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Itagaki Says Devil’s Third Release Date Is A Secret And To Trust Nintendo PR

Devil’s Third director Tomonobu Itagaki won’t reveal the estimated release date for Devil’s Third no matter how many times you ask. A fan asked Itagaki on Facebook when the action based title will be released and he replied by saying that it is a secret. Itagaki also said that fan’s should trust Nintendo’s PR strategies.

Thanks, Shuhei Yoshida

76 thoughts on “Itagaki Says Devil’s Third Release Date Is A Secret And To Trust Nintendo PR”

            1. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

              Let me rephrase that; if he/she were to buy it, then it would automatically not be a flop. You know what I mean?

    1. Damian_Geezer… Devil’s Third haven’t been released yet. Put down your fucked up tarot cards and just wait. You can’t tell if it’s a flop, thus your comment is invalid.

        1. The graphics isn’t shitty. It looks OK when Nintendo and Valhalla have shown this game at E3. According to Itagaki, the game looks and plays better than what we saw at E3. They’re keeping it a secret from now on until it’s ready to be shown next season.

            1. I actually do sleep well because my Wii U doesn’t make fucking jet engine noises like PS4 or blows up, burning my room at night like Xbox One, all trying to be the PCs they can never be and BTW, I’m still waiting for that “1080p/60FPS” promise those assholes made and exclusives that are not on every other console as well. Too bad Nintendo has been the only one that delivers actual games for fun and even nailed the so called impossible “1080/60FPS Wii U game” a number of times.

              So yeah, I sleep soundly. ^_^

                  1. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

                    Says who? Nintendo used to be the best back in the day, but now they are just a shell of its former self stuck in the past. Not to mention their laziness ESPECIALLY in their console abilities :P

                    1. “Nintendo used to be the best back in the day, but now they are just a shell of its former self stuck in the past.”

                      Wait. Nintendo was the best in the past but are stuck in the past?

                      If anything, Sony is a shell of its former self. They’ve largely abandoned consoles for multimedia boxes/budget PCs, multiplats, Western “game” design, & FPSes/Sandboxes/interactive movies after PS2. Even though PS2 relied on the DVD trojan (nothing to do w/ gaming), & was “weaker” than GCN & Xbox, it still managed to generate high sales, focused on actual games, & built a strong library w/ a diversity of genres & art styles. But PS3/4 are the antithesis, & Sony became like MS, & 3rd parties were corrupted in the process. Sony (or 3rd parties) wanted more power, everyone got drunk & lost focus. Hardcore audiovisuals (dev vanity) @ the expense of gameplay (the top priority for every true gamer). But the industry has been institutionalized, & most consumers are either blind (or “ooh, shiny”), or naïve (being too young to know what a real game is, introduced to gaming by 1 the twins in the 7th gen).

                      MS, on the other hand, has always undermined consoles, exclusivity, & Japanese game design. So really, the Xbox brand w/ its budget PC, Western philosophy, & multiplatting has stayed the course (yet still can’t turn a profit). Sad.

                      Nintendo might not be devving Wave Race, F-Zero, Eternal Darkness, & Sin & Punishment; refraining from more mature content; & they’ve yet to put GCN games on VC. But @ least they still focus on gameplay & aren’t slaves to 3rd parties & shareholders, & are not facilitating multiplatting, trojan platforms like Origin, microtransactions, BS DLC, or graphics whoring. Nintendo is imperfect, yet 1 of tue few companies keeping real gaming alive.

                      & the last time graphics truly enhanced gaming was in the 6th gen. After that, physics & graphics have hopped in progress, not leaped. How could a company focused on improving gameplay know graphics whoring would be the new trend? Even if they knew, how could they sell their souls (& über “powerful” consoles) when they would lose so much? Nintendo is the only 1 in it for the long-haul, & profiting. The rest are chasing their tails, running faster & faster, but the big payoff is always out of reach. More sequels! More annual releases! More FPSes & Sandboxes! More mocrotransactions! You’ll pay more for less & love it! M-rated, so many strands of hair, drab “realism”, raw tech specs w/ big #s…yeah, we’re cool. & if you wanna be cool, too, follow the angst & the crowd of insecure posers.

                      1. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

                        You are funny as fuck if you think I’m going to read that bibble you wrote lmfaooo

                      2. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt

                        Yup, you are a waste of my time. You figure it out for yourself to why Nintendo is stuck in the past. You should be glad if I even spit in your direction.

                        1. If you read my little post, you would not only see that I did figure it out, but I also listed reasons for my basis. However inaccurate or precise that might be, it’s apparently left to me to figure out. Until someone posts w/ clear & objective counterpoints, I’ve got carte blanche. Plus, no matter how objective, it still ultimately comes down to taste. But the matter @ hand is that Wii U is still a purer console, offering more gameplay experiences & exclusives than the 8th gen twins. It’s also evident that modernity largely ignores that paradigm.

                          Using the word ‘stuck’ sounds derogatory to all that was great before. Yes, Nintendo does perhaps need a unified account system, & could throw voice chat in for those that absolutely can’t do w/ out. But what more do games really need? So many seem to focus on the bells & whistles while ignoring the core experince. 3rd parties have yet to prove the “power” argument, still porting to PS360 & wasting a game’s potential mostly on graphics. & consoles are getting more complex, adding additional hoops for players to jump through just to play a game. Modernity… “Progress”…

                          Spit on me or save your saliva; I’ve got an umbrella, which is more than Jesus had. Vietnam vets, sadly…

                          “They sit below me, stare up & scream out threats @ my nakedness.
                          Their tongues are hanging from out of their mouths; I hope they don’t tear me limb from limb.
                          So much noise, so much hatred, so much violence; they love me.
                          They’d kill to have me, they’d have to kill me; they’re hatred’s pure.
                          I am divine.”
                          ~Divine Object of Hatred, Rollins Band

                              1. Killer Instinct = Mortal Kombat, Forza 5 or shall I say “4.1 with cardboard audience” = Gran Turismo or Project Cars in 2015 and then there’s SO which is an Infamous knockoff with no substance.

                                Those “games” don’t have to be on PC because the originals already exists everywhere else years ago.

                                1. That doesn’t answer my question. The point still stands. Your opinion about those games doesn’t change anything. You need an Xbox One to play them. Therefore, they are exclusives.

                              2. My PS4 runs smoothly and very quietly without a lot of heat, and considering that “fun” is subjective, I have plenty of fun games to play on it.
                                But sure, whatever makes you feel better by shitting all over other consoles.

                                1. PS4 is certainly not “very quiet” unless it’s off and as for the fun factor, let’s just say it’s not at Wii U’s peak level yet. That’s why I’m not buying it yet not waste $50 for a shitty online service that gets attacked every minute.

                      3. And when it flops? You’re gonna do the Bayonetta excuse and say “Wii U owners install base percentage blablabla” and dress up the numbers.

                            1. Let me write another off topic comment

                              Sony no longer sells electronics and is losing billions every quarter lol

                                    1. Yes I do know. The real question is: Does Sony/Ponies do or do they honestly think PS4 is raining money for Sony to stop their continuing downfall of profit; which means in translation: Sony is going broke?

                        1. Same thing that Microsoft did with Xbox One for over a year by not confessing it’s actual sold numbers beside the retails buy this many excuse. lol

                          And how did Nintendo dress up the game’s number when we haven’t heard from them for a while? If they said it did well, then I’m sure it means the single system exclusive sequel did better than the last game did on other two 60+ million sold consoles in its first 2 1/2 years.

                          1. That’s Microsoft’s fault. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

                            Maybe you should read and infer better. I was talking about Nintendo fanboys.

                            When someone says xxx Nintendo game will bomb:
                            “Oh STFU the game hasn’t even come out yet!!!!”

                            When xxx Nintendo game bombs:
                            “[insert country name here] hates Nintendo!!!! Japan the dead Gaming industry FTW!!!!!” (even though PS4 and Vita are the top selling consoles in Japan”

                            Alternate excuse:
                            “Oh but 400,000 is already a lot for Wii U install base, which means that company TOTALLY must have profited!!!!”

                  2. I’ll be looking forward to the improvements in Devil’s Third whenever Itagaki and Nintendo’s Public Relations see fit (this Summer perhaps…?).

                  3. What does Nintendo Public Relations have to do with Devil’s Third? Weird comment. After Nintendo has released presale limited editions and they sell out within minutes you think they would learn. But no, it keeps happening because they are being conservative. At the same time the fans are starting to get pissed off that only scalpers can have nice things. Does Nintendo PR address this glaring bad practice? Not yet. So no, I won’t trust Nintendo PR.

                  4. Maybe this game have some new gameplay mechanics and both parties do not want to reveal too early. Thus far, all we have to go off is the early footage, of which I have one complain; running up the walls is a nice option, given that it is only allowed in realistic situations. Right now, the game stands in the middle ground, but has the potential to be one of the biggest/most important new franchises for Nintendo. If the game has a solid foundation, given all the different modes stated, imagine the DLC potentials. I can understand Nintendo’s position, but please can we see the final product without revealing anything unique to the game!

                  5. Nintendo’s PR might be not as persuasive as the competition but I do hope they don’t release the game too close to major titles like Zelda and Starfox…

                    And predicting the game is a flop now is what they want to see l, but when the game looks realy good they’ll wish it be ported to their graphi whore consoles with 5 hour games.

                    1. This is an M rated game, which means it’s not appropriate for 8 year old kids. Therefore, your mother is correct in not letting you play it. It’ll be fine for you to play it when you’re an adult.

                  6. Why trust them when they utterly fucked up Wii U’s marketing and now giving US the shit end of the stick when it comes to special perks that other countries are getting and more? Trust PR? My ass.

                  7. I believe and trust in the Nintendo PR and that this game will be awesome! But I hate the fact the release date is a secret!

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