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Rock ‘N Racing Off Road Gears Up For January 29 Wii U eShop Release

EnjoyUp Games has announced that Rock ‘N Racing Off Road will be heading to the Wii U eShop at the end of this month. Due to arrive in Europe and North America on January 29, the top-down retro racer will be priced at €5.99 / $5.99 and will feature local multiplayer, as well as many different cups, modes and tracks to enjoy. Aside from GamePad support, the game will also provide control schemes for the Wii U Pro Controller, Classic Controller and Wii Remote controller. You can view a trailer for Rock ‘N Racing Off Road above.

15 thoughts on “Rock ‘N Racing Off Road Gears Up For January 29 Wii U eShop Release”

  1. Looks like Super Off Road, for the Megadrive.

    Anyway, anything coming from EnjoyUp games shouldn’t be headline news, it should be swept under the carpet and hopefully, noone will notice it even exists.

    1. It look like drift, rock and roll racing, skyview mode of kirby air ride… 3d skyview racing was a very popular genre back then. When you take a genre you are not copying… Or does mario tennis rip off virtua tennis?

  2. It’s exactly like a game that me and my brother played on the snes when we were young really small kids, only for the nostalgia i should get this!

  3. Reminds me to Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road for the NES… my very first NES game ever and I was eight!

  4. This developers are from my country Spain! Though i know their games arent supergood i like to support them just in order to help them to become bigger! : )

  5. This looks like Super Off Road for the SNES. For that reason, I am tempted to buy it. I used to get extremely irritated with the Silver truck due to him having a never ending supply of Nitros.

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