topic a little, but I wonder how the amiibo feature will work. That’d be cool if it unlocked something extra and you could play against your figure. But I think it will end up being about unlocking items or something like that.

    1. Unlocking a new character is my guess… If that’s everything they are going to do except for smash I hope they come with Amiiboland or so quickly that really needs them to be played.

  3. Perhaps a little bit late, but merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone!

    Looking forward to running into you guys & girls in Smash Bros 4 Wii U/ Bayonetta 2 online!

  4. Will there be a mode where you can play normal Mario Party?(No car, hunting for normal Stars and paying 20 coins for them…)

  5. I had the most fun in Mario Party 1, 2 and 5. Mario Party 3 and 4 was ok. Starting on Mario Party 6, things started going downhill. Beginning with that super gimmicky microphone. Which didn’t always work. Mario Party 9 killed it for me.

    Unfortunately, since I no longer have anyone to play these games with, I might not be buying Mario Party 10. At least not until I find it bargain priced.

  6. Hey look a promotional artwork done by nintendo that finally showcases the black wii u instead of the white wii u. In a lot pictures of demonstrational stuff and artwork, and wii u stands at gamestop they will always show the white wii U even though the majority or 90% of wii u owners have the black wii u.

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