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Nintendo’s Koichi Hayashida Wants Captain Toad In Mario Kart

Would you like to see Captain Toad appear as a playable character in Mario Kart 8? Well, Nintendo’s very own Koichi Hayashida wants him to star in the iconic racing series as well as other Nintendo titles. Interestingly, Hayashida has contacted the director of Mario Kart to see if he’d consider including Captain Toad in the game. Hayashida says he has become quite attached to the charming character and would like to see him feature in a “variety of games.”

At this stage we don’t know. I personally want to see him featured in a variety of games. I’ve even ‘secretly’ emailed the director of Mario Kart to see if he’d consider including Captain Toad, but I haven’t heard back from him yet!


102 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Koichi Hayashida Wants Captain Toad In Mario Kart”

                1. Shut up robo ass. At least I didn’t get beat up by a sexy blonde. Casshern is better than your pathetic ass.

                  1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                    Samus was half Chozo, half human back then, making her a way higher level of life-form than you silly humans will ever be…

                    Now my intelligence agency has been observing her and found out that she is even a higher life-form now…

                    Human/Chozo/Metroid Trybrid…

                      1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                        Disgusting, primitive robot that’s a female plus modeled after its even more pathetic creators…

              1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                Better than having him as another useless character in MK…

                And Captain Toad is a game to relax with anyway…

                      1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                        Zelda has never been for elite gamers, the original MM is the closest thing to a challenge from that series…

                          1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                            OoT challenging?…

                            No wonder you don’t have a chance against my higher skilled characters in Smash Brothers…

                            OoT is the easiest Zelda ever…

                                1. Er… NOT you are demonstrating how little you know about zelda. Zelda II is the most difficult zelda ever followed by the first zelda… Robofag…

                                      1. Considering that zeñda II was out when there was only one game of the zelda franchise on the market it doesnt seems fair to say that it isnt a zelda game… Franchise identity is something that stabilshed throught the games and if its the second one its really a zelda game it also appear on the official chronology where non “real zelda games” such as tingle rupees land or hyrule warriors dont appear. Deal with it asshole ; )

                                        1. Miyamoto can hate oxygen thought he still breath it…
                                          LORD Miyamoto can hate Zelda II but it has been done and it is include in the OFFICIAL chronology SO its a zelda game and not a spin off. Its also pretty challenging im fact one of the most challenging games ever. It was also THE SECOND game in the franchise being second to a pretty hard game too which is the original zelda SO you cannot say that zelda has never been for elite gamers ; )
                                          It was back in the days. Todays games may be easier (not as easy as capitain toad thought) but it started as a hardcore game, on the other hand capitain toad started as a casual game.
                                          DEAL WITH IT babybot ; )

                                  1. Well they could make the sequel harder, doesn’t need to be easy because it’s another captain toad game, and because it did decent it could be a full fledged game

                        1. I was actually disappointed with captain toad. Not that it wasn’t good but I’ mean the point is to get through the levels and collect all the stars. I was able to collect almost all the stars and gold mushrooms, on my first play through, so once I finished there was next to no replay value.

                          1. Not many games coming out of Nintendo anymore that have much difficulty or replay value. Personally, Mk is the only WiiU game I still play. Even the “mighty” Smash bros only lasted a week. To be fair to Nintendo though, in comparison, I no longer play any games on the PS4(The order has caused me to list it for sale on craigslist recently anyways) and I only occasionally play The MC collection and Killer Instinct on the XboxONE. Console gaming is weak these days.

                            1. I feel like the last challenging game was tropical freeze, so I guess it wasn’t too long ago about a year, But I think games as a whole are so much easier now than they used to be. maybe to cater to a more casual audience? who knows but the lack of difficulty in the market is apparent it doesn’t help that we’ve had TTT KRC and soon MP10 don’t get me wrong, I love the relaxing experience that I get from Kirby and the rainbow curse, and I very much enjoyed Toad treasure tracker, i was just disappointed with it’s replay value. they are both different paced kind of games, where you can sit back and relax, but I would really like it if someone somewhere can kick back up the difficulty.

                              1. I totally agree! This game is flawless in gameplay graphic amd music BUT its too short not because the first run throught its easy, not because it has few stage its because its replay value it almost hasnt got any!! Take for example mario 3d world is easy as fuck its super fun and i love it but its easy BUT it has more replay value because of the multiplayer maddnes and the stamps wich arent very difficult to find but i bet you cant have all on a single playthrought which is the problem i got with toad

                                1. oh yeah, 3d world is one of my top favorite games. I play it with my brother and two sisters and it’s absolute chaos! yeah the puzzles were too easy in toad, if they make a sequel I’ll wait to find out if they improved upon it’s weaknesses, before I buy it.

                      2. Let me get this right: Someone wants Captain Toad in MK8? Sure ignore the millions who wants arena stages for battle mode. Yet a cloned Toad with a search light on his head is a real bid difference.

                          1. Um that’s why I want Arena stages in Mario Kart over some additional Toad character. I’m not the only one though. But it’s OK for Nintendo to grant one man’s wish over millions of Nintendo fans wanting Arena stages in battle mode huh?

                          1. I honestly think he has a shot. Like GOD said look at the villager. Captain toad can use his pick axe, maybe double cherry? Idk but sakurai would make it work

                      3. Just make him a DLC costume, it would have been good marketing if they chose that instead of Tonooki Mario or Cat Peach. We have to many clones

                      4. Before putting in Captain Toad, how about you bring back some characters and bring in other characters who should be in MK8. Like I don’t know; Diddy Kong, Birdo, E. Gad, King Boo? We don’t need more alternate versions of the same characters.

                      5. Instead of having clones in mario kart, why not bring in old characters like bowser jr, diddy kong, pete pihrana, king boo etc

                        1. If you have a science test coming up soon, tell her she could come to your house and study it. Then slowly start to………………………

                      6. Wouldn’t a reskin be better since Toad is Captain Toad? Still I hope for a sequel to Captain Toad it was a fun, light game. It wasn’t all that challenging, but still fun. :)

                      7. As long as it’s an alternate costume like the Yoshi and Shy Guy colors were- MK8 needs more individual characters, not 3+ Mario and Peach clones nobody asked for.

                        Seriously, E. Gadd has deserved to be playable since at least Partners in Time.

                      8. All they have to do is put a flashlight on toads head. I appreciate the guys enthusiasm and all, but it’s it’s kind of anticlimatic to get so excited for a flashlight add on. I for one am more excited watching my dog fart in his sleep.

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