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Sonic Boom Wii U Has Apparently Received A Hefty Update

If a game needed a patch then it would have to be Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric on the Wii U. I’m sure you’ve seen all the hilarious and downright unforgivable glitches apparent in the game. Thankfully, it appears as though the game has received an update. The patch for the game is around 1030MB which is one big update, so presumably it fixes a number of things. I’m not sure if the update is live in your region so you may want to check. It must be worth a download.

Thanks, lamatsucubo

86 thoughts on “Sonic Boom Wii U Has Apparently Received A Hefty Update”

  1. Sega should just give up at this point. Their releases since the Dreamcast—IF NOT THE MEGADRIVE—has been one long string of derivative purulant cuntjuice.

        1. Yes, but Big Red Button were the ones to actually make the game itself. Bayonetta 2 is amazing, not because Nintendo published it, but because Platinum Games did an amazing job with it, therefore they get the praise and rightfully so…

          1. Actually when the team wanted more time Nintendo gave them permission.
            why do you think the first two years of the wii u didn’t had that much Nintendo games (not third party), they were all delay and being work on.

          2. Sega is responsible for letting Big Red Button make the game in the first place. Sega is very irresponsible when it comes to the quality of the Sonic franchise.

        2. Marketing can be a troublesome issue. With companies like Sega working to release a Sonic game each year, it gets pretty sad. Though generations was good so there is still hope.

      1. And Sega approved and published this shit and its their own IP so its as much as their fault as Nintendo fucking up Metroid in Other M even though Team “Boobies” Ninja made it..under THEIR direction, not their own.

            1. The nintendo magistrate

              i liked it plus being a diehard metroid fan it was a change to see her talk i understand alot of people dislike it and i respect that but i personally thought it was good and addictive too

              1. It’s not even the voice acting that’s the problem. It’s the poorly written story that basically shit on her strong fearless character with that BS PDST over her 800th fucking encounter with Ridley and having whiny “daddy” issues with Adam as well as not exploring or building any relationship between them in the game plus his death is stupidly portrayed. It also destroyed the lore including Metroid Prime series that is actually canon because it reminds the fans about the first Metroid game’s plot and it’s connected in a way.

                The controls are fucking awkward at best only limited to Wii Remote only with D-Pad for 3D movement. No GameCube, no Pro, no Classic or even the damn Nunchuk with joysticks for 3D free roaming in 3rd person view which would’ve made a lot more sense especially for the 1st person missile mode switching with actual movement instead of just standing in one spot like some restrictive retard playing Resident Evil 5. It’s a POS Metroid Fusion ripoff (ironically shorter than Fusion; a handheld Metroid game) that serves to be nothing more than a pathetic fan service excuse of a game with Prime’s control which works like shit and Super Metroid enemy and boss fights with Ninja Gaiden’s finishing moves that are as quick, stale and flashy as Kodak camera LEDs from the 90s like Sonic Generations that also had almost no originality like Other M.

                1. The nintendo magistrate

                  yes while i agree the controls were annoying at the start but it took getting used to but i do know alot of people were disappointed by the game i know at least 23 people at work that do

                  1. Not just annoying but stupidly and intentionally limited. As if Nintendo and TN have gone suddenly retarded with shirt term memory lost and forgotten about the other 5 different controller options that exists for Wii that could’ve worked a lot better for the game.

                    1. The nintendo magistrate

                      i do agree with you there on the controls but i still found the game enjoyable despite the limitations on the weapons and such

                      1. Then you clearly don’t know Metroid at all but see it as some action oriented garbage scented with perfume to confuse your senses.

                        You wanna know good Metroid games? Super Metroid/Prime

                          1. The issue is nobody even bothers to heed warnings about what makes certain things they force themslves to like, suck than it it should. The game works mostly but the overall design and story ideals is the polar opposite of what Metroid should be. Other M is the blackhole of the series.

                            1. The nintendo magistrate

                              It’s your choice friend but everybody is entitled to their own opinions . Not everybody has to follow blindly with everybody else please respect my opinion I already fully understand people don’t like other M but for me i actually enjoyed it

                              1. Its not about opinions and who likes what because..reasons.

                                Its the fact that Other M shouldn’t be what it is because it got the entire lore and idea of Metroid all wrong.

                                1. The nintendo magistrate

                                  ok like i said i accept you opinion but im sorry to dissapoint you but my mind is staying as it is i like the metroid franchise and i liked other M’s story and gameplay features so please stop trying to convince me otherwise as i’ll refuse to reply after this so kindly drop it !!

                                  thank you

                                    1. The nintendo magistrate

                                      This is the final time stop bugging me about this please ! i’m being grown up about this im not following the flock of dislikes for this game So back off !

                                      1. Guess you skipped the truthful review of that “Metroid” game.

                                        Denial level has shot through the roof into the emptiness void known as the “Black Hole” nicknamed “Other M”

                                        1. The nintendo magistrate

                                          two words fuck you pal you obviously dont listen when people say respect others opinions ! you should try it some time its not hard to do unless your stuck to far up your own ass to notice that i don’t care what you say or think so drop it !

                          2. What about Alien: Isolation, Yakuza games, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Valkyria Chronicles, Bayonetta, Resonance of Fate, and Phantasy Star Online 2?

                          3. That’s been the Dark Age of Sonic, starting from Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06, Sonic and the Secret Rings and so on. The last three MAIN Sonic games-Sonic Colours, Sonc Generations and Sonic Lost World have ranged from excellent to not bad…

                            1. Whats weird though is I would personally put those games in a different order than most

                              I would say sonic colors is Not Bad
                              while generations is great
                              and lost world is the best.

                              They have only gotten better to me.
                              For some reason lost world resonates with me a lot more than most.

                              1. You clearly dont know to much about sonics games… Sonic games have always been about speed! Yeah the original ones werent so fast but the stage DESIGN was made to make you feel like he was actually fast and he need that speed to go through those worlds!! Sonic lost world is an average platform game (or by your opinion an aamazing platform game i cant understand we all have difetent opinions!) but a terrible sonic game.

                                  1. Boost button is a terrible idea and thr pacing is reduced which what pissed off the fans. They want that adrenaline being fast but controllable done right, not hindering it almost completely.

                              2. You probably play it after the update it had because it had is own problems at launch as well. afterwards it got an update just like sonic boom.

                            2. I agree that Sonic 06 was a bad game (had a bad control) but after that, I can’t agree with you.

                              Shadow the Hedgehog: A very interesting game that show (at least for me) the dark side of the Sonic Universe.

                              Sonic and the Secret Rings: An interesting twist with the Wii controls. I like the story so far.

                              Sonic and the Black Knight: Was pretty entertaining, however I hate how they forced this Chili Dog bullshit into the game. Fuck you DIC and Archie! What comes next? Sally the Mari-Sue?

                              So, with that (since I enjoyed Colors, Generations and Lost World) I can’t say that this is the Dark Age of Sonic. Sure, none of the games were perfect or free from flaw, but playable one a level (except of Sonic 06). I played the demo of Sonic Boom and it’s okay for me. I guess I will buy the game someday in this year as soon as I’m able to do so. I hope that the next Sonic games will have more success that the last ones.

                          4. I am going to have to disagree.
                            Since the dreamcast days sonic has not been perfect by any means and there was a big 6 year gap where I was losing hope with games like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06
                            but there have also been plenty of games I have liked.

                            Sonic Advance 3
                            Sonic Heroes
                            Sonic Riders was not bad (hated the voice actors
                            Sonic Rush was pretty good
                            Sonic Unleashed was pretty good (hated the voices)
                            Sonic 4 episode 1 and 2 were good (not as good as the classics but not bad games.
                            Sega and Sonic all stars racing transformed was amazing
                            Sonic Colors
                            Sonic Generations was amazing
                            and my personal favorite since the DC days (even though most dont seem to like it) Sonic Lost world

                            The Sonic Games have had there problems but these are all games I personally enjoy a lot. Some of which being some of my favorite games.

                        1. 1GB update some moths after its release. It’s not like some games that receive a day-one patch, Sonic Boom still required quite some work, released way too early.

                          1. I don’t remember Arkham Origins being that bad. I mean I played it maybe a month after it came out and didn’t seem to have any problems with it.

                            1. It was a glitch hell, but WB said “No, we make a new game” and ignored the glitches. This is why I didn’t buy this piece of crap of a game or will ever buy a game from WB again. But to say the truth, I had the same event as you did with Batman… but with Sonic 06. I heard about all the glitches and yet never saw one. We were just lucky.

                          2. Even MasterChief Collection makes those games its bitches and I don’t even wanna think about buying a flammable Xbox One just to buy anf play the same fucking games again just so they can have an excuse to sell that overgrown cable box.

                          1. I’m not defending Sonic Boom or Big Red Button, but didn’t half of the development team leave during Sonic Boom’s development, just like Sonic 06. Sure that’s not an excuse for releasing this broken mess rather than delay it to fix the problems, but still…

                            1. I am actually a little angry. This was patched, an ungodly boring and shitty tie in game was patched, but not Sonic 06′? I mean, wouldn’t you think that a game, that actually had potential to be good, and all of the faults it had, could’ve actually been patched and have been alright. This on the other hand, is just shovelware.

                            2. Because they said and I quote; “Knew this game was gonna be a disaster” and oh boy were they right. Not just being broken but the game itself with its tedious gameplay, complete absence of Sonic’s speed and design is SHIT. This POS of a game deserves all the hate it can get.

                        2. I feel like if people said this game was good even trough it still had these gltiches, i feel like people would start to call it a good game, i dont think many people played it and just jump on a bandwagon.

                          1. I did see lets plays of it till it got infinitely boring. What i thought to be the spiritual successor to rayman 3 turned out to be the demo version of the prequel to metroid other m

                        3. Just have the characters shut the fuck up in gameplay please, also I’d appreciate if amy’s in-game talking animation was fixed, that shit still gives me nightmares

                        4. I did have fun playing certain parts of Rise of Lyric.
                          If the graphics received a needed boost and the framerate and most gitches were fixed.
                          I would buy it again at a price drop.

                        5. I bought Sonic Generations on the strength of its reviews, but it turned out to be just another poorly bleached vagstain on Sonic’s already bloody résumé. Period. Generic level design and tits mechanics do not a good game make. Sega is over—deal with it. I shouldn’t have to make a case for the bleedin’ obvious, but just compare Sonic 3 and Sonic Adventure’s respective soundtracks. #dropsthemic

                          1. I’m confused. Are you saying the adventure soundtrack was bad compared to the sonic 3 soundtrack? Cause like, Sonic Adventure came out 15 years ago. Is that really your example of a modern Sonic game? You could at least compare Sonic 3 to like, Sonic 4’s mediocre soundtrack, or maybe to the hit and miss Lost World soundtrack, or hey, Sonic Boom doesn’t have any memorable songs.
                            While I do disagree about the statement that Generations and the recent sonic games were bad, I do wish people would stop saying the adventure games are modern Sonic games. Kids born when Sonic Adventure was released are either in high school or almost in high school. Seriously, they aren’t modern.

                            … this whole rant will be pointless if that’s not what you were saying.

                            Also, I was obviously not including Sonic Boom when I mentioned the overall quality if recent Sonic games. Boom iz hilariously bad.

                        6. It’s sad that this game was so terrible. I remember watching the trailers and seeing sonic run though a large open field of grass but that’s not what this game is all about unfortunately

                        7. wouah, the only thing I read are complain and wish for Sega to get out of the game. Then no wonder 3rd party studio want to develop for Wii U. The only sonic game I played were Sonic1,2,3 and sonic and knuckle so I can’t real say anything about the quality of the franchise but even if the game have some glitches at less the developer care enough to make a patch which more than WB montreal and UBIsoft. If you dislike the game cause the deomo you played were rubbish fair enough (I hate smash bro) but don’t batch the game until you try.

                        8. I’m getting kind of sick of seeing all of this hate towards Boom. Let’s Plays should not be the sole way you judge a game. I’m willing to say that two thirds of the people talking all of this crap haven’t played Boom or have only played the demo. I also cannot stand the Gen wunners of this fandom. I apologize that no game will ever look like Sonic 2 again because, technology got a little better. You can not call yourself a fan of a series and get to bash the crap out of it-or even better all of its games past the early 2000’s. Give Sega a freaking break.

                          1. I’m not the biggest Sonic fan, If i see a game that i think is good then I’ll get it. Your argument that people are wrong to judge “sonic boom” after only watching lets plays of it is really flawed. Of course you can’t really get a full feel for a game without playing it yourself, but if you really don’t like what you see then you’re probably not going to like playing it. Sonic boom is a broken game, the framerate and the graphics could seriously use a lot of rework. Not even polishing, because it’s far from just polishing the game. The gameplay also isn’t that interesting (and I’m not saying that just because it’s not “fast” as old sonic games. Tbh I really don’t care how fast a sonic game is. A sonic game does not have to be fast paced)

                            I don’t care if they change up the sonic formula because having the same sonic game on different hardware would just be boring. The concept of sonic boom is very good, but the execution isn’t. It’s utterly shit. For lack of a better word. This game wasn’t finished when released and Sega could have scrapped it or delayed it. Releasing something broken for some unlucky customer to purchase for a full game price is a really shit thing to do.

                            I’m not going to say “Sega is doomed” Like people used to say about nintendo because that’s really stupid. But they have a long way to go before i have any respect for them.
                            If they make an engaging sonic game with great gameplay and story and everything great even down to voice acting (if any) then oh my god would you believe they’ll get good reviews and more people will buy? IT’S CRAZY I KNOW. The vast majority have reviewed this game as broken shit. Please do yourself a favor and stop defending it.

                            Whoever is making these games are really stupid. I think their target audience or atleast whom they’re aiming the sonic games at are kids. But kids aren’t stupid. Making voice actors say the stupidest things or having the story have a weak plot because “It can’t be complicated because kids won’t understand” is going to make the game have shit reviews because…that’s shit.
                            It doesn’t have to have swearing or blood and guts flying everywhere to be good and smart. It could just use more intelligent diction. Make us care about the characters is the story is important. Raise the stakes. The legend of Zelda was played by so many kids (and adults) to this day and is rated highly and sells very well (The games of zelda also sells well because of it’s name now, but that’s because it earned it). The game took itself seriously and had not only interesting stories (Mainly 3d zeldas) but also interesting mechanics like time travel.
                            And I’m not saying Zelda is perfect, It’s just an example of a game series that mainly get it right.
                            I could also use a different game, like the “last of us”. That game had interesting Characters, decent gameplay and a good story overall. It sold well.

                            Obviously they’re are some games that are amazing and don’t get enough attention that they deserve. And just because more people like a game than dislike doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. But the sonic series is well known, but i feel most people are losing interest because the games have, at best, been good. Non of them have been “oh my god i need this game it looks so so good” and then some of them, like sonic boom, are so crap.

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