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Sonic Boom On Both Wii U And Nintendo 3DS Fails To Sell Even 500k

I suppose it was a given, but Sonic Boom performed extremely poorly at retail. Sega has said that both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions only sold 490k units between them. Sega has also slashed its predicted sales of Wii U software from 600k units to only 300k. Nintendo 3DS predicted sales for 2015 were also slashed from 2,270k to 1,380k. This all comes about as the company revealed that it plans to restructure its business with a focus on mobile and PC.

64 thoughts on “Sonic Boom On Both Wii U And Nintendo 3DS Fails To Sell Even 500k”

  1. Honestly, I’m a little glad these games flopped. In hopes that Sega will just switch back to regular ol’ Sonic. Or even better, in hopes that Nintendo will just buy them out eventually. That’d just be the biggest possible outcome for Sega’s franchises.

      1. Wow, I was going to list off a bunch of awesome Sega ips to rebuff this and my mind just went blank. They really dont have much worth saving. Bayonetta and maybe Crazy Taxi just for funky nostalgia, but other than that I got nothing. I WOULD say that the list of Altus ips has MUCH more potential if Nintendo would actually do something with them if they acquired it… since they do sooo much with other beloved franchises they already have.
        Nintendo shouldve scooped up capcom and square enix when they were hurting though… biiiiig opportunity wasted.
        Hoping their next system is a work horse though and caters to getting some 3rd party support back. Id expect an announcement of their next system to drop next (2016) e3. Hope to the gods it isnt called the New Wii U.

        1. No ips?

          Virtual On, Jet Set Radio, Sega sports series, Sega Bass Fishing, Super Monkey Ball, Virtua Fighter, Panzer Dragoon, Phantasy Star (with Phantasy Star online being the first major consol MMORPG by the way), Space Harrier, Shenmu and I’m sure there are others. These are just off the top of the head.

          And honestly, I can’t really speak for Nintendo. Besides Mario, Zelda and Smash Bros., exactly how many of their IPs have they been using that have become successful? Rather, what are they doing besides shilling out games just to make a quick buck? I love Nintendo, but I don’t think that their success really speaks volumes for their company; they’re selling out. Have you seen the. “New ” Nintendo 3DS? lol. Then again, this isn’t uncommon by them.

    1. No. We don’t buy turds for “games” that are gimped, piss poorly built like Sonic Boom (biggest understatement of the year) and focused on suckering profit through false advertisements

  2. It’s a good thing the sales are failing.
    Shit does not worth buying and there is no reason to feel bad for it, because SEGA did not do any QA to make sure a good Sonic game is getting made. In case of Sonic in 3D, they often don’t care about anything. I still wonder how Colors and Generations were able to get to be so awesome games with a developer and publisher this dumb.

  3. The thing is, they learned absolutely nothing! They made a bad game, and when it didn’t sell said, “Welp! That’s it then! Let’s go to mobile and PC!”. There IS a market on consoles. Just not for terrible games. In fact, maybe mobile is perfect for Sega. If they’re not willing to put the time and energy into making good games, they’ll be right at home with the plethora of crud on mobile phones.

  4. That’s too bad, I actually liked the Sonic Boom games. They were probably a little too short, but they were still very fun. I do hope that this causes Sega to go back to the fundamentals though as an Adventure 2 Battle style of video game would certainly be our best bet for an incredible Sonic title!

  5. Game companies can’t be shocked when their games receive reviews in the 4s and 5s.’

    Sega has said they are going mobile only. Sonic is now officially dead… though he’s been a zombie roaming video game purgatory for more than a decade. Glad Sega finally put a stake in him. You think Nintendo could buy him off Sega for a quarter? That’s about how much he’s worth.

  6. Lol I think their goal should of been just 1 for both 3ds and Wii U combined, because honestly the game looks like shit, but entertaining to watch people play it and get frustrated…

  7. im a wii u owner and would gladly get any party of games and sega i love sonic and sega all stars racing transformed and hope u make more good games like that on to consoles and sega bad games (sonic boom wii u and 3ds) get bad sales sonic boom wii u has to much problems and sonic boom 3ds is collecting a lot of stuff is nessarsary to get to the next level neither of those games have sonic moving fast and auto run segments where u jump and move left or right dont count, tip to sega sonic platformer games should be like sonic colors and sonic generations

  8. The only Sonic game I played the hell out of and would still play today was Gamecube’s Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Still have chao on memory sticks some place.

  9. I’ve never really followed Sonic’s Career but always remember enjoying Sonic, and Sonic two back on Sega’s systems. Can anyone explain to me how the creators of the newer sonic games so royally F*CKED up the series? And why they didn’t just “stick with the formula”, so to speak? Which are the best sonic games btw?

  10. Sonic games have always sucked in my opinion. I always thought the robot stuff and overall stage layouts in these games was stupid. I also hated how FAST Sonic runs. I was never a fan. The only Sonic game I played all the way through was the very first one. And even that was mediocre fun.

  11. I’m not surprised. I never really liked Sonic but I knew it could be good if the damn hedgehog actually ran fast and didn’t stop to hop up on a platform. Seeing Sonic in a car or on a hoverboard made no sense to me, but their cutscenes looked great. I had Sonic Riders (not by choice).

    What I do care about was one of the best things Sega ever accomplished: F-Zero GX. Am I never going to get another F-Zero game?

  12. This is interesting. So this shitty sonic might be the last original sonic for a nintendo platform. Makes me wonther if it is worth purchasing just because its value will increase in the far away future. However i guess I will only buy it when it costs less than 10 Bucks.

  13. I used to love saga. Loved the Dreamcast think its time they shut up shop sonic is past it now. Sonic racing transformed was pretty good tho

  14. Ridley, the Angel of Death

    These people hoping Sega learns from the failure that is Sonic Boom apparently expect too much from the trash that Sega has become. If they didn’t learn from the Dreamcast, Sonic ’06, & Sonic Boom for Wii U and 3DS, why should we expect anything better. Even if they do redeem themselves, I give them 2 years tops before they create another shit storm. Then again, maybe 2 years is too generous.

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