GameTrailers List Their Top 10 Video Game Franchise Soundtracks

We all love a good soundtrack to accompany our favourite games, but which franchise has the best overall soundtrack? Well, Game Trailers has put together their own top ten list which is sure to divide opinion on which franchise has the best music. Without further ado here’s Game Trailers top ten video game franchise soundtracks of all-time.

10. Warcraft
9. Mega Man
8. Chrono Series
7. Metroid
6. Donkey Kong Country
5. Metal Gear Solid
4. Castlevania
3. Super Mario
2. The Legend of Zelda
1. Final Fantasy


      1. Nothing special?…

        It has its own unique sound that nothing else has, argument invalid…


      2. It’s a fact and nothing’s going to change that, now get lost Skeletor…


  1. Very nice video! Really enjoyed getting taken back to those soundtracks, they’re absolutely great. Even though I personally would have changed a couple things, I think the list is quite good in overall.


      1. # where is pokemon! And seriously dk not in top five? What is wrong with you people and seriously casltvania! What about halo? Whatever its all just opinion based anyways.


  2. There are more than ten great video game franchises. There are more than ten video game franchises with great soundtracks. Not all of your favorites could make the list, but hey, they did a pretty good job.

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    1. I actually agree with the list, I means there’s others I would’ve loved on the list but none of the ones they chose have bad or even mediocre OST’s.

      Pretty solid list, and ultimately, GT’s opinion.


  3. I’ll gladly yield 1st to Mr. Uematsu, but no MOTHER is a joke. Warcraft for instance has never had a halfway memorable tune.


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