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GameFly Claims 505 Games Bringing Terraria To Wii U And Nintendo 3DS At US Retail

Well, this is interesting. US video game rental firm GameFly claims that 505 Games will be bringing Terraria to both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. As you can see from the video posted above, the game is almost like a 2D Minecraft style RPG and has a strong emphasis on 2D combat. Let’s hope this is confirmed soon.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6


    1. Same here.
      Got it on steam and on Google play.
      Love the game, really hope this is true.

      Wow I wonder how good it will control with the mix of controller and touch screen. It could be the closest to pc.


  1. I’ll get it if it’s true. The game would work well with the wii u gamepad. Not been interested in minecraft but this looks more like my thing.


  2. On the subject of Super Mario Galaxy 3 on the wii u. Nintendo has already said that the next true Mario game would be more than likely on the next console. Although saying that it’s a game I’d love to see turn up. That or a truly open world Mario game. Super Mario Universe which fans have come up with.


    1. Well actually they said that the NEW revolutionary Mario game will most likely be on Nintendo’s next new home console. Super Mario Galaxy 3 or Super Mario Sunshine 2 would not be brand new revolutionary Mario games so it would make sense if Nintendo were to bring either of them to the Wii U, especially since at the moment they will need to have that ” major seller ” in place for holiday 2016 along with highly possible Wii U versions of the next Metroid, the next Animal Crossing, Pikmin 4 and the next F-Zero as they will prepare to send the Wii U off with a bang before readying their new home console to be debuted at next year’s E3 and more than likely released in 2017


    2. People are so misinformed about that statement Miyamoto said. He never said anything about the Wii U not getting another 3d Mario. It drives me crazy when everybody keeps claiming there wont be another mario game on Wii U. I swear 90% of the people on this forum are misinformed on that subject.


    1. Get the PC version, it is great.
      The best part is building your dream fortress during a blood moon while battling the eye of cthulhu. LOL


      1. It’s a game rental service much like Netflix was to movies. You create a queued list of games you want to play, and can choose from games across all systems they offer. When I was subscribed they were still offering gamecube and ps2 games even, but I don’t know if they are anymore; was a great way to play rare games that cost an arm and a leg to buy. Anyway depending on you plan they’ll send between one and four games from that list to your door in an envelope. Surprisingly the games were in fairly good condition since I only ever received one that refused to play. As you send games back to them you get more from your list. If there are a lot of game on the backlog one wants to play than gamefly is the best way to do it. Also a good way to test out games you are on the fence about. The best part; you can keep the games as long as want, and will only be charged for them if your subscription runs out. This makes it possible to finish games like RPGs that you’d probably only play through once anyway, and that saves a purchase. :)


    1. I use Gamefly, I was getting it for $200 a year and for that it is a damn good deal, because I was able to rent an average of 6 games a month. I was on the two games at a time plan. I haven’t had it for over a year now so the pries might have changed, but it saved me a lot of money that I might have spent on bad games that I rented and got to find out were bad. Thereby saving me a lot of grief. I also got to play more games than I ever could buying, because I was willing to take more risks, and also those games would have represented thousands of dollars in purchases if I had actually bought them and I don’t have that kind of money to sink. I plan to renew my Gamefly sub this year, as I have more time again these days to game , and since they offer former member awesome deals to return.


      1. I prefer to only own games that I will play more than once, so my collection is only made up of the best of the best and some lesser multiplayer games for parties. Makes sense, why spend money on a a game you may not even like? That’s my thinking anyway.


  3. My little brother plays this on his ipad all the time, I always thought this game looked better than the other shit he plays. I think I might get this for my 3ds.


  4. I own this on PC & Xbox 360. If this is true and cross-buy isn’t a thing for it i’d buy it again on Wii U and 3DS. I always get REALLY into this game and then leave it alone for months/years then get addicted to it again some time down the line. It’s pretty fun though.

    All that said i’m pretty sure the devs said they wanted to bring it to 3DS but couldn’t make it run properly generating the world and stuff the way they want it to. Hopefully they figured a way around it or maybe it’d be a new 3DS exclusive.

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  5. I think if it’s true, it’s a little too late. The hype has died down tremendously on this game. People will still buy the game, but only a fraction who would have bought it if it was released on time..


  6. This is the first I’ve heard of this game. It looks great! I always wondered what a minecraft styled game would be like in 2D.


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