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Here’s 27 New Mario Party 10 Screens In A Video Slideshow

To make things super convenient, popular YouTube channel GameXplain has posted twenty-seven gorgeous new screenshots of Mario Party 10 in a handy video slideshow. We’ve only got a couple of months to wait until the game is released, so these screenshots will have to tide us over until then.

Thanks, WhiteEagle

42 thoughts on “Here’s 27 New Mario Party 10 Screens In A Video Slideshow”

  1. The only thing attracting me to this game is Amiibo party why?, because it’s more like the classic style of Mario Party.

  2. No online, the car thing has stayed. It’s so lame. Minigames might still be good but this game is not even worth 30 dollars. Nintendo has fallen so low now. The old Mario Party games were great. If you’re making Mario Party like this, give it online but noo. Trash.

  3. So do they stay in that car all the time?!
    Last MP game I played was MP7 and was already bad imo. So the characters don’t move as they used to on the N64?
    I bought the MP 3DS and that disappointed me so bad I wanted to return it but obviously I can’t.
    Nintendo has destroyed one of the best games they’ve ever made.

  4. 1.Are you people this fucking stupid lol did you watch the direct
    2.There are 3 different ways to play Mario party 10
    3. The original like back in the day
    4. With the cart and bowser
    5. With the amount
    6. Damn fucking listen to the direct next time

    1. No we are not stupid and we did listen to the direct and the only thing close to a “classic mode” is Amiibo party. You’ve only made yourself look stupid educate yourself before attempting to start arguements. Or maybe I should type this in your language by using bad grammar, swears and using “lol”.

      1. Yeah, but I only have two amiibo… I just want to play a normal party mode without having to use seperate toys..!

      1. its not garbage i actually liked it i really any problem with except that you don’t play minigames every round plus it has amiibo party which is pretty much classic mode

  5. Another shitty MP games that nothing like the old games from N64 that was a blast to play and still no fucking online? 2 fucking games in a row and no online play? Already destroyed this series Nintendo. Time to bury this shit since you could care less about making it better anymore.

    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

      Online doesn’t work in these games…

      If one idiot disconnects, the game is over, competitive games would be horrible because of lag and you never know if some idiots would even play it while in game…

      1. I haven’t played Mario Party since N64. You can’t pop a 10 on dice anymore? I remember on the board games you can use coins and vuy a power star from your rivals. I also remember some stages would allow you to buy a star from either Toad or a bad star from Bowser. Those were the good Mario Parties.

      2. For mini games at least and its now the demanding selling point for these games anymore. Nintendo still continue to ignore it, let Mario Party continue to crash and burn with its online-less whack ass gameplay change that nobody likes and use Amiibo as an excuse to bring the classic gameplay back. I’m not buying an Amiibo just for that.

                    1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                      Indeed, it’s my favorite one, different costumes each board, fun boards and minigames and full blown mayhem unlike today’s civilian cattle crap…

                        1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                          Seriously, this is what happens when you let the western cattle influence you…

                          You get all these horrible features nobody asked for…

                            1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                              Probably why the west are increasingly fat and lazy while demanding easier and less demanding games too…

                              1. Exactly. I may be a bit overweight but 1. I ain’t no worse than I was when I was younger and 2. I ain’t no chickenshit over exercising or challenging myself.

              1. I could not care less about online just make a decent MP with the old play style at least, and give the AI an even harder difficulty level for more competitive players. I like the MP series and was thinking of buying this, but it just seems like crap. $50 on eshop content or DLC sounds like a better deal then this. Perhaps they’ll surprise us with a non amiibo classic mode or at least make it where you’re not in the car and have mini games after every turn.

            1. I noticed in the official Peach art for this game, she’s doing that sparrow face that’s popular in Japan. (Or at least I think its still popular?)

            2. All I know is that the mini games better be fun. Must have online or im not buying.

              Rosalina is my FAVORITE CHAR ever, but i feel she should be more hidden. Kinda ruins her image.

              1. can i ask you why do you want an online game with mario party (genuine question)?

                Honestly, you must know that if one of the contestant does not have a good internet connection the game is over or not playable cause you have to wait the others to come back. Even if you can carry on, when a mini-games come to a speed contest how do you know you really win it or lose it?

                To be honest I really don’t understand people who want an online feature for every game but mario party games is even more incomprehensible (to say the least).

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