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GameStop Has All Nintendo 3DS XL Systems For $30 Off Including Bundles

Presumably in anticipation of the New Nintendo 3DS, US retail chain GameStop is currently selling all their Nintendo 3DS XL systems for $30 off and this includes bundles. Whether you want to pay less for the Nintendo 3DS XL or alternatively wait for the imminent release date for the New Nintendo 3DS in the United States is up to you.

Thanks, KillBill

20 thoughts on “GameStop Has All Nintendo 3DS XL Systems For $30 Off Including Bundles”

    1. Ha, I’m from the UK so I have no interest in GameStop. It’s just they’ve had the Majora’s Mask limited edition bundle and now $30 off the Nintendo 3DS XL.

      1. Ha, (Like you care anyway), that was good sarcasm!…

        Damn right, I’d take any opperunity to “delightfully” smack dumbasses on this site down, but they take too much offense feom someone fear…

        And as always, Sorry to call you out, but, Ha!..

  1. Gamestop knows trash hardware when they see it. Trying to get rid of dead weight in order to make soon for new PS4 and Xone goodies…

    1. While I admire your love for trolling, I have to ask whether you have evaluated how you spend your time. You must be really bored with your PS4 or Xbox One to go to an exclusively Nintendo news site and talk about how much the 3DS sucks.

  2. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

    Gamestop is pathetic, they try to roll in the unsuspected cattle into their pointless offerings that still costs more than any normal online deal, wants a DNA sample from you while leeching off your resources…

    No wonder they have Xbot garbage all over the place…

  3. I’m waiting for the New. I don’t want to save $30 now only to miss out on new features (SNES VC, maybe) that get announced at E3 or whenever.

  4. Exciting news! Can’t wait for that new 3ds. Xenoblade, MM here I come. And how about some Metroid while you’re at it Nintendo.

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