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Nintendo Says No Comment Regarding Netflix Live Action Zelda Series

We were all a little shocked to hear that both Nintendo and Netflix were planning to team up to create a live action Legend of Zelda television series. Japanese publication Niconico News contacted Nintendo Japan to find out exactly what is going on, but as expected they were issued with the traditional “We will not comment on the rumours or speculations.” Netflix were also contacted but refused to comment on the matter. We heard from the Wall Street Journal that the Zelda project is very early into development and they’ve yet to get a writer onboard.

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27 thoughts on “Nintendo Says No Comment Regarding Netflix Live Action Zelda Series”

      1. The nintendo magistrate

        I’m still not convinced plus a real life Zelda and not animated is making me think it’s just a load of over hyped bullshit !

    1. Yeah, I don’t really use it anymore. Chromecast is now the center of streaming entertainment in my living room, so good for both Youtube and Netflix!

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  2. They said “No comment” because they realize that a live-action Zelda is a bad idea or extremely costly to fully flesh out Hyrule & populate its towns w/ 100s of people & populate its fields w/ plenty of monsters; no narrow sets & a handful of extras walking around w/ crappy costumes/makeup. & the swordplay, hookshot acrobatics, flying…they can all be hard-hitting & believable.

    So they’re preparing a statement saying it’ll be animated. Then they can more easily capture the scope of Zelda. To be as open as the Lord of the Rings trilogy but on a smaller budget; even bigger sets, more characters & monsters, accurate portrayals, etc. Now they don’t have to film all over the world (deserts, tundras, swamps, grasslands, caves, beaches, mountains), or shoot green screens & CGI everything. Writers & animators all under 1 roof. No wardrobe department, creature shop (Jim Henson Company would’ve been cool), or makeup. Traditional, 2D animation w/ 3D CGI as an enhancement tool. & Japan gets more control over a Japanese IP.

    1. Taking a wait and see approach. Nintendo is pretty protective of its ips these days, and Netflix has a decent track record. No reason to be doom and gloom just yet.

  3. I try to imagine the live action series. let’s say 5 seasons of 13 episodes. season 1 zelda has been kidnapped, 13 episodes which talk bullock and some flashback when link and zelda were kids. At the end of season 1, Link sees Zelda which is confirmed to be alive but his is trapped and the cliffhanger will be if link will escape alive or not.

    Season 2: At the start we learn Link is alive but badly injure, on the top of that he did not managed to rescue Zelda cause she was moved. season 2 will be focus on link looking for Excalibur and other stuffs, meanwhile zelda will have a talk with Ganon… no scrap it she talk t one of his minion cause Ganon will be reveal at the end of season 3/start season 4. Also let’s not forget some flashback when she was a child and a teenager.

    Season 3: Zelda is finally free but she gave her triforce to the baddy. the season will deal with link and zelda looking for the last piece of trifroce and the origin of it. Cause the series will have to appeal to the female genre zelda will be a strong character which can kick link’s arse in a second (despite the fact she has been rescue by this faggot) On the baddy side we see the minion talking to someone which seems to be the boss but his identity is not yet reveal. Also we will learn more about Link and zelda origin and we will see them fall in love. At the end of the season we finally see Ganon’s face when Zelda and link find the last fragment of the triforce but are trapped. I forgot to mention the season will see link going through lot of trials

    Season 4: start with link and zelda escaping from Ganon. we will have Ganon back story with lot of flashback. Zelda will try to convince the different kingdoms to form an alliance. but guess what they all refuse and some will even try to back stab her cause Ganon already have them under his thumb. zelda want to be link but they can’t cause she is a princess and he is the chosen one therefore it’s an impossible love.

    Season 5: lot of flashback on things we saw 30 times in the previous seasons, ganon rules hyrule but does not have all the triforce. the triforce of courage is still in link’s hand but he orders the all hyrule to look for them. Link and zelda will find unexpected help (let’s say a foes who decide to be good and betray ganon) and try to rise an army against ganon. Lot of bullshit about why link and zelda should be together but can’t be together. Link fight Ganon but is he dead, zelda arrive kick ganon’s arse and revive link. They get married and that the happy ending.

    Here we go dusted… :-)

  4. People are already hounding them for information? It’s very early in development and this is exactly what caused Hideki Kamaya to drop his consideration for a potential Star Fix sequel (we are still getting it)

  5. It’s interesting that both Nintendo and Netflix both said no comment, if it were just Nintendo saying it, I’d probably lose all hope in it actually happening. I think we may have a TV series or at least a pitch happening here.

  6. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    The real question is why did NicoNico even bother to ask. lol If they are making it, Nintendo wouldn’t tell them unless they had at least something to show like a poster or something.

    Anyway, til Nintendo says otherwise, I still wait in anticipation & excitement for more information on this possible Zelda series. With Nintendo having a hand in it, I will keep a positive outlook on this unlike some of you “Zelda is ruined!” crybabies. If it’s done right & is successful, we might finally get that Metroid movie.

    1. I wish I share you positive vibe but history show us that adaptation of video game in movie or even anime does not go very well. I think Nintendo and Netflix are in talk at the minute and I don’t think they sign a deal at the minute hence the no comment thing

      1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

        I have this positive vibe because I loved the Super Mario Bros movie, the Resident Evil movies, & the Silent Hill movies. So it depends on who you ask when it comes to movie adaptations of games. The only movie adaptation of a game I agree with being crap was Doom, which was actually a good movie if you ignore the fact it’s supposed to be based on the acclaimed series. As for the Super Mario Bros movie, it was made at a time when there was barely any story or character development in the video game series. As for the Resident Evil movies, I will say that they should have been less action & more horror, but I enjoy them for at least staying mostly true to the games. As for the Silent Hill movies, I can’t figure for the life of me why that movie series isn’t doing a hell of a lot better. I guess the horror style it uses is just a niche part of the genre these days.

        1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

          At the same time, if you make these adaptations stay too close to the games, fans of the games won’t bother with these movies since they’ll already know most of what’s going to happen.

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