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Super Mario Collection Amiibo Sold Out Amazon US

Well that didn’t last long, as the Super Mario Collection Amiibo figures have already sold out on The pre-orders for the figures went live last night and have subsequently sold out. Let’s hope that Amazon gets more stock in to deal with the demand, otherwise there will be a few angry Nintendo fans who missed out.

Thanks, Sean and Lord Zedd

18 thoughts on “Super Mario Collection Amiibo Sold Out Amazon US”

  1. Of course, now the question is whether it’s genuine popularity, a relatively low production run, or scalpers again…

    1. Give them a break- we should wait for bestbuy, gamestop, target… The others are probably just waiting for more definite figures before they open up preorders, so they don’t have to cancel any

  2. It was only a few hours.

    Also a heads up on pre orders and Amazon, they don’t charge your card until they get it…so if your low on cash pre order it anyways and cancel before it ships if you end up not having the cash

    1. i’m glad i’m not on this amiibo hype train. i grabbed a few of wave 1 and was pretty underwhelmed. for Smash we get more cpu’s and for Kart we get alt race suits. *yawn*

      Infinity and Skylanders blows this crap out of the water.

      1. Agreed to a point. After playing with amiibos I’ve realized these will always be utilized as an after-thought.

        Nintendo doesn’t want you to feel obligated to buy an amiibo JUST to play a game. But if your not a die-hard Nintendo fan, than why would you buy an amiibo if your not obligated.

        I bought my amiibos just as little show-pieces. That being said I’m still disappointed that amiibos are basically just CPUs in game. What’s the point?

        After having amiibos for a few weeks, I traded my old DSi for a brand new Disney Infinity starter pack and bought the sexy Jack Skellington figure and some power discs off eBay.

        I’ve been enjoying Infinity quite a bit. Lots to do, lots to unlock and lots of fun.

        You NEED the figured to play and leveling up characters in this game actually gives them new abilities unlike Smash Bros.

        Also I like the construction of the Infinity characters better. No stupid colored/clear support stands!

        I still love my amiibos and surely can’t wait for Charizard!! I am just hoping we are going to get a SSB Mewtwo amiibo!!!!!!!!!

  3. pink0crystal0midbus

    I’m done with amiibos. I got five of them and I don’t even use them. It must be the scalpers thinking they can make a quick buck off them.

    Little do they know that most Nintendo fans don’t even care anymore lol! Good luck trying to find someone who will pay 50$ for a “Mario Party” Mario amiibo hahahahaha!

    1. I don’t use them either and never planned to anyways. I just grab the ones I think are cool and display them, and as nerdy and lame as that sounds they add a nice touch :p

      If I were rich hell yeah I’d get them all, but now I’m just waiting for Ness and Robin to come out.

    2. Dude lots of Nintendo fans care about Amiibo lol. You should have seen the line at the Nintendo World Store 2 days ago. Most just get them as collectors pieces anyway.

  4. Bah, don’t worry.

    These will quickly become ‘common place’. They’re ‘Super Mario Edition’ – They’re not tied to Mario Party or anything, so we’ll probably see this all the time, unlike SSB editions.

  5. Ha ha! Lucky me. I pre-ordered all of them with the Mario Party 10 bundle. True, they don’t add any gameplay elements or anything special but I like collecting them.

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