Mario Kart 8 Nominated For Several BAFTA Awards

Is that time once again when the BAFTA video game awards nominees are announced and you’ll be pleased to know that Mario Kart 8 has made the cut. The game is currently nominated for Best Audio Achievement and also Best Video Game. Strangely, Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U hasn’t been nominated for any awards which is a real shame. Still, at least Mario Kart 8 is on their radar. You can check out all the nominees for this year’s event at the link here.


      1. I own a lot great fantastic amazing games just none of that mainstream aaa bullshit thats rushed to market.

        1. Dude what r u even talking about…. words mean things and the words you used mean things that dont make any relative sense

  1. I haven’t played Bayonetta 2, but I consider MK8 to be a tier above Smash in quality and its nominations are well-deserved. My game of 2014 to be sure.

          1. Then you shouldn’t say anything about it. The fact that it won many Goty awards and has many hours into that you can keep on going.
            Something MK8 doesn’t really have. So you and your “dime a dozen” doesn’t go with DA.

            1. Dragon Age Inqustion looks like an amazing game for sure. It’s certainly a better game than Mario Kart 8. But I still personally prefer Smash Bros over it.

  2. That’s good, but honestly Mario kart 8 is so overrated. It’s fun at first but once you keep playing it it starts to get dull.

      1. The fact that No 3DS games are nominated, makes the Nomination list extremely questionable. I’m fine with Mario Kart in contention for Best Soundtrack, but where’s Smash Bros? It has a lot of amazingly orchestrated music that, like Nintendo has said, has the most music tracks out of every other action game. Bayonetta 2 not nominated at all makes this list questionable at best. No Smash, No Bayonetta 2…good luck explaining that one…

  3. Mario Kart 8 isn’t something you can stick with in the long term unless you play it in a competitive manner. It’s generally a short-term game. Play a couple hours, put it down, pick it up later then rinse and repeat.

    Great game but would I say it’s the best game overall? Surprisingly I prefer Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker even putting it above Smash Wii U. Discounting any games that came out on the PS4 or XBONE because.. I don’t own one :P

    What are your thoughts regarding Mario Kart 8 guys? I personally doubt it being a favourable party game because… well new players will be crashing into walls, not knowing how to get around corners properly, eventually they get upset and ruins the mood. Smash does a better job for new players with that.

  4. Bayonetta 2 is not a great game. Its for new wave players. Its just a beat em up. You guys sound like Kanye preacher up Beyonce

  5. lol Bayonetta isnt even a great game, let alone a game of the year. Its a bs beat em up for new wave A.D.D players. Sorry but you guys are kidding yourselves.

  6. Annnndddd mk8 has something called replayability, where its arcade like qualities make it good for ages and ages. Doesnt have to be qualit play time, just beat YOUR best score. And here i was thinking this was a real gamer website. Your all just always talking about the same four or five games.

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