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Save Up To 75% On Select Ubisoft Titles On Wii U And Nintendo 3DS In The US

Ubisoft support for both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS was great for a while, and then suddenly it dried up. However, if there’s one of the number of Ubisoft games for the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U that you’ve had your eye on then now’s the chance to buy. Nintendo has announced that you can save up to 75% on select Ubisoft video games on the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U. Here’s a list of the games which you can get at a discount in the United States from today until February 16th.

Wii U Titles:

3DS Titles:

Thanks, Fstar and legounivers29

44 thoughts on “Save Up To 75% On Select Ubisoft Titles On Wii U And Nintendo 3DS In The US”

  1. Nice. It’s nice to hear about some deals for Nintendo consoles after Club Nintendo just unleashed some good rewards. Only thing I might buy from here is Child of Light though.

    1. Child of light is a great game, def check it out!
      I’m also downloading AC4 So I can blast pirateships when the mood strikes me! ;D

      1. I mean I’m glad I bought it but crap now I need a hard drive and a y cable to continue downloading games. now I understand why so many complained about how small the system memory was on the wii u.

  2. Might want to mention that these are eShop deals for digital downloads and you can’t expect these discounts on (for example) a physical copy of Assassin’s Creed III.

    1. True, because I paid $9 and $0 for physical copies of AC III & IV respectively lol. You can buy Watchdogs at Bestbuy right now for 24.99. So these digital prices are still a rip off.

      1. I got Splinter Cell Blacklist for $8.50 at Best Buy. They have some good titles but douchebaggery on their part means I wait until they are under $10. Rayman Origins on 3ds is only one I would consider at 7.50 but I’d rather do physical

      1. Probably wouldn’t have mattered if it had.
        The majority who want it would have gotten it for the PS4 or XBone or PC, because the Wii U wouldn’t have had anything unique outside of its controller to set that version apart.
        It’s sad, but predictable.

        1. At least for the fanbase who want it. It would have sold a few million on its own on Wii U (myself included) proving there’s interest for such games on Nintendo console. Hell, Chinatown Wars DS did so in its time. Plus, it would’ve DESTROYED ALL chances those fuckers at Ubisoft has at “trying” to reclaim respect and loyalty in the fanbase they spit at and walked away while lying through their teeth that someone should punch out.

          1. I’m not similarly convinced.
            Chinatown Wars on DS, was, well, ON THE DS, ya know?
            That was an insanely popular system.
            Sell-through rate was insane. Of COURSE it was gonna get sales, especially with nothing else similar to get around the same time for portables.

            But GTA5?
            It’s one of the main line on consoles.
            And the main line’s home has never been on Nintendo consoles before.
            This isn’t where the fan base for that game is, and that alone would likely mean, in my belief, that they wouldn’t come anywhere close to hitting “a few million” of the game on Wii U.
            Especially after the first year of the Wii U, when third parties almost completely crushed all faith that Nintendo fans still had in third party multiplats being done equally on the Wii U…

            1. I can say the same for KH being on Xbox which there’s no fanbase there either and how would you know if GTA on Nintendo home consoles would fail or not if you don’t test the waters first? You know how many have wished for GTA5 on Wii U? Plenty and with GTA5 on Wii U WITHOUT downgrading any aspect of it would inspire more mature audience to come over and restore faith in maturity games among Nintendo?

              1. That’s the thing, though; majority example indicates that it wouldn’t have come over without being downgraded.
                And even if it had been, like in the case of a very tiny amount[like 1 or 2] of other multiplats on the Wii U, it’s an older game that people had already played on the PS3.
                There was no way it was going to draw people away from their PS3 just to double-dip for it on Wii U.

                It’s a sad thing, but it’s something we have to face; it wouldn’t have sold on Wii U, because third parties didn’t build up enough trust from the fan base before that point to garner sales.

                They did the opposite of what they did with the PS360; instead of sticking it out after they developed a few bad games, plugging away until they did get a hit and the install base that comes with it, they did a bunch of bad jobs and then just gave up.

                GTA alone would not have reversed that tide. That’s really all there is to it.

                1. And that’s exactly how the third parties have been all this time: Poorly porting the same old games as an excuse for saying Nintendo fans don’t buy their games. Well no shit because those ports are 1-2 years old and have missing features at full price. Of course no one is gonna buy it and they’re doing that on purpose or is it your feeble mind hadn’t crossed that detail yet? Thanks for the “positive reinforcement” the platform and fans needed because that too is exactly why Nintendo isn’t respected anymore and why they seemingly lost their way busting their balls to try to cleanly please you fucked up FPS/realistic-graphic drooling idiots.

                  1. Yeah, you won’t find me disagreeing with you, but the point still stands; they haven’t done what needed to be done, and that, more than anything, would have guaranteed the failure of GTA had it come to the Wii U.

                      1. Of course not.
                        But my previous point still stands regardless; the odds are that it wouldn’t have been done right and that they wouldn’t have gotten sales out of the Wii U fanbase for it.
                        Because the trust needed in them doesn’t exist.
                        They’ve never done anything to form any trust on the Wii U, and 99% of all previous attempts were half-assed so badly that most Wii U owners steer clear of third party on principle.
                        Whereas XBone still had the rabidity of its “realistic games”-loving fanbase to fall back on, who had gotten used to buying those kinds of games on the Microsoft consoles.

    1. Rayman Legends, Child of Light, Assassin’s Creed IV and ZombiU are amazing titles. If you don’t own em’, now’s the time to obtain.

    2. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

      The Ubisian Leader Yves Guillemont could come to my fortress and deliver the games to me for free, I still wouldn’t take them…

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    4. Why are people so down on Ubisoft? No wonder 3rd parties have dropped the Wii U if this is the reaction they get from the fans. There are some AAA games in that list. Ubisoft supported the Wii U for longer than it needed too, quite simply it wasn’t making a profit for them. It’s all business remember.

      1. I agree with you, though apparently Ubisoft isn’t on the “friendly” side with it’s fans recently. I’ve heard something about them being the new EA.

      2. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

        1. Don’t ask if you don’t know…

        2. The majority of us are not fans at all…

        3. They pretended to support…

    5. I guess it is nice if you happen to want any of them. Most of them however turned out to be a case of “Overpromise, and under-deliver”. Not bad, but average. Unfortunately for them, for many that makes the average games look like bad ones. So even with the sale many aren’t going to bite.

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