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Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Coming To US, Europe And Japan In April

We’ve finally learned that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, which is a port of the Wii game, will be coming to the United States in April. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS so you won’t be able to play it on a regular Nintendo 3DS. The game is coming to Japan and Europe on April 2nd.

6 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Coming To US, Europe And Japan In April”

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  2. I know the game was not an heavy duty graphic game but a port from wii to the new 3 DS…. i am a bit sceptic on that port. I would have far prefer a HD version on Wii U. giving the fact xenoblade sold poorly due to limited print which make it a very sought after game. It would have been far better to have it on the wii U or let’s be crazy do what they have done with Bayonetta.

    1. I agree, the game’s graphics were already horrid on the Wii (not to be a graphic whore) so I can imagine how cringe worthy they’ll be on the 3DS. >.<

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