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Nintendo Shows How You Can Perform New Nintendo 3DS XL System Transfer

Nintendo of America has uploaded a video ahead of Friday’s release of the New Nintendo 3DS to give gamers an opportunity to find out how to do a system transfer. No doubt most of you will be coming from the original Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL so you’d be wise to watch the short video. However, it would all be a lot easier if Nintendo had a proper user account system in place.

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58 thoughts on “Nintendo Shows How You Can Perform New Nintendo 3DS XL System Transfer”

    1. Yea, tell me about it. I love how they just leave that part out. Anyway, from what I’ve gathered you will go through the same process as in this video.

      Click “No”, then you’ll be given the same 3 options, choose the PC option. At some point during the process, it apparently will ask you to then turn off both systems and put the micro SD in the new system.

      I can’t really find any videos of anyone already using a micro SD doing a transfer to a new 3DS, and all I can find is written guides.

      1. Your current microSD card will be treated as a regular SD card because of that adapter. What you’re trying to imply is a self-to-self transfer.

      2. I felt I should explain in greater detail as I know this can be confusing to some.

        You’ll still choose the PC option, but you won’t need to actually copy anything to a new card. Since you are already using a micro SD in your current 3DS, all you should have to do is put it into the New 3DS once the transfer is complete.

    2. Of course it would be a lot easier if there was a user account based system but it’s Nintendo the only gaming company stuck in the pass. The same company that created masterpieces is reduce to the laughing stock of gaming.

    3. Why does Nintendo need to complicated things that could be as easy as (insert here whatever you master)?

      You know what? First and foremost, they should not be releasing this stupid 3DS iteration at all. The New 3DS hardware should have been released as it is back in 2011.

      Today is 2015 already, and having two sub-HD screens ins a piece of technology worthing $ 200 is abusive and plain stupid.

      1. While I do agree with you about the complications of the *new* 3DS, I slightly disagree with the power situation. Nintendo’s handheld were always behind in power, but they’re always far in the lead because of their quality games.

        1. I ain’t a graphic whore. That being said, I just think that Nintendo insults their consumers rebranding a redundant, outdated piece of hardware instead of releasing a whole new handheld.

          It can be me, but… It’s hard to understand that silly move.

          1. Then what is Sony doing exactly with their PS brand since PS2? Remaking the exact same shit both home and portable consoles more than Nintendo has done with their GB and DS line. Same for Xbox but that’s because their hardware design is a fail.

            1. We are discussing Nintendo’s practices here; I know what you mean about Sony and Microsoft, but bringing them up will not help this thread.

              Also, could one mistake make right another mistake? No. The fact that Sony and Microsoft have been making errors over the years does not alleviate Nintendo’s poor, questionable practices.

              1. And here you are think I’m excusing Nintendo’s sometimes BS moves which I don’t. GameBoy Micro was wasted, DSi XL was a stupid idea, not bringing the new standard 3DS to US as well as not bundling an AC to the new XL model is the biggest mistake since not advertising Wii U and launching 3DS with a pathetic line up of trash games from 3rd parties who can’t design gods games to save their own lives.

                1. In fact, so many errors made by Nintendo.

                  (As a side note, besides the handheld, at the home console end, the Wii U is the biggest one of them. Anyway.)

                  I’m really afraid the next handheld/ home console hybrid be the last Nintendo hardware entry in their history.

              2. I prefer waiting until the next gen console to purchase a new system because my wallet is already under siege with all the games coming out.

                1. I tried the new system. It’s nothing new at all and that C stick excuse is so laughable I don’t ever wanna bother with it again. It doesn’t feel like a stick, button or those old mouse ball thing from old laptops. It’s a stiff blemish you have to wrestle with a bit to make it work. The only thing good about the “new” 3DS is the 3D-face tracking that improves 3D viewing. But like the old models, you have to keep your head still and SLIGHTLY move for it to work.

              3. So you habe to have a computer to do the system Transfer? I was under the impression you could do it wirelessly between the 2 systems. If not thats not only stupid but a deal breaker as I only own a tablet and have no PC.

                1. Wait… Did it say that the source system will FORMAT? As in, delete all of its data format? If so, I’m gonna have some problems…

                  1. NO! Don’t worry I have done transfers many times between my systems! It will NOT delete your info. Trust me your games are safe.

                      1. It WILL delete the stuff from the old system, but before it does that it uploads all your stuff onto the new system. If what I’m understanding is correct.

                              1. It is all or nothing, but you can partially transfer data for a faster transfer or if you just don’t have a bigger memory card. As in your licenses for games and such, but all the heavy data you’ll just have to download again.

                                The 2nd option, is the partial transfer.

                              1. I don’t think so. The majority of data on the SD Card is simply a portion of the save data for your games. Most game downloads are saved to the system memory and attached to your Nintendo Network ID. You’ll likely have to transfer your data from one device to the other unless you’re alright with restarting all your games (assuming you don’t have them all digitally).

                              1. In the video, it appears that “Wireless” is an alternative option to transfer. I’d assume that’d be the way to go (and I hope it works as it sounds…).

                            1. I’m still hella confused by all this. I bought a new 16GB memory card for my XL back when Smash Bros released. I brought it home, copied everything from my old card onto the new one using my computer, popped it into my XL and it worked fine. Is it tied to NNID? Would I be able to just link my NNID to the new system and pop in my old SD card? The 4GB card bundled with the system won’t be large enough for a system transfer.

                              1. My current card is a Micro SD using an adapter, so just before anyone mentions that the new XL takes only Micro SD – that’s not a problem as the one I have is a Micro SD card.

                                1. The reason it worked is due to the games being link to that 3ds you won’t be able to access any digital games on the new 3ds until you have transferred them from the old one

                                2. No you cannot.

                                  As said, the reason it works that way is because your games are attached to the hardware itself. Yes, they’re attached to your NNID also. The problem, a NNID is pretty useless at the moment given the fact it’s still attached to the hardware. So it didn’t change much other than merging 3DS and Wii U account funds.

                                  So in simpler terms, the NNID is locked to your current system along with your data and they cannot be moved without a system transfer.

                                  You have to do a system transfer in order to access all your content on the new system. Well, technically I suppose you don’t have to, but it’s the easier method (not really) other than having to call Nintendo about it.

                              2. What about a transfer between two 3DS limited edition with pre-installed games?
                                For instance a transfer between a 3DS XL Zelda edition with a link between worlds and a New 3DS XL Majora’s mask edition? Will we be able to keep the original games on each of the console???
                                They never tackle this issue in the videos… Any guess or tip is welcome?

                                1. I was wondering this as well, from my findings when you do a system transfer it combines all the games from both systems during the transfer

                                2. It will merge on your new system. The only thing is that it won’t fully transfer over like the other data. You’ll have to go the eShop to re-download the pre-installed games when you’re done with the system transfer.

                                  1. Thank you Michelle. I get it now. One will have to re-download the pre-installed Zelda a link between worlds from eShop onto the New 3DS XL Majora’s mask, but that means that the Zelda a link between worlds will be erased from the old 3DS XL, right? In which case we lose the limited edition bundle (golden console + the pre-installed game) on the old 3DS XL …..

                                3. Not sure if i want to make a new account or do a system transfer. My Mario kart 7 pre installed limited edition 3ds xl white is a hard find

                                4. The UK new 3DS XL Majora Mask edition comes with the game pre-installed. If I do a system transfer, will I lose the game?

                                5. My son is trying to do a 3DS transfer but he already put his same Nintendo network ID on the new 3DS, will this be. Problem

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