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GameStop Italy Reveals European Price Of New Nintendo 3DS

It looks as though GameStop Italy has let the cat out of the bag early and revealed the pricing for the New Nintendo 3DS in Europe. If you want the standard New Nintendo 3DS then you’ll need to fork out 169.98 Euros, but if you want to purchase the New Nintendo 3DS XL then that will set you back 199.98. The standard edition falls in line with the pricing of the Ambassador Edition New Nintendo 3DS. Now all we need is a release date from Nintendo Europe.



    1. I’ll probably get a standard New 3DS because oh my gosh, if your eyes are used to the pixel-free resolutions of mobile phones, the pixel mess of the 3DS XL seems pretty weird to look at.


      1. Well with the boosted resolution even though it’s not like HD quality I don’t think the pixel resolution would be that bad. Just depends on the bundle. If they bundle MH4U then I’m getting thay 3ds lol regardless of the regular or xl. 😂


      2. Finally someone who’s using brain,

        normal 3ds has 133ppi (the most pixels on screen)
        XL 95ppi !!
        Normal new 3ds 120ppi,
        New XL 95ppi!!

        In this age that 250+ PPI is normal,looking at XL screen is like looking at CRT TV from meter away.Original 3ds is just barrable.


  1. How does the pricing fall in line with the ambassador edition? Isn’t the ambassador edition £175/€199 whereas this article states that GameStop has revealed the price of the regular 3DS to be €169 and the XL to be €199? That means the ambassador is costing the same as the XL unless the ambassador article got the pricing wrong.


    1. The link in the mail Nintendo sent out provided a roundup of the price of the ambassador edition, which is actually a bundle. It contains 2 pairs of faceplates, a charging dock and the system itself. In the roundup, the price of each piece of the bundle was stated, as you can see in the picture below. It’s in German, but I’m sure you can make it out anyway.


  2. ………..and I guess no power adapter included? That’s going to be a big problem for me as you cannot find adapter where I live locally, from Nintendo on the internet, or any reputable online vendor in Canada.


    1. don’t worry, the euro edition 3dsXland 2ds don’t come with a charger either, it’s a euro japan thing, you can’t find chargers in north America because they actually bundle it with the system here


      1. Thanks Anon, there’s hope yet! Of course I prefer to not have to pay for one, but bigger than that, I need to be able to get one if it is not included.


  3. This would be a fucking great time to release in america. People are getting tax return. When I get mind I’m gonna blow it on amiibo and some other shit I don’t need.


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