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Iwata Says That The Iwata Asks Series Will Be Back At A Later Date

We all miss those kooky Iwata Asks segments which delve deeper into the development of Nintendo products. Thankfully, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says that they will be back once he’s recharged his batteries. Iwata felt that consumers had grown bored with the series and that the company had put too many out, however he said “it’s recharging right now, so to speak.” Iwata also revealed that they’ve published over 200 Iwata Asks interviews.

4Gamer: The ‘Iwata Asks’ articles are something that the media could never write, don’t you think?

Iwata: Well, there are a lot of interesting stories that happen internally, and I definitely thought you’d never be able to get the developers talking about some of them if you didn’t make games yourself.
So, when we started, I had a good time, the readers seemed to enjoy it, and the people I interviewed said it was a very good way to wrap up their projects. Through speaking to developers, you can also create new possibilities, discover hints, and evaluate problems together so for me it’s like killing five birds with one stone.

Kawakami: Five birds with one stone (laughs)

Iwata: But of course, doing it for a long time, our customers and even myself grew a little bored with it, so we decided to rest it for a while and it’s recharging right now, so to speak.

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