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Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Now Available

Nintendo has just released a new firmware update for Nintendo 3DS owners. It is version 9.5.0-23U and I’m afraid it is just a stability update. As if the Nintendo 3DS wasn’t stable enough. So yeah, sadly there’s no additional features with this update but make sure you download it.

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Thanks, Matthew

23 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Now Available”

  1. They don’t say it, but it removes the Web Browser glitch that allowed for free jewels in Pokemon Shuffle.

      1. Some file you could save to your SD card. You’d run Pokemon Shuffle, go to stage select. open the browser, go to a link to open the file in the browser and then it would would force the browser to crash. When you went back to the game, you’d could buy hearts and coins for nothing.

        1. Its also the glitch that lets you play games from other reasons, but I think Nintendo patched it for the reason you explained above.

    1. The whole purpose of this update was so that the web browser couldn’t be used for ANY glitches. If you try to use Smealum’s regionthree method, the gateway will say “UNKNOWN” just like on the new 3ds systems. This may also stop those who use the QR break to generate generation six Pokemon onto X, Y, OR, and AS. If you want to keep genning, don’t get the update, but you’re going to need this update for Pokemon Shuffle, I believe.

  2. No more qr codes… Ah shucks that stinks… Ha not really in the pokemon competition friday I went against 5 people with all shiny teams with powerful moves and stats before I gave up. so my moves did less than they normal but I still won 2 matches!

  3. BE CAREFUL!! Anyone who uses PKHex to Pokegen won’t be able to after getting this update!! They blocked it somehow!!! Just warning y’all

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