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Xenoblade Chronicles X Takes Around 300 Hours To Complete And Will Track Your Playtime Beyond 100 Hours

As you may have heard the Japanese version of Xenoblade Chronicles contained a bug which wouldn’t keep track of your playtime beyond 99 hours and 59 minutes. Thankfully this has been fixed in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Xenoblade Chronicles X executive director Tetsuya Takahashi also explained that when he playtested the game recently he clocked in at over 300 hours. So this is going to be one big game.

“First of all, as a greeting, I’ll talk about the game’s playtime display. There was talk about how, now matter how long you played, Xenoblade Chronicles would be completed in 99 hours and 59 minutes. And so, we’ve changed that this time around.”

  • Takahashi reiterated that while Xenoblade Chronicles X is a game from the same lineage as Xenoblade Chronicles, it is not a sequel to that game—hence the “X” after the title, instead of a “2″.
  • The meaning behind the “X” (cross) also has to do with connecting with players far away (“across”). However, Takahashi describes Xenoblade Chronicles X as more of a “loosely connected” online game, rather than a regular online game. It’s unclear as to just what this means at the moment, but it could mean that the online features will be more asynchronous or passive.
  • Monolith Soft only prepared one track with vocals for Xenoblade Chronicles, but they’ve prepared a number of these for Xenoblade Chronicles X, enough to be considered quite a lot by RPG standards.
  • There are around 90 tracks in the game, and composer Hiroyuki Sawano was involved with all of them.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X’s battle system has the basic foundations of the one from Xenoblade Chronicles, but with an increased sense of speed. It has evolved into something that has a much more action-y feel to it. Characters can use short or long-ranged attacks, and there are no healer-type roles. The healing is done through a new system called “Soul Voice”. (This was demonstrated at E3)
  • Parties consist of four members. The player will control his or her character, while the other three are controlled by AI.
  • The number of unique monsters in the game and the equipment that you can acquire have been greatly increased. When Takahashi playtested the game recently for a final check, he clocked in at over 300 hours.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida


64 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles X Takes Around 300 Hours To Complete And Will Track Your Playtime Beyond 100 Hours”

  1. I’m not reading this well… I enjoy not knowing everything about a game I’m buying before I figure it out for myself, but oh man this is exciting.

      1. I m watching the japanse direct on Friday and i dont care,i m curious to see more.I hope they dont give much story in the direct and more gameplay/features of the game as mission/quests and gamepad features.

                1. Me either and i had it since release (wii u),also i still need to beat Rodin in bayonetta 2,collect all hearts in Zelda WW and i just got pikmin 3 and still havent even open it.Also i play a lot of hearthstone which is addictive a lot and i need to get all cards :D,also bloodborne is comming soon and i will get it and i still have to beat DAI and i still didnt even played at all Injustice.

                  Havent had so much to play since ever and i cant play most due to other duties :( but screw it all when i get xenoblade i will toss it all and focus only to that.

    1. Imagine that he knew most of the things he played the game,so some1 like me who will stop every in while while doing absolute nothing and fool in the world will take much longer.

  2. LOOSELY CONNECTED ONLINE GAME!!! ball dropped…. again nintendo! this game has the potential to be one of the best online coop games and if this only includes freakin miiverse integration i quit life….

  3. shut up bitching about online it do not have to be in every fuck game this game still worth picking up with or without online stop being a spoiled gamer baby

  4. I’m guessing that they’re counting side quests and bonus contents because a 300 hour story mode is highly unlikely. That being said, I always love doing most of the bonus content so this is great news for me. Grinding usually takes up a lot of my time anyway though. I prefer to get a bunch of level ups early on and then breeze through a few bosses. Rinse and repeat until the game is complete.

  5. I already knew about this stuff… This news isn’t new. Anyway this definitely built up more hype for this game! I’m starting to think I’ll be better than FF XV but can’t confirm that yet.

  6. People still complain about online. I knew from day one this would be more of single player experience, just like the prequel. Just being able to post pics if epic moments on Miiverse is good enough for me. Any thing else is a bonus.

  7. Oh fuck I’m going to be stuck at the beginning again, but I don’t care. I’m this anyways because of huge world it has.

    1. You cant be stuck in jrpg.Its one of the easiest genres,you just need to farm exp and a lot of free time.

      In the original i never farm for exp and just go through the story + some missions and i proccess smothly.

            1. I used Dunban a lot,i lied that he had many aoe and i clear small monster quick + riki + sharla.

              Also melia was fun to play.

  8. How in the world am I going to make time for this game when I also have Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, and some other new games which I have yet to get to complete?!

    1. I feel your pain :(.I have pikmin 3 and injustice ps4 which i havent even open them lol.So much to do and so many games comming.

    2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      That’s a pretty good problem to have. This is one of those games I know is gonna end up being REALLY expensive in the future. So I would get it while you can.

  9. great no online feature which is useless (go and play FF11 and FF14 if you want online feature). 300 hours nothing compare to my 1200 hours of Final Fantasy tactics and 1400 hours of FF dissidia 300 hours is really nothing. I’m a bit disappointed there is not connection to the previous game. No healer…. gonna tough

  10. At first I was like “HOLY COW! O_O” and then I thought that mostly likely has to be for 100% completion, not the entire story mode. Either way, I know I’m gonna be playing this for a while…a long while.

  11. I’m going to lose my life when I get this game and become a social shut-in for the next month or so. XD Fuck…

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      I’ve been waiting a really long time for an RPG to do that to me. Last one I remember was Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen. And I played Paper Mario 64 from sun-rise to sun-set. Good times.

  12. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    I’m still waiting for them to tell us that New Game+ has been made into less of an easy playthrough next go around. If it’s not like Bravely Default’s New Game+, I’ll be highly disappointed.

  13. And yet it’s not the most anticipated game of 2015. If Witcher 3 ends up a disappoint then this would be Game of the Year

  14. Sickr, I hope you read this, but…

    The title is somewhat misleading because it implies that it takes 300 hours to complete just the story, and many websites have already misled a lot of people with this information. As Takahashi stated in the interview, he clocked in more than 300 hours of nearly everything he could do, which includes the story, exploration, and quests.

  15. Do you guys know if this game will require the gamepad?
    My gamepad is not working anymore, and I bought the Wii U just for this game.

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        Are you trying to scare him away from this game, dude? We’ve had a few Wii U games that used the Gamepad heavily but could still be played with a Wii U Pro Controller if we chose, too.


    He’s actually my favourite composer, just listen to the Aldnoah.Zero soundtrack!

    Though, I should’ve guessed that was him from the music in that reveal trailer.

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