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Here’s Some Gameplay From The New Hyrule Warriors DLC Featuring Young Link And Tingle

NintenDaan has been quick off the mark and has uploaded footage from the new Hyrule Warriors downloadable content. As you can see from the action packed videos there’s footage of both Young Link and everyone’s favourite Zelda themed character, Tingle.

20 thoughts on “Here’s Some Gameplay From The New Hyrule Warriors DLC Featuring Young Link And Tingle”

      1. no you’re not, you’re not unique at all nothing about you is unique you’re probable the stereo type nerd

    1. That would be tempting,no i dont have money to spend.I still have to get some ps4 games and some wii u games but if i saw an edition like that i m sure i will get it :(

      1. How do you like your PS4? I love my PS3 and want a PS4 badly but I’m saving to buy a house in a few months.

        So hopefully next year the PS4 will be $350 or less and come bundled with a few games.

        What games do you have?

        1. Its not mine i share it with my brother(even thought its his) like we do with my wii u.Still we have only Dragon Age I and Injustice.Its not that bad but not that great either like hype of people say it is.Have a lot of other things other than gaming if thats interest you but i only use it for games.

          I will say wait a little more to get it as most games that comes to it already come to ps3 and pc.

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  2. Young Link is cool, but I hate the way he holds his sword. So awkward looking. Also it’s way bigger than it should be.

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      Sadly, they did that so turning into Fierce Deity Link would be more fluid. If anything, Fierce Deity Link should have been an alternate weapon for Young Link.

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  5. your face when tingle is a playable character and skullkid not.

    btw, maybe is me that can’t understand the beauty of this game but form me is kinda boring.all you have to do is mash some button against enemy…i’m really a fan of the legend of zelda but i ‘m wondering if in this game all you have to do is this.i dunno, perhaps playing at it will change my mind

    1. You’ll have to do certain combos sometime to rack up more damage, and the adventure mode missions can get REALLY challenging, especially if the character it requires is under-leveled.

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