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Check Out The New Bravely Second Trailer

Square Enix has uploaded a brand new trailer for upcoming RPG Bravely Second. Last September, the publisher showcased the three musketeers characters during the Tokyo Gameshow and, aside from demo gameplay, was the last good look we had of the Bravely Default sequel. But now fans can lay their worries to rest and view the new action-packed trailer – which is embedded above. With music from Supercell’s Ryo, the trailer shows off the three musketeers in more detail and also the return of fan-favourite character Edea from the first game, who appears as a main character in the sequel. Bravely Second is due to release on April 23 in Japan. Square Enix has yet to confirm a western release for the title.

11 thoughts on “Check Out The New Bravely Second Trailer”

  1. I still play the first one and can’t get enough of it. I hope this one will be as good or even better. Hopefully the story wont be as repetitive; that was the only thing I didn’t like about the first one.

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  3. Yea, the first one was good. But I didn’t really like the last few chapters. They should have ended the game after chapter five honestly. I’m sure they learned from it, as alot of people complained.

    Another thing I was REALLY disappointed with were the summons. I remember the awsome summons like Ifrit, and Shiva back in the day. But in Bravely Default they give us these weird,… vehicle summons? Like a fire train, or an airplane. One is city block, with buildings and street lights. They are really lame in my opinion, and I wish they resembled epic gods, or demons instead of transportation vehicles.

    I still like the game, it just had some lame ass summons. And from the look of this video, the sequel will have the same type of vehicle related summons. Why vehicles? Of all things to use as a summon, the developers choose city buses, and airplanes? How Lame!!!

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      The summons were supposed to be a play on the fact the Celestials (like the Guardian Spirits from Baten Kaitos) spoken of late in the game is us, the players, as the summons were of, as you said, an airplane, train, etc. To Tiz & them, the summons no doubt were mistaken for gods.

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        Like how Cthulu & other powerful aliens in the Cthulu Mythos were mistaken for gods when, in reality, they were aliens.

  4. The first game had so many good things going for it. Too bad it was let down by the repetitive story elements and was mildly annoying because of those stupid crystals where you had to hit a button over a hundred times in succession in order to break them.

    Hopefully this game will be as amazing as the first one but without the glaring errors that left it as pretty great instead of a complete masterpiece.

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