Here’s A Good Attempt To Make A Chronological Timeline For The Mario Series (Video)

YouTube Scorpigator Films have attempted the near on impossible and have created a chronological timeline for the Super Mario series. We will never know if it’s correct, but it’s certainly a pretty well-done attempt to make a chronological timeline for Mario. Be sure to watch it and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks, Alex


  1. The Mario is too overrated. He’s taking over peoples’ lives now, he forces you to look at life and its offerings in a two dimensional sort of way, with limited abilities. But I want every one of you to know that you are more capable than what this Mario wants you to believe. You can do many things. Life is a three dimensional place where you can go wherever you want. You can hold stuff in your hands. You are not Mario. Do not be controlled by Mario. Mario doesn’t care about you playing him. After he beats a Bowser, he will give you NO credit. Go to a place farther away from your console and pick up a book. Show the Mario you will not stand being controlled by it/him. The Mario. But because. Live your life people, seriously.

    1. Make it a Marvel book! ;) And if anything, the Mario is under-rated. Good day to your sir!

      1. You do not understand. The Mario gives one eye gleam into yours, and you put your money where he is….but the money isn’t for him. It’s a complicated act where he does this just to control you. YOU ARE MORE CAPABLE. If this is a Marvel book…the Mario would already have found a way to make you, the controlled, forget it.

          1. But it is the worst….it is more publicity for the Mario, or maybe people listen…No, people do not listen, it is more publicity for the Mario, and the Mario knows he will grow…just like his mustache the day he head a coin beside him….I do not want to talk about it….I had no choice but to warn about the Mario with risking publicity….I knew people will not listen. THE MARIO FORCED MIYAMOTO TO ONLY MAKE 200 MAJORA’S MASK 3DS>…SHIGERU WANTED TO MAKE MORE, BUT THE MARIO—HE WANTS EVERYBODY TO HATE ZELDA. BECAUSE MARIO.

    2. Mario always says “A-thank you so much for-a-playing my game!”. So he totally gives credit, and it feels damn good.

  2. In Paper Mario the Luigi diary is mentioning that Luigi won a mansion our something like that. Which mean that Paper Mario had to come before Luigi Mansion. Or did I misunderstand anything?

    1. He wouldn’t know about the mansion if it came before. Plus it’s a storybook so the events could be exaggerated

  3. I love this theory, but the excistance of wario completely screws with the continuity considering he shows up at the end but is present in many if not all spin off games

    1. he doesn’t first meet mario at the end. in the instruction manual for mario land 2 it says they’ve known each other for years. plus, they both met in yoshis island ds

  4. Given that we’re fitting spin-off games in, it begs the question. Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 make a direct Link between the Mario series and the Zelda series, and therefore the Mario timeline and the Zelda timeline. At what point are we therefore on the Zelda timeline when Mario’s story takes place. Does Mario now need to be written into a new version of Hyrule Historia.

    1. It would make more sense for sunshine to be a prequel, because mario beat king boo and got him kicked out of the hotel, so then king boo set a trap for mario and sent luigi the letter in luigis mansion to get back at him. It’s fun to look at things like this and speculate!

  5. I think it’s so silly when people try to create a timeline for a video game series, and try making sense out of it. Some people try WAY too hard to do this (like my niece). Even with the Zelda series. WHO CARES? They don’t have to make sense, or even fall into any particular order. All that matters is whether each game is fun or not.

  6. The only thing you cattle masses need to do is kneel before Mario and keep your mouths shut…

  7. While there isn’t all that much of a plot to most Mario games, the little bit that they do have he did manage to link together with the ones with more plot. It was interesting, but I don’t see why people have their knickers in a twist over it. It’s just a theory, a good one really, but it’s nothing concrete. If you don’t like a timeline, accurate or not, just ignore it and enjoy the games. The only ones I felt followed a story were the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi titles.

  8. Was Kooper and Bowser two different turtles? Or did Nintendo change his name like Sega did Eggman?

        1. Yeah the only civilian satisfied with the Wii. You just love the Wiimote on Wii U don’t you. No desire to play tour gamepad on the OS. It’s perfect for you.

          1. Now you’re just assuming things, I’ve never used the Wiimote on the Wii U ever and I play competitive for glory 1v1 or 2v2…

  9. What about Mario is Missing or Mario Paint?? lol haha this is funny. I hope theres a Wario World 2 for Wii U!

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