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Amazon Posts Their Favourite Video Games Of 2014

It might be 2015 now but that hasn’t stopped popular online retailer Amazon from posting their favourite video games of 2014. It comes as no surprise to see games such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8, but they’ve also chosen some more obscure titles which makes it a little more interesting. Here’s the games which they believe to be the best of 2014.

10. Dragon Age
9. Octodad
8. Mario Kart 8
7. South Park
6. Super Smash Bros
5. Sportsfriends (PS Move)
4. Towerfall
3. Dark Souls 2
2. Transistor
1. Shadow of Mordor

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100 thoughts on “Amazon Posts Their Favourite Video Games Of 2014”

          1. Oh so when Zelda has motion controls it’s the greatest thing ever made, but when it’s a PS Move game suddenly it means we should all automatically dismiss it right?

                1. Remember Sony during PS2’s days? That’s the Sony I expect out of them now. But they’re merely copycatting Microsoft and Nintendo for every chance they get and its a damn sad sight to see.

                  1. Remember Nintendo during the GameCube days? That’s what I expect out of them now. But they are merely not making consoles for actual gamers, it’s as if they lost their touch and it’s a damn sad sight to see.

                    Fixed it for ya! You can thank me later.

                    1. Actually and ironically, thats exactly what people are calling Wii U: Gamecube 2.0 because of its underrated nature and presumed “lackof third party games” even though its there just like the GameCube.

                      You say Nintendo lost their touch? What about Sega when they’re milking and killing Sonic but also killed their hardware business the same way? What about EA/Ubisoft releasing too much broken games for profit instead of respeacting their fanbase for longer run success? Or how about Microsoft stupidly making a 3rd Xbox named “Xbox One”, like WTF is that big ass black box trying to be? An all in one betamax, a cable box, a black paywall plague nightmare, a fucking IED when it explodes, a PC in a box or a gaming console? I’m not sure WTF its trying to be anymore. That’s what you call “lost their touch” with both reality of gaming nature and its own identity.

                      1. First of all how dare you compare the GameCube to that price of shit Wii U.

                        Secondly what about Nintendo Milking the Mario franchise ESPECIALLY the New Super Mario Bros. And I’m so sorry that Smash bros. and Mario Kart are sooooo similar to their predecessors. If anything Nintendo milks their franchises the most FACT . It’s coming to a point were Nintendo and their games are becoming so damn predictable to the point where it gets boring…

                        Lol I know you are not trying to make fun the Xbox One’s name. What kimd of crackhead comes up with the name “Wii U”? That’s got to be one of the most ridiculous name for a console… Oh and Xbox One is just a black cable box? Look at the Wii U, its literally a Wii on its side with rounded edges. I don’t know what are you talking about the Xbox One exploding, but hey Nintendo needs to take notes from Microsoft and Sony.

                        Yes it’s true that Microsoft and Sony where trying to compete against the Wii U with the whole off TV Vita play, and Xbox glass, but you know what seperates them to the Wii U? IT’S OPTIONAL.

                      2. Stranga’s comments in a nutshell:

                        Nintendo is awesome I don’t know what you’re talking about! Now let’s change the subject hey bullshit DRM PS Move ripoff blablabla!

        1. You sir must be new, hes been here for quiet some time he just hasnt been active lately, and even before, he wouldnt post as much but he sure would put trolls in their place.

          He has his own blog so thats probably why he hasnt been around as much.

        2. That would be me. As the above comment said, I’ve been around for a while. I have just been a bit busier recently, so not much time to post and surf.

        1. Actually, it looks better than what I had imagined it would be. Still, I’m not sure if it’s a game that can compete with the other ones in the list.

                  1. You’re one to talk about Wii U being a “failure” over “weak hardware” excuse plus no third party who’s also taking shortcuts on releasing garbage to con other fool’s money elsewhere from Nintendo. Try again.

                      1. And if so, why its still on the market? Its in far better shape than Vita which sold bare 9 million IN 3 FUCKING YEARS, most of Sega’s milked console models like Dreamcast and Virtual Boy so its not a failure as of yet.

                          1. It’s in a far better shape than the Vita? Lmfaoooo last time I checked the Vita has been outselling the Wii U.

                            1. Stranga, you know that the Virtual Boy was made by nintendo, sold less than a MILLION units, and everyone hated it. Nintendo isn’t flawless you know. By the way the Dreamcast was amazing for me. Good but fuzzy memories…

                              1. Dumbass, don’t you think I would’ve known that by now? The reason why VB failed was because Virtual Reality wasn’t ready and it was as primitive as 3D back then.

                        1. Because 1. I already know what to expect in the game like shooting shit on scree and 2. I really don’t give a flying fuck about Ubiliars anymore. Even if they reform and promise better respect and support for Nintendo (which we’ll all find out that its pure BS all over again), I’m not touching shit from them or even look at them.

                1. Sportsfriends has actually received pretty wide acclaim and praise, especially Johann Sebastian Joust. While I don’t especially agree with all of the rankings on this list, I’m glad someone in the public’s eye is looking beyond the big budget and big selling games for their top lists.

                  1. I had actually seen footage of the game before, but I didn’t know it was called Sportsfriends. Other games with similar names usually turn out not-so-decent, so when I read the title I was expecting something… very different from what it actually is, lmao.
                    But yes, it certainly is a great thing that a game without a big budget behind it is getting some recognition; there are so many good games getting no attention at all just because they aren’t one of the huge AAA titles we’re used to.
                    But yea, as already said in my previous comment, I’m still not sure if the game really can keep up with some of the other games on the list, even though it seems to be a good one.

              1. Ill assume you havent played SF, right? SF is one of those game that would fit perfectly on a Nintendo console because of how fun it is. Regardless of graphics, the game is one of the funnest things to play and yes, its all about gameplay.

            1. Pretty solid list, the only game I dont understand why it even made that list is Octodad, its just a bad game with awful controls. I guess its just one of those games that are so aweful that theyre good. I still think it deserve a spot but hey, its their list.

              1. It’s a fucking party game genius. It’s not even close to Wii Sports. I swear some Nintendo fanboys are just so blissfully ignorant and seem to be happy about it

                  1. According to your logic, you’re saying that ‘copying’ is bullshit and unfair. Allow me to bring you the following.

                    – Cars that were made in the late 1800s had a steering wheel and an engine and wheels and a seat for the driver. So this means we shouldn’t be able to drive? What about public transit? Avian travel with the wright brothers airlines? Trains that traveled 10km/h?
                    – You defend the iphone as an innovator. It makes sense, but from your logic we should still be using the phones Alexander G. Bell made. No more LTE buddy… no more precious mobile apps and wired phone calls.
                    – The world’s first computer. Oh dear god stranga, look at what you did… No windows, no os x, no linux, and unix wouldn’t be here…
                    – The Magnavox Odyssey from 1968. You’re precious wii u and ps2 wouldn’t exist.
                    – A camera from the early 1900s, and the DSLRs from Canon and Nikon are being praised….

                    See how ridiculous you say stuff when some company “copies” off of nintendo. Some are ripoffs, yes, but your logic points out to a world where society can’t exist. If I were you I would restate almost every damn letter you posted on this site and other sites about nintendo. Fixed your entire logic and brain wiring for ya.

                    1. B/ Is that all? Because I don’t do exaggeration like this BS you just posted. For the love of God, stop pretending you’re intelligent about me and half of that crap you just said. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and bro, you wasted yours.

                      1. C/ That’s all you have? Man, I clearly overestimated you as a company possessed mind bro. Since when did I start pretending to know you? You think I’m stalking on you? Hell no, I’m not wasting my time on a pathetic internet fanboy commenter who bullshits everything excluding nintendo. I also did not say crap. Those are facts. If every genius idea was secured and we are unable to use them, we’ll live like the 16th century people. You say a mind is a terrible thing to waste and point myself as wasting one. XD good try kid. You want a cookie? But seriously, you wasted yours. Anyone except commander can agree on that you wasted your ‘precious’ mind on devoting to comment on a news site and starts pathetic arguments or rage at an opinion of another person… Poor stranga, weeping that people say nintendo is not good enough and screams his/her head off when EA publishes a decent game… go to a mental hospital. I’ll send you a free coupon

              2. Not at all. The only similarity between Wii Sports and Sportsfriends is the word “sport.” Other than that, completely different. Sportsfriends is actually pretty fun, especially Johann Sebastian Joust. Great party game!

                      1. You really have absolutely no idea what Sportsfriends is, do you? This is NOT related to Sports Champions in any way. It’s not even a Sony game. This is an indie collection that also appears on PC, Mac, and Linux.

                        Sports Champions is more like Wii Sports, for sure. Which one is better is one’s personal preference and really doesn’t matter.

                          1. Totally irrelevant to you comparing Sportsfriends to Wii Sports.

                            When people have misconceptions about the Wii U, I tell them. Just the other day I was picking up a PC game and a little girl at a Best Buy was saying that she wanted a Wii U but her father didn’t want to get it for her because she already has a Wii and “it’s the same thing.”

                            I politely stepped in and explained the vast differences between the two. He genuinely thought they were the same prior but after I explained it he thought differently.

                            I do not engage or waste my time with trolls, so I’m not going to reply to every numbskull who proclaims, “Weak U”. You should know this by now.

                            Most people who visit this site know that the Wii U isn’t weak and the only people who say it is are just trying to get a rise out of the fanboys. In other words: Trolls.

                            I’m replying to your post because you obviously have no idea what Sportsfriends is. I don’t think you’re trolling, you simply just don’t know what the game is.

                  1. This is like saying Call of Duty is a ripoff of Zelda. They’re nothing alike. I suggest you look up the game before you comment further. Your blind loyalty is making you look pretty asinine right now.

                1. No. The Last of Us remaster is a ripoff. Halo: Master Chief remaster is broken and even Wind Waker remaster is needless. GTA5 however changed itself from the ground up and added more content upon from the original versions. All TLoU did was made itself slightly prettier, Halo being Microsoft’s desperation to sell a fucked up DRM console and Wind Waker I said, was needless which all it added was Miiverse and should’ve been Twilight Princess remastered in full HD or Majora’s Mask on Wii U instead of 3DS.

                    1. And a flop on top of that. Their apology to that mess is porting ODST, Halo’s 2nd worst game in the series with Wars being first and Halo 4 next. Remasting Halo Reach would’ve been a brillaint idea. But again, 343 and Microsoft lack common sense on deciding what’s good for their fanbase.

                      1. You should be GRATEFUL that 343 even bothers to remake A WHOLE GAME as an apology to fans. Can you imagine the resources for the undertaking? Just when the developers thought all those tough months of overwork was over they have to repeat the same fucking thing AGAIN

              1. 8 out of 10 of those titles are multiplatform games which are also on PlayStation. If All PlayStation games are trash, how would the list have been legit? The only two games on that list that aren’t on PS platforms are Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.

                Did you assume Sportsfriends was made by PlayStation? It’s not. It’s also on PC, Linux, and Mac.

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