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Captain Toad May Have Sold Only 250k Units In North America So Far

Slightly disappointing news for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker fans as it would appear as though the game may have sold no higher than 250k units in North America so far. Nintendo of America has yet to reveal official numbers for the game so we won’t know for sure, but it failed to break into the top ten best-selling video games in the United States during December.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

52 thoughts on “Captain Toad May Have Sold Only 250k Units In North America So Far”

  1. I bought the game myself and I’m now on “episode 2” where you play as Toadette. This game should’ve been $30. It’s not bad by any means, it’s just not worth what it costs.

    1. I feel like the game offers alot of value. I played with my nephew, my brother, my wife and friends… and got through all 3 episodes. The Bonus is really fun and creative! For those saying it should have been cheaper have you found every treasure and completed every objective? Let’s face it – going to a movie with a friend costs almost the same amount of money as this game and you get way more fun out of it.

      1. I’ve beaten all the time challenges (tied the first mine cart board and pirhanna plant cove, don’t think you CAN beat those times) in all 3 episodes and all the bonuses up to Mummy Me Maze Forever and it was all pretty fun. I am happy with my purchase. I’ll be tackling the maze today, and it looks like there are 4 or 5 boards after that. And I’ll be getting the Toad amiibo to add to my game and to have Toad cause I like him. It’s a fun game and I don’t mind the $40 price tag. I love how people who haven’t even played it are saying how much it should cost.

    2. $30 might have gotten more sales, I had no problem with $40. I respect that you’ve actually played the game though and are giving your suggested price whereas a lot of people haven’t touched it and right off the bat say what it should be.

  2. I found this game to be completely worth it. Maybe a little bit cheaper, yeah, but really even at the current price it shouldn’t have only sold that much.

  3. How they know the total sells if Nintendo don’t release digital? I downloaded mines so they didn’t count my game? So if they have digital sales info why didn’t they tell us total Smash Bros. Wii U sales and Bayonetta 2 sales digital and physical copies?

  4. Sickr it didnt bombed it actually exceeded many people’s expectations
    by selling 400k in US and JP alone
    with EU numbers not in yet this wil be passed 500k in no time
    not really a bomb I say

  5. I feel like this game is going to have really good word of mouth and will probably keep selling enough to make it worthwhile overall. Did anyone really expect this to sell a million in its first month?

  6. I bet Nintendo just wanted this title to use their “We have a wide catalogue”-campaign of theirs. I don’t think that game was very expensive to make either, so it’s just about selling more Wii Us. I really don’t think Nintendo expected this to sell much.

  7. I’m interested in physical game purchases and digital downloads.

    I’m a physical game person, and I think digital downloads should have some sort of price difference, even if just $5

  8. I don’t understand the devaluation of games these days – this game is a full third cheaper than most retail releases and has an average play time of 22.8 hours based on 55 votes on GameFAQs. There are many other titles worth people’s ire when it comes to value. It is a niche title that caters to completionists and has done well for a Super Mario 3D World spinoff.

  9. Those are actually great sales for a little game with a low cost, has sold 250k in ONE month, and it´s a new franchise, that´s pretty good, ad has sell another 130k on Japan and debuted as numbre one on germany, we have too see how is selling on Europe but i´m SURE this game is over 0.5 millions worldwide and is going to hit one million lifetime, nintendo game have always good legs.

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  11. Are we really surprised here ? I mean… Look at this game, seriously… It’s cute and all, but it’s a fucking slow-ass puzzle game nobody really wanted.

  12. Really? I can’t find a copy of the game anywhere around where I live. This and the NES remix pack for Wii U.

  13. I don’t see how this couldn’t be predicted. Toad isn’t a demand by many, and not much people like to play puzzle adventure games. this might have been fine as a $20 – $30 DLC to SM3DW, Just as Super Luigi U was to NSMBU. Then branch off to physical copy if it solde well enough that other people who don’t own 3d world would buy it.

  14. Lol, you guys are stupid, 250k in NA alone is far from bad and that only in one month. Not everything needs to sell millions. It’s good numbers for a low budget game and new franchise like this. It should be close to 500k worldwide by now, if not by the end of this month.

  15. Only? For such a low install base that’s good don’t know wtf they labeled it like that for. The game didn’t have a ton of hype its just a rts/puzzle game what do you expect

  16. It sold better than DKC: Tropical Freeze!!
    Nobody bought that game, it struggled to get to 750k in sales in a full year.

  17. I still plan to buy Captain Toad. Possibly for my birthday next month. It’s a shame it didn’t sell better. I was hoping it would be the start of a new series. But when something doesn’t sell GREAT, Nintendo ignores the entire game/series. Like they did with Earthbound. Which has become the most wanted (yet ignored) series in history.

  18. It’s a spin-off title, which don’t sell nearly as much as main games usually. Captain Toad was based off a mini-game in a main game that was, quite frankly, the worst part of the game. I don’t know what was changed from 3D World to Captain Toad, but if it’s anything like the mini-game in 3D World it’s reall slow paced. I imagine it probably would’ve been better to make it $20 and download-only.

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